John LeBoutillier will be on Fox News Channel's Hannity & Colmes tonite to discuss the Minnesota Senate seat and last night's so-called memorial service for Paul Welstone.


Back in the mid-1960’s a particular brand of leftism was born: an intolerant, racist, virulent anti-American set of beliefs that seemed radical at the time. But it survived and prospered – greatly fueled by proponents in the two main sources of information in our society: the news media and academia.

Now, a generation later, this type of thinking has been dubbed Politically Correct – and it has spread throughout our society.

And it is slowly killing this nation - from within.

Two new surveys show just how insidious this PC Leftism has become:

1) In a new poll of 12,000 high school students conducted by the Josephson Institute of ethics, 74% of students admit they cheated on an exam in the past year. (This is up from 61% who admitted to cheating in the last survey 10 years ago.)

Similarly, 83% of students admit to lying to a teacher in the past year; this contrasts to 69% ten years ago.

This marked increase in lying coincides with the Clinton Years when lying became a routine event – and one rarely criticized by teachers, parents or the public news media. Do you wonder why kids felt it was OK to lie?

This Josephson survey also found that 43% of high school students say, “A person has to lie or cheat sometimes in order to succeed.” This was up from 34% ten years earlier. And 37% now say they would be willing to lie to get a good job.

No wonder Enron and other corporate scandals seem routine these days! And little wonder that ‘resume cooking’ has become so commonplace.

38% of today’s high school students also admit they stole something from a store in the past year; this was up from 33% ten years ago.

Lying, cheating and stealing – all on the rise – in a society that rose to prominence on a work ethic that prided itself on individual honor.

Why has this decline happened?

Simply put: because these kids are allowed to sink into this anti-ethical morass by adults so addled by what is or is not PC that no one wants to put a foot down and declare things Right and Wrong. Those two words are O-U-T when it comes to PC. After all, we don’t want to be too ‘judgmental,’ do we?

PC Leftists’ favorite expression is: “There is no black or white; there is only a gray area.” Which means allowing all sorts on previously unacceptable behavior because it is no longer wrong.

2) A New Time/CNN poll now reveals that 72% of Americans feel that people arrested with a small amount of marijuana should do no jail time.

34% of the American people now want total legalization of marijuana. Back in 1986 only 18% supported total legalization.

So, after all the talk, the ‘Just Say No’ campaign, the massive so-called War on Drugs, we are going backwards!


Again, because drug use – and permissive sexual behavior, too – are staples of the PC lifestyle.

PC Leftism has infected college teachers for 35 years; it is now spreading into high school faculty rooms, too.

The mainstream media is a hotbed of this type of thinking. And Hollywood sees its job as permeating our culture with this type of lifestyle.

The Clintons are the perfect examples of PC Leftism – in every sense. Their atrocious lying, cheating, stealing – and the fact that they always
Worse, still, is how passive we Republicans have become to it all. In that way PC Leftism has anesthetized us, too.

Until we all wake up and reverse this downward spiral, we are heading into a future in which we will – like Rome – decline from within.

We – and this destructive PC Leftist way of thinking – more than Osama or Saddam – are our own worst enemy.


With the all-but-announced last-minute entry of Walter ‘Fritz’ Mondale into the Senate race in Minnesota – not to mention the announcement two weeks ago of the Nobel Peace Prize for former President Jimmy Carter – we have these two utter failures back on the national scene.


The Carter-Mondale Administration was one of the biggest failures in American political history. We need not recount the details of the gasoline lines, the OPEC problems, the ‘Misery Index,’ and the Iranian Hostage Crisis. Suffice to say that those four years were a total and utter disaster.

So bad was their record, in fact, that four years after leaving office, when Mondale was the Democratic presidential nominee, the Democrats could only – barely at that – carry Mondale’s home state. President Reagan swept the rest of the nation. It was another total rejection of the failed Democratic platform.

Now – a generation later – the Democrats are once again embracing the ‘malaise’ that Carter and Mondale brought onto this nation.

For Republicans this is a good sign – even if the Democrats keep the Wellstone seat – which they will. Why? Because the GOP is still the party of new ideas and, with the return of Carter-Mondale and the resurrection of another has-been in New Jersey, Frank Lautenberg, perfectly positioned to make the debate between the failed policies of the past and hopeful new ideas for the future.

The Democrats – Hillary especially – have now revealed their real strategy for next Tuesday: defeat Jeb Bush as the first blow of 2004.

The Clintonistas have funneled every penny into Florida to knock off the President’s little brother – and begin to avenge what they see as a ‘stolen election’ two years ago.

This strategy – like the return of Carter-Mondale – will fail because it is negative and looks backward instead of focusing on the future.

Democrats need to let 2000 go – and get on with an agenda that can make our country safer, stronger and healthier.

Carrying grudges and personal baggage around is a big mistake – both in our personal lives and in politics, too. A political party bent on revenge and avenging perceived ‘slights’ is doomed to failure.

Remember how then-Speaker Newt Gingrich was ‘insulted’ over shoddy treatment aboard Air Force One? He let that impression become a political reality. And it helped end his role in the ongoing Republican Revolution. (Of course, Newt has already let his ego run amok and morphed the Republican Revolution into the Gingrich Revolution. A big mistake.)

Republican are going to keep control of the House next week and have a good shot at regaining the Senate, too. All in the midst of a horrible economy. Why? Because we are the party of action and of new ideas.

The Democrats, meanwhile, are relentlessly negative and sour.

And that is not the image that wins.


Twenty-four years ago I wrote HARVARD HATES AMERICA about the left-wing slant at Harvard during my years at both Harvard College and Harvard Business School.

Since that time it has become obvious that this ‘America-hating’ is not confined to Harvard – or just to academic institutions. Indeed, Hating America is the underlying belief of the New Leftists who dominate our social, academic, informational and governmental institutions.

It is about time that someone writes a book explaining this ‘self-loathing’ – and what it is doing to destroy our society. Dan Flynn, the Executive Director of Accuracy in Academia, has done just that! He has written a marvelous – and very readable – book entitled WHY THE LEFT HATES AMERICA. And let me assure you: the left does hate America – and Dan Flynn tells us all why.

What makes Dan’s book so entertaining is that it is devoid of the loathing we all feel toward these ‘America-haters.’ Instead, in a wry manner he is able to describe the pathetic lefties using their own words, actions and hypocrisy.

What Dan’s book does very well is analyze the myths created by the Left about our country. These out-and-out lies are what the leftists use to make their judgements – and are the reason these liberals are almost always wrong.

It is no mystery why many conservatives have a dripping disdain for the Left; liberals are woefully ignorant about history, human nature and current events. There is no point in arguing with them because they just don’t have the correct information. WHY THE LEFT HATES AMERICA points this out time after time after time.

If you want to read a book that arms you with good information about why liberals are always undercutting America, this is your book!

I highly, highly recommend it!

Enjoy it – and urge others, too, to read it.

Unless we try to undo the damage the Left has created, we are doomed.

Dan Flynn’s book is great ammo in this ongoing war for the soul of America.


As the DC Sniper Case grips the nation that may be the exact intent.

What if, say, this ‘sniper’ is actually a Sniper Team indeed sent from the Mid-East – either from Saddam or Osama?

And what, skeptics ask, would be the point?

Here is the point: with each new shooting - and subsequent ratcheted-up news coverage - the pressure on law enforcement is increased to stop the killing. So, after 12 shootings, we even have the unprecedented spectacle of the US Military being used to investigate a domestic crime. Not to mention the involvement of ATF and every local police force surrounding Washington DC.

Yes, DC and its suburbs itself are virtually paralyzed with fear. But the government is still functioning. Plans to hit Baghdad proceed unabated. So the terrorists - if that is who is doing this – have not been able to stop our government’s work – at least not yet.

But yesterday’s chilling testimony from CIA Director George Tenet fits into this scenario. He said that the threat from Al Qaeda has never been as high as it is today – and it is similar to the months just before 9/11. The Bali, Yemen and Kuwaiti attacks of recent days are mere precursors of a bigger attack.

So here is what may be going on – right in front of our eyes: the DC Sniper(s) are a mere diversion! Their job is to so focus the DC authorities and other law enforcement – including the military – on hunting down the elusive killer that they miss a much worse event happening right under their noses.

What if one night – after carefully building the suspense to an unprecedented degree – the sniper hits again and then allows a car chase ala OJ’s White Bronco. As he hightails it all over suburban Maryland or Virginia – with cops galore and TV trucks tailing him while the entire nation is riveted to their TV screens to finally see who the killer is – another Saddam/Al Qaeda team quietly unloads a ‘footlocker’ nuke from a private yacht which just cruised into the Potomac, drives it in a small SUV and parks it on Pennsylvania Avenue equidistant between the White House and the Capitol building?

And what if they then detonate it – thus completing the total mission of 9/11?

They get the companion ‘picture’ to the World Trade Center they always wanted: our symbol of freedom – the beautiful White House and Capitol – a smoldering pile of radioactive rubble.

This may be the real plan behind these DC area sniper murders.

Let us hope our usually slow-to-figure-things-out intelligence services are being especially careful these days.


While the world has been focused on Saddam Hussein and a possible ‘regime change’ in Baghdad, our previous main target – Osama bin Laden – has flown back to center stage.

Just look at the events of the past two weeks:

 A new audio tape purporting to feature Osama’s voice is broadcast on Al Jezeera TV.
 The French tanker in Yemen is attacked.
 US Marines are attacked by al Qaeda terrorists in Kuwait.
 NEWSWEEK reports that CIA voice analysts confirm that the voice on the tape is indeed Osama – and that the tape was made within the past two months.
 Another audio tape emerges featuring Osama’s deputy, Ayman al-Zawahiri (this SOB was convicted 20 years ago of the assassination of Anwar El-Sadat.). This tape, too, is broadcast across the Arab/Muslim world.
 CIA confirms that this tape is also legitimate – and recently made.
 The Bali nightclub is attacked.
 A ‘signed’ written statement allegedly from Osama is published praising this spate of recent attacks – and promising more against “the Americans and the Jews.”

Now one more piece of information: yesterday in New York City Arnaud de Borchgrave, longtime war correspondent and editor of UPI and the WASHINGTON TIMES, told a fascinating story. A Pakistani warlord whom Arnaud has known since 1964 knows where Osama is. After the seige of Tora Bora last December, Osama and his chief lieutenants escaped on horseback into Pakistan where they were picked up in SUV’s and driven into Peshawar, a city of 3.5 million passionate fundamentalist Muslims who adore Osama.

Since then, Bin Laden has moved the Karachi, a city of 15 million.

Arnaud’s friend, the warlord, knows all this – and where to find Osama in Karachi. In August in meetings in Washington, Arnaud personally told CIA Director George Tenet and Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz about this. He saw both men write down the warlord’s name.

As of last week – two and one half months later - not one USG official has spoken to this warlord. Not one!

CIA has spread money around Pakistan like candy, but no one has even bothered to talk to this fellow.

Why not?

Could it be because the United States Government is afraid to capture Osama inside Pakistan because of the ramifications?

Pakistan’s male population – all that counts in that type of backward society apparently – is overwhelmingly pro-Osama. 83% in a recent study believe Osama to be a “freedom-fighter and a hero.”

Can you imagine what would happen to the Pakistani Government if they capture Osama and turn him over to Washington – or allow the USG to seize him? They’d have a major revolt on their hands and the government - and their nuclear arsenal - might very well fall into the hands of a new Fundamentalist State patterned on Iran under the Ayatollahs.

Perhaps this explains apparent USG reluctance to really go after Osama.

And maybe that also explains the Bush Pivot away from capturing or killing Osama – “we’re going to hunt him down and get him dead or alive” – to the sudden focus almost exclusively on Saddam Hussein.

The Bush Administration needs to tell us the truth about why we’ve shifted priorities.

And why this mass murderer of Americans – Osama – is re-emerging to kill even more – and we’re not going after him.


Who is doing these random ‘snipings’ in and around our nation’s capital?

The media is of course focusing on a ‘Son of Sam’ type solo, deranged nutball. And maybe they are right. FBI profilers have become frequent TV Talking Heads opining on who this shooter is.

Yet, lost in the clutter, is the report that “two men” were seen driving away from the latest gas station murder in Manassas, Virginia. Two men changes this crime – radically.

Two men means a conspiracy – and it also means planning, talking, debating and some sort of direction and chain of command.

Now, let us consider something: is it mere coincidence that just as DC is approving a massive war on Iraq, that DC and its surrounding bedroom communities are terrorized by murderous snipings?

If these murders were happening in Boise or Seattle or Chicago we could easily ascribe them to some domestic nutcase. But this is a systematic campaign to go to the heart of our nation’s capital – and almost exactly one year after the anthrax mailings – also sent DC into a lockdown.

If you look at a map of the Washington DC area, these murders are taking place both in the city itself and also in a systematic pattern around the beltway. The killings are almost completing a circle around DC – where most people live.

Just as the FBI immediately ‘steered’ their anthrax investigation to a ‘domestic mailer,’ so, too, has law enforcement focused on a deranged psychopath like David Berkowitz. We hear virtually nothing from the federal officials about a Mid-East connection here.

A year later and the Feds haven’t caught the anthrax mailer.

Three years after the arrival of West Nile Fever in New York – right across the East River from the UN where sanctions were approved thus crippling Saddam’s income – we still have no clue how it got here. Yet officials are wary about accusing Saddam and his battery of evil scientists.

This author was first out of the gates claiming that it was “no coincidence’ that the West Nile Fever was here. I continue to believe Saddam was and is trying to hurt us in any way he can - without leaving a return address.

The ongoing DC killings may very well be yet another Terror Tactic – from Baghdad – aimed at inflicting pain on a people who are voting for Regime Change in Baghdad.


There is indeed a war inside the Bush Administration over Iraq.

It is perfectly illustrated in two events this week: the new issue of NEWSWEEK contains an article by long-time DC Bureau Chief Evan Thomas entitled ‘Shadow Struggle – Why America’s intelligence agencies just can’t seem to get along.’ Thomas actually predicts future events!

He writes about President Bush’s (upcoming) speech in Cincinnati: “On Monday night, President George W. Bush will make a nationwide TV address to detail the nuclear and biological threat posed by Saddam Hussein. Count on anonymous intelligence officials to pooh-pooh the evidence the next morning.

Sure enough, Tuesday morning George Tenet, Director of Central Intelligence, released a letter he sent to Senator Bob Graham, Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee. In this amazing letter, Tenet – kept on in his post by President Bush and effusively praised by the president’s father and former CIA Director George H.W. Bush - directly contradicts what the President said the very night before!

Tenet claims that Saddam will not “conducting terrorist attacks with conventional or chemical or biological weapons.”

Only if Baghdad concludes that the US is certain to attacks, says Tenet, will they then “become less constrained in adopting terrorist action.”

What insubordination!

The Director of Central Intelligence is purposely and directly undercutting the President who re-appointed him – and not 12 hours after the President addressed the nation!

“No one understands why Bush loves Tenet, “ one hard-lined official told NEWSWEEK.

Could it be that Tenet ‘sucked-up’ to former President Bush by re-naming CIA HQ the George H.W. Bush Headquarters building?

Or does the crafty Tenet have “something” on the Bushes?

Whatever it is, we can not risk American lives on ‘cooked’ intelligence that comes from an agency with its own ‘agenda.’

What we need - before we attack anyone - is a complete and independent overhaul of all our intelligence agencies, especially CIA and DIA.

We need to know if we even need this war – or if indeed the bellicose threat of a war might cause the very Iraqi attacks we fear.


Here are some quick thoughts on President Bush’s speech in Cincinnati last night:

1) The somber tone was meant to show how serious the topic of war is. And it is serious.

2) The speech was a compendium of reports, stories and anecdotes about the “homicidal dictator” who, indeed, is a “student of Stalin.”

3) But – and this was the speech’s big failing – there was nothing new. What Team Bush needs in order to move this argument in the UN – and in the court of world public opinion – is to produce hard intelligence – dates, facts, pictures, tapes - which prove the case. For example, Mr. Bush talked of an al Qaeda leader hospitalized this year in Baghdad. Well, why not tell us his name, the hospital he was in and for how long? SPECIFICITY DISPELS SKEPTICISM!

4) For those of us who read everything they can about Saddam’s Reign of Terror, there indeed was nothing new in the speech. In fact, certain things were left out. For example, what about the report of the top Baghdad nephrologist (kidney specialist) who was secretly whisked off to Afghanistan a couple of years ago to treat a sick Osama bin Laden? Why don’t our Intel agencies pin that down? If they did – and thus prove a direct Saddam-Osama link – then the case against Iraq would be a slam-dunk.

5) The speech last night also was the perfect opportunity to use satellite photographs and radio intercepts to reveal what Saddam is really up to. Claims from the President that Saddam intends to use pilotless planes to send WMD (weapons of mass destruction) over the the USA are mistaken. Yes, Saddam hopes to use WMD against his neighbors with such planes; but the range to the USA and our air defenses are prohibitive.

6) The fact that the President did not use any such intelligence information once again shows how inept the CIA/DIA/NSA are. Why has the President kept a Clinton appointee – and long-time Democratic Senate staffer – as Director of Central Intelligence? What does George Tenet have on the Bushes anyway?

7) I harp on this need for hard facts and dispassionate intelligence information because this Administration a year ago went out of its way to de-link Saddam from 9/11. Now, all of a sudden, they are moving toward a different position. Pentagon advisor Richard Pearle on MEET THE PRESS on Sunday claimed to have seen new intel information proving that several of the 9/11 hijackers had repeated contacts with the Iraqis. OK, show it to the world!

8) The latest Gallup poll echoes a recent Fox News poll: support for the war in the USA has actually declined since this debate began. It has gone down from 66% this summer to 53% now.

9) Specific facts – and less heated rhetoric and constantly changing rationales for war – would rally public support for such a war.


Tonight in Cincinnati, the President will deliver a live speech to the nation about a possible war on Iraq and an update on the ‘War on Terror.’ Here is what he should say:

Ladies and Gentlemen, let me please take a few minutes to explain ‘where we are’ with respect to Iraq and Saddam Hussein.

1) First of all, I am for - the first time ever – releasing previously Top Secret satellite and radio intercept information showing exactly how advanced the Iraqi development of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons actually is.

2) Furthermore, we are also releasing previously secret information about contacts between Iraqi agents and the Al Qaeda cell that carried out the 9/11 attacks. Richard Pearle yesterday on NBC’s MEET THE PRESS mentioned that we have information that indeed Mohammed Atta met with Iraqi agents – and that others from that cell also had contacts with Iraq. That is true – and we are now going to prove it.

3) I am also announcing the immediate resignation of CIA Director George Tenet and all his top lieutenants.

4) I am today promising you that we will exhaust every possibility before we resort to the war option. If the UN can figure out a way to strip this violent and brutal dictator of these weapons of mass destruction then we are ready to listen. But we also know that Saddam is a diabolical psychopath who can not be predicted. The safest thing is to keep these weapons out of his grasp.

5) As for Al Quaeda, I am now going to do what we should have done a year ago. I am ordering 200,000 US military personnel to the region to conduct a house-to-house search in eastern Afghanistan and western Pakistan for Osama bin Laden and his chief henchmen. It is clear that the Pakistani military and intelligence operation is hopelessly corrupted and compromised. We can no longer trust them to honestly try to find bin Laden and leading Taliban personnel.

6) I am today appointing former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani to a temporary post. His mission will be to ride heard over the CIA while we search for a new Director. Rudy has been told he has one mission: catch Osama within 30 days. Period.

7) In light of recent German behavior, I am recalling all US military personnel from Germany and closing our bases there. We hope to relocate those vital supply and hospital facilities in another European country – perhaps Spain or the Czech Republic.

Let it be clear: the pain from 9/11 is still as fresh as it was that morning. We are still outraged over terror attacks – and we seek to punish all those involved, including Iraq.


Fall has begun and it is a good time to take stock.

Do you ever stop and list some of the things that make you happy? The things that are fun? The daily things that you love – but perhaps often take for granted?

Here are a few of mine:

 Reading – anything! I love the 3 newspapers I read every day. I doubt I could live without reading. How thankful I am that I can read – that my eyes are healthy – and that I was raised in a home and a school environment that made us read.
 Similarly, what is better than having a good book to read? When I see adults sitting on the Long Island railroad like bumps on a log and not reading I feel sorry for them. They are missing one of life’s great privileges.
 Friends – and I don’t mean the NBC TV show! Friends are one of life’s great experiences. A good laugh with a friend – who has no hidden ‘agenda’ – is one of the things that gets you through a day. Our friends should be treasured. And not held to standards of perfection, either. Enjoy a friend’s strengths – and ignore the other things.
 Good health. Oh, as a little kid how I used to ignore adults when they said, “If you don’t have your health, you don’t have anything.” Well, it’s true! And the same applies to the health of your family and loved ones and friends. Never take it for granted. Never!
 An admonition my brother made to me 35 years ago. He said, “Think of all your body does for you. Don’t you think you can give it one hour a day to keep it working properly?” That launched me on a life-long daily workout habit – running, stretching, biking and weight lifting. Daily exercise is truly one of life’s greatest pleasures. Pity those who haven’t been raised in a health-conscious environment.
 Talk radio. Ever since the early 1970’s, I have always listened to talk radio. Barry Gray – who literally was the first radio host to incorporate telephone calls on the air – was my radio idol. Good talk radio is tough to find – but when you do it is a treasure trove of information.
 Music. How can you get through a day without some music playing at least in the background? It fills out the day – and makes you feel good. Doctors report it may also improve health. But most of all music just feels good.
 A cause. We all need something – one thing – that motivates us and is bigger than we are. Life without a cause is not worth living.
 Prayer. More than anything, a quick little conversation with God does more to help solve problems – or at least to help handle that problem. God is the most misunderstood factor in life. He is mis-used and mis-represented by all sorts of people. God is in each of us – and is a Power Source available to help us whenever needed. “Be still and know I am with thee” says it all. Worry less – and rely on the Presence of God to help you.
 Writing – anything. I love this column because so many of you write back and we then have good back-and-forth email conversations. Please let’s continue!






Doug, with Torricelli out of the race, you still have a golden opportunity to win this seat – and thus to return the US Senate to GOP control.

Here’s how to win – no matter who your new opponent might be:

1) Keep running against the ‘sleaze factor.’ Torricelli was the King of Sleaze. His strange exit from the race and the Democrats’ subsequent rigging of the process is also sleazy beyond anyone’s imagination.

2) No matter who ends up as the new Democrat nominee, his or her presence in the race comes out of this Cloud of Sleaze – including whatever the Democrat-controlled State Supreme Court decides.

3) Your campaign should retain the high moral ground – and let the Democrats roll around in the gutter as they desperately try to hang onto Senate control.

4) While maintaining that moral high ground, you also have the unique status as the decided underdog to a Democrat-controlled political and court system in New Jersey that has a long history of corruption. Campaign against this CLIMATE OF CORRUPTION!

5) Doug, even the left-wing news media is aghast at the brazenness with which Torricelli and Governor McGreevey have tried to subvert the law. You have free reign to unload on them all!

6) Now is the time to transform this campaign from a referendum on Torricelli to a referendum on cheap political manipulation. You can be the classic cowboy riding into town to clean it all up.

7) Doug, there are 34 days until you can become a United States Senator. Don’t waste a day – and don’t fool yourself: voters vote against someone – not for someone. The Democrats – through their despicable subversion of the law – have given you a golden opportunity to win this race no matter who they put on the ballot.

8) Go get ‘em!!!!