Let us look at "President TR..." of the United States:
1. He was born in New York City;
2. In his teens he was sent away to a boarding school;
3. He graduated from a prestigious Ivy League college;
4. From his early days he was brash and outspoken;
5. He was also egotistical;

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    He's Come Undone

Arlene Bynon & John LeBoutillier look at the deterioration in President Trump - according to his very best friends, allies, appointees and staffers. From Rex Tillerson calling the POTUS a F***ing moron," to his long-time friend, Tom Barrack, saying, "He is better than this," and Steve Bannon saying Trump has only a 30% chance of making it through his term, it is clear: Trump is coming undone.



Arlene Bynon & John LeBoutillier look at Trump's responses to a series of disasters - some out of his control and some of his own making. From the Las Vegas shootings to Puerto Rico - and from North Korea to the GOP Civil War - the question is: can Trump handle disasters - or does he make them worse? Does his chaotic management style tame disasters or create new ones? What about the NFL, White House "private emails" and the excessive use of private jets? Will Americans soon be shouting "lock them up" at the Trump Team? Is his Administration on a successful track - or is it, too, becoming a disaster?


        Through The Perilous Fight

Arlene Bynon & John LeBoutillier discuss why Donald Trump attacked NFL players.  Is there a "hidden motive" here?
A distraction from some other story?  What about the Friday report from Homeland Security that 21 states were hacked during last year's election? And that Facebook was used by the Russians to promote Trump's campaign? What about Trump's son-in-law, Jared Kushner, using a "private email account" for government business - the very same charge Trump made last year about Hillary?  Is there about to be a new revelation that Trump wants to distract us from?


The Emperor Abandons His Clothes

Arlene Bynon & John LeBoutillier analyze Donald Trump's sudden reversals on DACA, The Wall - and possibly even on the Paris Climate Accords. What is really going on? Is the Mueller Investigation gaining traction? How long will the romance with "Chuck and Nancy" last?


President Trump’s sudden and unexpected moves over the last two weeks to side with Congressional Democrats — Charles Schumer and the much-reviled-on-the-right Nancy Pelosi — on raising the debt limit ceiling and the general thrust of immigration reform was yet another example of a fly-by-the-seat-of-his-pants decision-making process that has so far resulted after more than seven months with virtually no legislative accomplishments;

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As Irma Abates, Mueller Awaits

As Irma Abates, Mueller Awaits

Arlene Bynon & John LeBoutillier discuss the hyper-speed with which Special Counsel Robert Mueller is moving and the Russia Investigation is unfolding: his request to interview six top-level White House aides; the daily revelations that Facebook was cleverly used by Russian agents to influence the 2016 election; the increased pressure on Paul Manafort to flip against Trump; the Steve Bannon claim that there was "absolutely nothing" to the Russian story - while an elected Member of the Russian Parliament said on TV, "US intelligence missed the fact that Russian intelligence stole the American President."