It's Deadly Stuff, Bob

Arlene Bynon and John LeBoutillier analyze the fall-out from the Bob Woodward book and the Atlantic story on Trump disparaging the troops. How much has Trump hurt himself by admitting that he "played down and is still playing down" the deadly nature of Covid-19? How much has he damaged himself with his on-the-record statements claiming, "My fucking generals are a bunch of pussies"? What does the latest polling show? Is this the worst case of political malpractice ever?



 Losers and Suckers

Arlene Bynon and John LeBoutillier examine the political effects of the news stories detailing allegations of President Trump denigrating soldiers who have died or been captured as "losers" and "suckers." Is this an inflection point in the campaign? Do these stories show the real Donald Trump? What does this say about those who continue to support Trump? Do these revelations give Joe Biden the upper hand in the final 58 days of the campaign?