The Collapsing Obama Presidency

The Presidency of Barack H. Obama is deteriorating at an alarming rate—and few in the so-called Mainstream Media are yet taking notice.

Job losses and a declining confidence in his leadership on the economy have now bled into all other aspects of his Presidency. Let us examine a few:

1) President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder’s decision to try the 9/11 terrorists in criminal court in New York City—conveniently announced while the President was in Asia and as far away from the controversy as possible—will lead to events and sub-plots that boggle the mind and show why over-educated, Ivy League Liberals don‘t understand the real world. This will clearly be the biggest, most covered-trial in American history. As such, all sorts of mischief—both inside and outside the courtroom—are likely.

What if a publicity-seeking, malcontent, trouble-making egomaniac, perhaps Muslim, juror sees $$ in his or her eyes? Can you imagine the book: THE JUROR WHO SAID NO TO TORTURE.

We have—often—seen jurors do this type of thing—despite rigorous voir dire by the attorneys.

Plus, defense attorneys will see a chance to make a name for themselves by propagandizing and grand-standing—in and out of the courtroom. The media contingent attending each day will be just too much to walk by without saying or doing something.

Most of all, this Obama-Holder decision is in fact their long-time liberal dream: put G.W. Bush, Dick Cheney and the CIA on trial. That is what this is all about.

2) The announcement—and then back-tracking—about women not having a recommended mammogram any more at age 40 is yet another sign of total incompetence by this administration.

They have sent mixed messages, then trotted out HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius to renounce the original announcement.

And this confusion has greatly harmed their campaign to get their health care bill passed.

It is as if this mammogram cut-back is the tip of the ice-berg of what is to come if national health care is implemented.

3) President Obama’s endless thumb-twiddling over Afghanistan has now become comical. On this trip to China he finally told the media that an “announcement was coming soon.” Then his staff said that announcement was still “weeks away.”

Of course, what is going on here is all politics. Obama is afraid to anger the Left—either on Health Care (by dropping the Public Option to get 60 Senate votes)—or on Afghanistan (by sending 30,000 more troops).

So he is holding off an Afghanistan announcement until he gets a better picture of the lay of the land in the Senate.

Meanwhile—as the troops flounder and the Taliban is emboldened by the President’s hand-wringing indecision—Obama’s approval rating continues to decline.

He is now under 50%—an amazing drop for someone with a compliant news media and total control of both houses of Congress.

In an NBC interview from China he talked of “all these airplanes circling the runway right now and we need to land one of them but the runway is congested right now.”

Oh, really? And just who “congested” it? Who put too many planes in the air at the same time?

You, Mr. President!

You have tried to do too much, too quickly at too great a financial cost—and you seem oblivious to the public outcry over it.

He is indeed more Jimmy Carter than Ronald Reagan.

Conclusion: more and more people are opposing this Administration. That does not mean they are embracing the GOP; the Republican brand is still severely damaged by Bush’s tenure.

Instead there is a leadership vacuum—unlike anything we have seen since the late 1970’s.

The next three years will be fraught with danger and the unexpected. Obama has lost his one-time opportunity to pull this nation together and lead it. He is already in decline and unable to even get his own party to do what he wants.

Get ready for a spate of events soon to unfold.

Obama and Reid Will Use Nuclear Option to Pass Health Care

It has not been reported—yet—but look for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to follow President Obama and Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s lead and go to any length—even to alter Senate rules—to pass the health care reform bill with the public option included.

This will happen because the Democrats—led by President Obama—feel they absolutely must pass this bill with the public option included.

They believe that a failure to pass it will mean a failed, one-term Presidency and the loss of Congress.

Ironically, passing it may result in exactly what they dread.

They are misreading the 1994 Congressional debacle after the failure of Hillary Care. And Bill Clinton is helping them misread what happened back then. He just went to the Senate to urge them to pass this bill.

Their belief is that the failure to pass any bill is what cost them control of Congress. So they are determined to pass a bill this time—no matter the political cost to get it passed.

(Their misreading of history is typical of liberals. They didn’t lose Congress because of no health care bill; they lost it because they were seen as too entrenched, too corrupt and too arrogant. The same thing happened in 2006 and 2008 to GOP control of Congress.)

Let us examine what has already happened in the past week:

In the House Pelosi and the Left did something that shows us just how desperately they want to pass this public option: they abandoned one of the Left’s foundation principles—government funding of abortions for poor women.

Yet the liberals were willing to sacrifice that basic tenet of liberalism in order to pass this health care bill.

What does that tell us?

That Obama, Pelosi, Rahm Emanuel and Harry Reid will pull out all the stops to pass this bill with the public option included.

This public option is code for National Health Insurance—or Single Payer Plan—with the Feds paying for it all and running it all.

This is a key component of the Left’s long-held Utopian Plan: cradle to grave health care coverage to go along with Federal control of much of what used to be called private enterprise; the government determining salaries of CEOs; the Feds overseeing all education with Washington clearing all the material taught in schools, including textbook content; DC regulating the content of the Internet—and taxing it, too; and the FCC sticking their fingers into Talk Radio to mute conservative voices.

Barack Obama has had it in for private health insurance companies ever since they denied cancer coverage to his dying mother. His obsession with putting them out of business because of how they treated his mother is equal to G.W. Bush’s obsession with getting Saddam because of what the Iraqi leader did to his father.

So it all comes down to the upcoming debate in the U.S. Senate.

If they can get 60 votes for the Public Option, then they can break the filibuster and pass the bill.

But, as of today, they cannot get those 60 votes.

However, if they can get 51 votes—and it looks like they might be able to as of now—they will use this obscure parliamentary maneuver, nick-named The Nuclear Option because it blows up the Senate, destroys Senate precedent and destroys the ability of Senators to ever trust each other again.

The Nuclear option is best described in Wikipedia: “In U.S. politics, the "nuclear option" is an attempt by a majority of the United States Senate to end a filibuster by majority vote, as opposed to 60 senators voting to end a filibuster. Although it is not provided for in the formal rules of the Senate, the procedure is the subject of a 1957 parliamentary opinion and has been used on several occasions since.

So all the talk by the Republicans and Senator Joe Lieberman that they will run a filibuster to prevent a bill with the public option might be all for naught. Harry Reid—with desperate prodding by Obama and his bulldozer chief-of-staff Rahm Emanuel—will use this tactic to ram their sacred Public Option through the Senate and proclaim victory.

One other factor to consider: Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is in serious re-election trouble next year in Nevada. He will want something to run on. Proclaiming himself an “the Majority Leader who gave all of you health care!" may be what he believes wins him another term in the Senate.

In sum, this Nuclear Option is coming. Get ready.

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A Good Day for The Right—And Bad for Obama and The Left

Overall, Tuesday was a huge step away from Obama and his Lurch to the Left.

Virginia was a total blow-out in a state in which Obama won a year ago; by a 60-40 margin, the GOP re-took all the state-wide offices. A huge—huge step back to the Right.

New Jersey was a definitive rejection of Jon Corzine and Barack Obama—no matter what the liberal so-called experts say. Obama threw in with Corzine—and they got creamed.

Here in New York State—with a moribund state GOP—we have won back local offices and county legislatures. It is a good sign—especially in a blue state.

The only negative from Tuesday was the loss of the 23rd Congressional District for the first time in over a century. That loss occurred because the GOP and the Conservative Party disagreed over the nominee—something that should not happen. We Republicans and conservatives need to be on the same page in unison against the Left!

What impact will these off-off-year elections have nationally?

You can bet that moderate and conservative Democrats in the House and Senate are going to now back away even more from Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi—especially on health care. That bill may never pass the Senate now.

Nervousness abounds now that the Left might drag the Democrats over the cliff in 2010 the same way G.W. Bush took the GOP over the cliff in 2006 and 2008.

Yesterday is a sign that voters are worried to death over the economy and job—and they have no confidence that Obamanomics is the answer.

The GOP and Conservative Movement now needs to do more than just oppose Obama. They/we need to tell the American people how we would solve these vexing economic problems.

More analysis in a day or so.

Look for GOP Sweep Tuesday

There are three crucial races on Tuesday - in this year’s off-off-year elections.

The GOP and/or conservative movement will win all three—in a rejection of Obama-nomics, massive government debt and deficit spending, and the Lurch to the Left in Washington:

1) Virginia: this race is over. The GOP re-captures the Governor’s office. Obama has been in there for Deeds, the Democrat, and it hasn’t helped. Part of the problem is Obama himself, but most is Deeds’ fault. He is an inarticulate candidate.

2) New Jersey: a blue state with a Democrat incumbent, Jon Corzine, who has had a bad record on spending, taxes and jobs as Governor. Obama has gone “all in” for Obama: the White House Political Office conference calls daily with Corzine’s staff; Obama has made five trips into New Jersey.

Indeed, this race will be interpreted as a measure of Obama’s political muscle. Can Obama “save” Corzine? Or is he actually hurting Corzine?

Prediction: Chris Christie is a weak candidate who has run a non-existent campaign. But he will win anyway by 2 points as Corzine is terminal.

3) New York’s 23rd Congressional District: what a race this is/was! An open seat, held forever by the GOP. This time there was a weak—and liberal—GOP woman; a Conservative Party nominee with support and funding; and a typical squishy Democrat.

The liberal GOP woman, Dede Scozzafaza, dropped out of the race three days before Election Day and then endorsed the Democrat!

What a total disaster she is. Hopefully the GOP will not allow her to remain a Republican in the New York State assembly.

Smelling blood, Joe Biden is coming into the district on Monday for the Democrat. Tons of Congressional Democrats and even the White House have entered the race at the last minute.

Prediction: Hoffman, the Conservative Party nominee, will win by 5 points.

Overall, it will be a bad day for Obama, the Democrats and the Left.

Even the so-called Mainstream Media will be forced to admit that Obama—and liberalism—was rejected in these races.

Will be back on Wednesday with an After-Action Re-Cap.

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