The Leaning Tower Of Trump

Arlene Bynon and John LeBoutillier examine the political and legal deterioration in all aspects of Trump. Every organization he has ever headed - from his company to his foundation to his campaign to his inaugural committee and now his White House -  is now under criminal investigation. Where is this all headed?

A Christmas Carol: Ghosts Of The President's Begin To Visit

  A Christmas Carol: Ghosts Of The Presidents Begin To Visit

Arlene Bynon and John LeBoutillier examine the three recent federal court filings. What have we learned about President Trump's role in two felonies committed during the 2016 campaign? What clues have the filings' redactions given us about where the Mueller Probe is headed? And, is Fox gradually beginning to peel away from their loyalty to President Trump?

Individual I May Be In A Mess Of Trouble

      Individual I May Be In A Mess Of Trouble

Arlene Bynon and John LeBoutillier look at how the entire Trump-Russia-Mueller Investigation took an unexpected turn with the surprise plea of Michael Cohen. Why are Trump's own aides now describing him as "spooked" and "distracted"? What shoe is about to drop next?