Most of the media pundits and ‘talking heads’ have missed the basic, underlying point behind North Korea’s recent actions: they are broke!

The failed Communist North Korean economic system is a hard-line, traditional totalitarian, communist system – with almost all national assets devoted to a huge military force. In such a system the leaders – in this case first the nation’s founder – the brutal Kim Il Sung – and now his puny degenerate son, Kim Jong Il – run everything with an iron fist. They couldn’t care less about ‘public opinion’ – nor do they fear the voters’ wrath in the next election – because there are no elections.

No, in countries like this, mere survival is the goal of 90% of the people; the other 10% - the ‘Communist Party’ – live high off the hog. Kim Jong Il’s favorite activities are to import Scandinavian prostitutes for his personal pleasure along with expensive Scotch whiskey.

Meanwhile, North Korea has resorted to cooking tree bark to feed the masses.

Why is North Korea now throwing out UN inspectors and re-starting their nuclear reactor?

To extract dollars from the United States! Period!

They look at their top two allies – Russia and Red China – and they see renewed trade with the US and targeted economic assistance from US-directed programs (i.e. World Bank and IMF) and they want a share. But they haven’t been able to get any because they refuse to bend their economic system – and they want to keep their nation as closed as possible because they fear social instability.

If you have ever been to South Korea you can see free enterprise thriving – just miles from a poor and dilapidated North Korea. That contrast says it all about the two competing economic systems. Unless and until Pyongyang changes its basic thinking, it will fall farther and farther behind.

Meanwhile, they see their ally in the so-called ‘Axis of Evil’ – Iraq - getting much world attention. Plus, despite the ongoing UN embargo, Iraq is awash in black market cash. And, of course, they have a huge oil reserve – which many believe is the real reason Bush is targeting Baghdad’s regime.

SO, Kim Jong Il is playing the one and only card his barren nation has: the nuclear card. He is like a petulant child screaming out to get attention. And it drives him crazy when Uncle Sam ignores him.

The problem here for the Bush Administration is this: Kim Jong Il is very likely to step up his petulance by selling a nuke to Osama or Lybia or Syria – just the way he recently sold Scuds to Yemen. That way he gets a quick infusion of cash – and the blame for using the nuke goes to some Islamic group.

We should do one of two things: A) Surgically bomb and ‘take out’ the nuclear reactor in North Korea; or B) quietly try to ‘buy off’ the entire North Korean leadership with personal bribes, Swiss bank accounts and whatever it takes to defuse a situation that could kill literally millions of people.

We should also try to be consistent in international affairs. Why is Iraq - without nuclear weapons - more of a threat than North Korea which has several nukes already and the capability to make more?

Prediction: the early part of the New Year 2003 is going to be filled with surprises. Team Bush’s obsession with Iraq may be distracting them from other imminent crises.


Behind all the rhetoric at the United Nations – and in London and DC, too – there still remains one unanswered question:

What is the smoking gun that unleashes the war against Saddam Hussein?

Supposedly ‘missing’ documents or ‘gaps’ in the 12,000 page Declaration are not enough to launch a war. After all, how do you prove a negative?

What is needed is that oneirrefutable piece of evidence that incontrovertibly proves Saddam is lying about having either chemical, biological or nuclear weapons.

After all, this entire crisis has been created on the pretense that Saddam has these weapons – and is lying about that fact.

OK, so how to we prove that he is lying?

1) UNMOVIC – the weapons inspectors – actually find some of these now-denied weapons. (Highly unlikely.)

2) A defector reveals a secret location and Iraqi forces deny the inspectors access. (Possible – and that would be sufficient to trigger a war.)

3) An Iraqi scientist – taken with his family out of Iraq for interrogation – reveals the truth about the WMD program. (The problem with this scenario is that Saddam isn’t going to let the real scientists leave – or else he will ‘change’ their families and send the wrong family out, thus holding hostage the true wife and kids. – a good source of Israeli intelligence – reports that Saddam has already executed ‘talkative’ scientists and locked up others and their families is ‘special compounds’ – just to keep those scientists whom the UN wants to talk to from talking. Saddam has apparently also prepared false death certificates for some scientists so that when the UN asks for them, they will be told, “Oh..him?…He died two years ago.”)

The bottom line is simple: Saddam is in control of the information inside Iraq about where he has stashed his weapons of mass destruction. Finding them through the inspections process – or even through this Scientist Removal Project – is going to be very unlikely.

The one way to break this seemingly hopeless logjam is for American or British intelligence to reveal – if they have it - irrefutable proof of the WMD and where they are right now.

Yesterday, Hans Blix complained that so far neither DC nor London has provided this ‘smoking gun’ to the UN.

It could be that we are waiting for the right time to reveal this war-instigating piece of evidence.

Or, could it be that we don’t have this information?

After all the bluster and threats by DC about the “threat from Baghdad” – denied, by the way, by Bush’s own DCI George Tenet – could it be that we simply do not have the proof of Saddam’s Weapons of Mass Destruction?

If we do not have it – and yet got this whole multi-billion-dollar pre-war campaign activated on the claim that we knew he had these WMD – then it is an utter disgrace that we can’t prove it.

If that is the case, the CIA and all our intelligence agencies – which cost the American taxpayer a whopping $60 billion per year – ought to be disgraced for what they have done – or not done.

Still, let’s wait and see. Soon either Saddam or our intelligence agencies will be forced to put up or shut up.


Never – ever – has any President of the United States so publicly attacked a Senate Majority Leader from his own party as G.W. Bush savaged Trent Lott last week.

And the brutal campaign against Lott continued over the weekend with a high-ranking White House aide – probably political guru Karl Rove - casually dismissing the thought of Lott leaving the Senate and the Democrats thus getting that Mississippi seat: “If he chooses to do that, that’s his choice, so be it.”

It is now very likely that the following scenario takes place – this week:

Lott – with a big push from Team Bush – is kicked out as Majority Leader. Then Lott, not wanting to hang around the Senate as a pariah, quits the Senate entirely. Then the Democratic Governor of Mississippi appoints a Democrat to fill the vacancy. Thus, the Senate will again be 50-50 – with Vice President Cheney breaking the tie and again keeping that body in GOP hands – for now.

Suddenly the pressure will be back on from the Democrats and liberals to pick off one more liberal GOP Senator ala Jim Jeffords 2 years ago. Rhode Island’s Linc Chafee is their number one target. If that happens – and it might – then the Democrats will again control the US Senate.

That would be twice that G.W. Bush has so ticked off a GOP Senator that he will have forced the Senate into Democratic hands!

Why is this all happening?

It goes back to a simple rule of the Bushes: if you are not “for them, then you are against them.”

Back in 1988 Trent Lott supported his friend and fellow House member Jack Kemp for president in the GOP primaries against then-Vice President George Bush. The Bushes have never forgotten – or forgiven – Lott for that.

And George W. Bush – the ‘Enforcer’ in his father’s campaigns – has been lying in the weeds waiting to exact ‘payback’ on Lott.

But while finishing off Lott, Bush may also ruin any chance he has of enacting his agenda in the US Senate.

All because of this ridiculous ‘loyalty’ rule of the Bush Family.

Why doesn’t Bush go after Democratic Senators with the same vengeance?

He kisses Teddy Kennedy and gives away the store on the Education Department – all to earn the moniker of “The Education President” – while trying to teach Republican Senators a lesson. He deliberately excluded Jim Jeffords from a Rose Garden ceremony and Jeffords nailed Bush back by switching parties.

Now Bush purposely went out of his way last week to criticize Trent Lott – when he could have done it more gently and led the charge for accepting Lott’s apologies.

What about W’s well-known ‘Christianity’? What about accepting an apology? What about ‘forgiveness’?

No, in the world of the Bushes something is higher that following Christ’s principles: loyalty to the father and to the Bush family. If you cross them, watch out!


In the first week of the launch of the COUNTER CLINTON LIBRARY, many TV and radio hosts are asking me the same question: “Will this Counter Clinton Library really be built? Is it a gag or are you serious?”

Ironically, the answer – and question – need to be reversed:

Yes, of course, we are deadly serious about building a permanent structure to ‘counter’ the continual lies and distortions coming from both Clintons. And, yes, we will build it – provided enough simple, patriotic Americans donate whatever they can to construct the Counter Clinton Library.

The bigger questions is this: will Bill and Hillary’s Official Presidential Library ever be built?

Lucianne Goldberg – longtime Clinton opponent and current radio host with website – raised this fascinating question last week. Who exactly is going to pony up the more than the $200 million needed to build the Co-Presidency’s memorial?

Did the shattering results of the mid-term elections crack the political veneer of Bill Clinton? Do potential big-dollar donors now shy away from associating from the Clintons? Or, instead, do they ‘invest’ now in Hillary’s certain 2008 campaign by pouring money into this monument to their past transgressions?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if enough of you Americans donate the money and we build the COUNTER CLINTON LIBRARY while Bill and Hillary can’t build their library?

It just might happen.

Meanwhile, many, many thanks to all those who have already sent money or just supportive messages and emails.

Please visit us at

Please donate to help us build this wonderful counterpoint to the Clintons at:

Thank you all!


Dear Fellow Americans:

In less than two years, Bill and Hillary Clinton will open their official Clinton Presidential Center and Library in downtown Little Rock, Arkansas. This will be a gigantic public monument to both Clintons, to their ‘Co-Presidency,’ and to their left-wing political and social agenda – and will conveniently ignore their lawbreaking, scandals and misdeeds.

It will also be the Headquarters for the inevitable Hillary Clinton for President Campaign.

Nearby, at the University of Arkansas, the companion Clinton School of Public Service is already hard at work ‘re-tooling’ the Clinton image. Professor Margaret Scranton of the Clinton School explained her mission: “…the course will change and adapt over time as Clinton’s legacy develops.”

In other words, the Clintons and their acolytes intend to spin their record in the White House – and since – in a never-ending campaign to make Bill and Hillary Clinton the first-ever husband and wife Presidents of the United States.

Thus, the Clinton Presidential Center and Library – funded by you – the American taxpayer – and by multi-million dollar donations by rich foreigners including Red Chinese and Saudis – is a campaign vehicle to elect Hillary as the next Democratic President and to have Bill Clinton back living in the White House.

But, in order to elect Hillary, the Clintons need to erase or change their eight-year record in the White House.

Thus, this official Clinton Presidential Center and Library is going to be a Clinton ­LIE-brary full of distortions, slanders, ‘spins’ and outright lies about their atrocious White House legacy.

The so-called Mainstream Media, which gave the Clintons a pass for all their misbehaviors while they were in office, are certain to let Bill and Hillary get away with lying about their misdeeds now, too. Most of the media want to see Hillary become President and they aren’t going to do anything to derail her.

So it is up to us – to simple American citizens and patriots – to finally tell the real truth about the Clintons and to stop Hillary from becoming President and ruining our country once and for all!

We - a group of concerned Americans who are appalled at the Clinton’s atrocious behavior - have joined together to build – within walking distance of the Clinton Library – a monument to the Real Truth about the Clintons: THE COUNTER CLINTON LIBRARY.

This library will be devoted to setting the record straight about the Clintons’ White House years – and about Hillary’s certain campaign to become the next President of the United States.

They will be invited in to hear and see and read the real truth about the lies, evasions, and distortions they will have just seen in Bill and Hillary’s Spin Center.

Our Counter Clinton Library will be a permanent thorn in the side of the Clintons as they try to hide and distort their anti-American, anti-family, anti-military legacy.

One of the Counter Clinton Library’s exhibitions will be the National Insecurity Hall in which we detail – often in the Clintons’ own words and actions as captured on video – their systematic destruction of our military and intelligence capability, their hatred for the military uniform and flag of the United States, their cozying up to Red China, their tolerance of ‘leaking’ Top Secret information to our enemies – and their total devotion to undermining America’s superpower status.

Our goal: to let not one Clinton lie go unanswered, to let not one Clinton evasion go unquestioned and to let not one Clinton slander go unchallenged.

Bill and Hillary Clinton are unique. Unlike previous retired presidents who use their presidential libraries to store their memorabilia and offer students and scholars a repository of papers for scholarly study, Bill Clinton is in a desperate race to change his legacy. He wants to use his library to literally alter his reputation – from one of impeachment and disgrace - to one of respectability and statesmanship.

For example, the former president recently spoke – for his customary fee of $100,000 – in Toronto. During the speech he claimed that if “Iraq came across the Jordan River, I would join the Israeli Army, grab a rifle and get in the ditch and die.”

This is quintessential Clinton: conveniently ignoring his life-long antipathy toward military service. Clinton counts on you forgetting the infamous Vietnam Era letter to Colonel Holmes of the Arkansas Selective Service Board about how he “loathed the military and all it stands for.”

But now – suddenly – he is willing to “grab a rifle and die.”

The Counter Clinton Library is not going to let Clinton get away with this type of revisionism and lying.

In the Counter Clinton Library we are also going to feature in the Grifter Gallery each and every instance of the Clintons grubbing for money, ‘losing’ incriminating documents, then suddenly ‘finding’ them, perverting the confidentiality of FBI files, selling presidential pardons for cash, using White House coffees and sleepovers to raise soft campaign money and ‘selling’ access to Saturday morning presidential radio addresses for cash contributions to their campaigns. Also, the thefts and outright stealing by the Clintons of White House furnishings and artwork.

We are devoted to countering – with the truth and with facts – each and every lie, distortion and exaggeration about his White House years - and also about Hillary’s campaign for President.

While the left-wing news media are constantly pumping up Hillary’s candidacy for President – and conveniently ignoring her lies, cover-ups and numerous transgressions, The Counter Clinton Library will be the headquarters of the Stop Hillary Now campaign.

Half of our exhibits and shows will be devoted to her part of the Clinton Co-Presidency. The Hillary Hall of Shame will cover everything from her out and out lie – caught on videotape – of how she claimed she was named ‘Hillary’ - to her Yale Law School defense of Black Panther murderers - to her ‘amazing’ cattle futures investment successes - to her plan to nationalize health care - to her role in releasing convicted FALN bombers just in time to curry favor with the Puerto Rican vote in New York State.

And, of course, we will be ready to counter her eight million dollar ‘memoir’ with the truth and the facts.

No President of the United States has used his library to change his legacy – and to elect his wife as the next President.

We simply cannot allow a taxpayer funded presidential library to go unchallenged!

It is up to us – regular Americans who care about the truth and about our country – to build from scratch the first-ever counter library.

Unlike the Clintons, we are not trading favors and access to power in exchange for big donations. Instead, we are asking average Americans to contribute what they can - $100 or $75 or $50 – to build a permanent facility that will forever counter the lies and distortions certain to come from the Clinton Liebrary.

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We also intend to feature voluminous research material – from the Whitewater records to the Special Counsel’s Report to the House Impeachment record – which scholars can pore over for years to come to get the real truth about the Clintons. Certainly these unflattering records will not be available down the street at Bill and Hillary’s Liebrary.

In his never-ending attempt to change his legacy, Bill Clinton is constantly painting a picture of his Presidency that is totally false. His claims about his accomplishments are – as usual – often total lies and exaggerations. From the 1990’s economic recovery to the explosion of the Internet to changes in education and welfare reform, Clinton claims personal credit.

In The Counter Clinton Library we will puncture holes in these claims – using facts and experts – in the Anti-Propaganda Pavilion. We will bring in leading economists, business leaders and educators to show how Bill Clinton actually did more harm than good.

And each time – in one of his paid speeches or TV appearances – Clinton lies again, we will be ready to counter that lie with facts and the truth – and with a good sense of humor, too.

We will also include a Broadcast Center from which Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly and other radio and TV talk show hosts will be invited to broadcast their shows.

All of this will drive Bill and Hillary up the wall! Good!

But none of this can happen without the help of regular, average Americans – like you.

Rich businessmen, lobbyists and foreigners will not help us because they, too, have been part of the Clinton Gravy Train – trading cash for access to power.

We have no governmental power to trade; we only have the truth on our side.

In fact, when a visitor walks into The Counter Clinton Library, the very first thing he or she will see will be a large engraving on the floor:

"You shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free."

This will be the motto and guiding principle of The Counter Clinton Library.

Presidential libraries often have ‘ongoing exhibitions’ and guest speakers, special forums and current event lectures. You can bet that the Clintons – preparing for Hillary’s re-election campaign to the Senate in 2006 and then her certain Presidential run in 2008 – will use the library to bring in world leaders, financiers, economists, radical environmentalists and left-wing experts to make news that will help Hillary.

The Counter Clinton Library will counter each of these events while they are happening. We will bring in other experts and leaders to dispute the spin coming from down the street. We will not let the Clintons set the agenda any longer. We are going to put them on the defensive. And we will force the news media to cover both sides – something that rarely happened during the Co-Presidency.

In our Department of Domestic Affairs we are going to catalogue – as has never been done before – Bill Clinton’s entire history of despicable treatment of the women he has pursued and slandered and threatened. We will have several of them contribute never-before-heard videotaped testimonies of what he did to them – and how he treated them. Authors and researchers have uncovered more violent attacks and rapes in Clinton’s past and we will make those accounts available. And, of course, his willing accomplice in these cover-ups - Hillary Clinton – will not be spared.

The Counter Clinton Library will be the most high-tech center ever built. Using video and audio monitors, a visitor is going to see and hear the actual lies and purposeful evasions of the Clintons. We are going to use their own behavior against them!

We also will have access to never-before seen documents. For example, long-time Clinton insider Dick Morris has agreed to donate all his secret White House Agendas to the Counter Clinton Library. No one – other than the Clintons themselves and Morris - has ever seen these detailed plans of Morris’ meetings with Bill Clinton as they wrote speeches together and plotted political strategy.

There have never been a President and First Lady like Bill and Hillary Clinton. No two occupants of the White House have done as much to desecrate that sacred building and to destroy the image of our nation.

When visitors to the COUNTER CLINTON LIBRARY are ready to leave, the very last room they will see is the EXIT ROOM. This is an exact recreation of the White House as the Clintons’ left it – trashed, damaged and defiled. The COUNTER CLINTON LIBRARY has obtained the explosive 76-page White House staff report on what the Clintons really did to the White House as they left. We will recreate this to show – in the most vivid manner possible – just how much damage the Clintons did to ‘the people’s house.’

If the Clinton Era were finished we could let it recede into our memory and treat it like a bad dream.

But the Left is plotting a second chapter of the Clinton Era. Hillary For President is a reality – and a certain nightmare.

As one high-level Clinton advisor has privately admitted, “Bill Clinton is a split personality. Half of him loved being the ‘front man’ as President. But the other half of him loves the thought of being ‘behind the scenes’ in a Hillary White House, calling the shots and masterminding everything.”

The Counter Clinton Library is going to be the headquarters of the anti-Hillary campaign. American citizens who are repelled at the thought of either Bill or Hillary Clinton ever again occupying the White House need to join with us – now – to stop another Clinton Co-Presidency.

The Counter Clinton Library is also unique. No counter presidential library has ever happened before – because no Presidency has done so much to tear down this country.

Please help build a lasting library which will fight the Clintons every step of the way.

Please give what you can to stop them from lying – and getting away with it - about what they did to this nation.

Help us tell the truth – not just for history – but to prevent Hillary and Bill from lying and deceiving their way back into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Please join us in building The Counter Clinton Library.


John LeBoutillier

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