Advice to The Donald from a Friend: Listen to REVOLUTION_The Podcast

Please join Arlene Bynon and me as we talk about the State of the Trump Presidency with Chris Ruddy, CEO of Newsmax - a long-time Trump friend and Mar-A -Lago Member - and hear the advice he has been giving to our 45th POTUS.



Inside the conflict between President Trump and the US Intelligence Community.

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Is President Trump "Dangerously Mentally Ill"?

Does President Trump have the Triple Crown of mental illness? How dangerous is a diagnosis of Malignant Narcissistic Personality Disorder? Listen to Dr. John D. Gartner, former Assistant Professor of Psychotherapy at Johns Hopkins, as he explains on our latest podcast the problems affecting the President - and therefore us.

REVOLUTION: Here Are Two New Ones

Arlene Bynon and I are today giving you two new REVOLUTION podcasts - to keep up with all the Breaking News:
Trump's Moves: Dreams or Nightmares:

President Trump's First Week: Backward and Forward:

Has Trump Caused a Counter-Revolution Against Him?

Has Trump caused a Counter-Revolution against him to begin? Were Saturday's massive world wide demonstrations the beginning of a movement that will ultimately take down Donald Trump? Or is his new War on the Media going to pay off for him?

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Where Will The Trump Revolution Take Us?

  We are witnessing a world-wide populist revolution against the political status quo and the Leadership Class and Ruling Elites who seem to have rigged the system for themselves and against the average citizen. Trump, Brexit, trade deals, NATO, NAFTA, Putin will all dominate this new world.

The question is: where will this Revolution take us?

Listen to Arlene Bynon and me as we explore what is next on REVOLUTION_The Podcast.

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From Great Britain to Israel to DC, the question rocketing around world capitals is: Has Vladimir Putin gained leverage over incoming US President Donald Trump? Or is this controversy just the creation of Trump's enemies?

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