Political insiders continue to say that "Democratic super-delegates are going to stay with Obama all the way. They hate Hillary and don’t trust her. Plus, these super-delegates - politicians in their own right - are afraid of angering their own African American constituents in their states or districts."

If that sentiment is indeed accurate, then these so-called Super-Delegates are in fact Stupid-Delegates for they will be picking a terminal candidate: Barack Obama.

In fact, the GOP is now licking its chops over what it can do not only to Obama in the fall but the entire Democratic Party by invoking the specter of Reverend Wright. And do not be fooled by Obama’s latest attempt to distance himself from Reverend Wright; those two are tied together forever. Period. And Wright is so angry at Obama now and so nasty that he is likely to trash Obama in a damaging way in the next few days. Wright is surrounded by haters - that DC press conference on Monday was packed with his followers and sycophants - and they are looking for targets to attack. Obama may soon be in their sights.
Reverend Wright clearly is a egomaniac or maybe even a megalomaniac.

Whatever he is, he is poison to Obama’s quest to be elected President. It isn’t going to happen. He, Obama - through his choices of Wright and Michele Obama and his ‘cling’ statement - has shown himself to be out of the mainstream of American political thought.

He is so out of it, in fact, that Obama actually makes Hillary look acceptable to a lot of people - and that ain’t easy! (She is going on Bill O’Reilly on Wednesday night!)

Obama will lose in Indiana next week - and is in trouble now in North Carolina. Hillary and Team Clinton are going for the jugular in the Tar Heel state - knowing that they are playing with house money there; no one has expected her to even be competitive there and now the gap is rapidly closing. The Democratic Governor has now endorsed her. Obama has lost seven points prior to the latest Wright outburst; we can expect that gap to narrow even more in the next few days.

Obama is faltering. He has not won a primary since February 22.
How can these Super-Delegates not see what is so plain to us all: Obama cannot win a national election. He is easy pickings for the GOP - even when the Republican candidate seems out-of-it half the time and engenders no conservative enthusiasm at all - and even in a year that is tailor-made for the Democratic Party.

It is obvious that these career politicians know Hillary and can’t stand her. OK, fine. Then they ought to do what this space suggested last week: nominate Al Gore and make Obama the Veep candidate. That ticket - Gore/Obama - would win this November. They would screw the Clintons - something they both want to do - and they would keep the Democratic base together and happy.

But no matter what they do, these Super-Delegates will live in infamy if they pick Obama for President because he will lead that party right over the cliff.
Can they be that stupid?

Well, they are Liberals and Democrats....


Pennsylvania was the beginning of the end for Barak Obama.

His startlingly bad results among key groups - Catholics, white women, Jews and elderly voters - has shaken the Democratic world to its core.

And now the re-emergence of the infamous Reverend Jeremiah Wright will be the coup de grace for the already-hurting Obama.

Just when Obama has been trounced in the Keystone State the last thing he needs is Reverend Wright popping off on Bill Moyers on PBS, followed by a speech in DC at the National Press Club.

Clearly Bill Moyers - the Dean of the Left Wing Media - is trying to rehabilitate Reverend Wright in order to rescue Obama’s faltering candidacy.

What a mistake by these bone-headed liberals! Wright is way, way beyond political rehabilitation! He is radioactive - and the poisonous radiation is now spreading step-by-step down into the Democratic Party. State GOP organizations in North Carolina and Washington State are now airing TV ads using the explosive Wright excerpts against Democratic gubernatorial candidates there.

John McCain - in a typical McCain move - decries the use of the Wright sermons and asked these state organizations not to air the commercials. To their credit they have defied McCain - perhaps a sign of how little anyone inside the Republican Party believes in or cares about McCain; they are more interested in their home state prospects.

But the real story today is the almost sudden realization among the political cognicenti that Obama is un-electable in November and that Hillary is actually a stronger general election candidate.

The Pennsylvania results are what has brought this sea-change. For example, Obama lost Catholic voters 72-28%. This is a devastating result politically. The oft-mentioned ‘Reagan Democrats’ - who are in fact swing voters - are predominantly white Catholics (Irish, Itialian, Polish and other Eastern European heritage). When Obama gets blown out by Hillary, of all people, 72-28, that sent a shock wave through the political world.

The result? Obama rooters in the media like Joe Klein of Time Magazine, Howard Fineman of Newsweek and MSNBC’s Chris Mathews all did a massive 180 Degree Reversal on Thursday; they now realize that Obama is a mortally wounded candidate.

You can bet that the Democratic Super Delegates - the very people who will determine the Democratic ticket in Denver - are also re-assessing Obama’s deteriorating candidacy.

They, too, must now see that Obama is not their strongest general election candidate. In fact, he is their weakest.

He is now being called - in the liberal New Republic, of all places - “another George McGovern.” (McGovern lost 49 states to Richard Nixon in 1972.)

Bit by bit this realization is spreading through a stubborn and conflicted Democratic leadership. As they swallow the fact that Obama cannot win in November - and that McCain would thus win and continue the war in Iraq, which all Democrats want to stop - they look at Hillary. And they don’t trust her, don’t want her to be their nominee, don’t want any more mutterings, scandals and potential sexcapades from Bill, and don’t want the whole Clinton Machine to be back in power. But they also now know she is tougher than Obama and more of a fighter and would actually run a better race in the fall against the GOP nominee.

Believe this: the Al Gore Scenario - mentioned in this space earlier - will gain traction in the next weeks. It is a way out of this mess without alienating the Democratic Base - and a way to win in November.

But in the meantime the Reverend Wright’s re-emergence will remind everyone of Obama’s weaknesses in a potential general election. The Reverend’s appearances will again stoke the fires. Cable TV will have a field day replaying new excerpts of this angry, disturbed man. Television loves a freak show!

It couldn’t come at a worse time for Obama.


If ever an election was teed up for a victory it is this November for the Democrats.

G.W. Bush is perhaps the most unpopular president in the last seventy years; Republican is a bad word to a majority of people; the Iraq War is the war-that-never-ends; and the perception is that our economy is slipping into recession.

So - amazing as this sounds - the Democrats can and should win the November election for President. Period. They are going to increase their margins in both the House and Senate. But the Presidency is a personality/character/feel kind of vote. Voters need to ‘feel’ something for the candidate for President they vote for.

The more the nation gets to know Barack Obama, the less they like or trust him.

And they already know they don’t trust or like Hillary one bit. Her negatives are higher than any other presidential candidate - ever!

And they also know that the only time they have won the Presidency since the mid-1960's the winning candidates have been - or perceived to be - moderate, white, southern men: LBJ in 1964; Carter in 1976; Clinton in 1992, 1996 and Gore in 2000 (winner of the popular vote).

When they run a goofy northern liberal i.e. McGovern, Mondale, Dukakis, Kerry, they lose. Period.

So they need to wake up and realize something: Obama and Hillary are so weakened and so damaged and so out-of-the-mainstream that neither of them can win in November.

They are damaged goods.

Even a poor candidate like McCain, running with all the Bush Baggage draped over his shoulders, would defeat either one of these two.

So here is what the Democrats ought to do - but they probably won’t:

A) Realize Obama or Hillary are not the answer;

B) Give the nomination - and the tremendous fund-raising machine the Democrats have developed this year - at the August 27th Democratic Convention - to Al Gore. Unite behind him. Perhaps give Obama the Veep slot to harness the youth and energy he has injected into the system this year.

C) Gore would hardly even have to campaign! He is so well-known and so acceptable to Democrats and Independents - and so vindicated by Bush’s failures, by his opposition to the Iraq war, by his Nobel Peace Prize - and, most of all, by his not running for President that he is now seen as above petty politics.

D) Gore would win in November in a walk. Period.

Now, could this scenario happen? Yes, it could. How? The Democratic candidates have to keep ripping each other to shreds, thus making them un-electable in November.

Only then could such a scenario take place.

But in this strangest of all years, anything can and may still happen.


Senator Barak Obama’s “bitter” comments have severely wounded his campaign. While he might very well survive this episode and still go on to nab the Democratic presidential nomination, this flap gives the GOP huge new ammo for the fall campaign.

What these San Francisco comments about rural people do is to - again - paint a picture of a candidate who is an Ivy League snob, a left-wing elitist who thinks he is better than rural people. And this is an image that has bedeviled liberal Democrats for decades. Mike Dukakis, Walter Mondale and John Kerry come to mind.

Doubts about Obama are already out there. Some people - 13% in a new national poll - suspect he is a Muslim. His middle name - Hussein - is also a negative among some voters. But a slew of other recent events paint a picture of a guy definitely out of the mainstream:

• Reverend Wright’s disgusting, white-hating, America-hating comments will be huge fodder in the fall election;

• Obama’s refusal to disavow Wright’s racist rants have hurt him badly among the very voters - rural whites - he is now labeling as “bitter” and “clinging to guns...and religion.”

• Michele Obama’s chip-on-her-shoulder “I have never been proud of my country” statements also hurt his campaign and paint a disturbing picture of Team Obama;

• When a man’s wife and pastor - perhaps the two closest adults in his life - both attack the United States of America, that is telling about that man. If they had attacked the government and its policies that is OK. But both Reverend Wright and Mrs. Obama actually attacked our country itself;

• Paying repeated tribute in Chicago during his rise up the political ladder to one-time Weather Underground Leader and domestic bomber William Ayres, a convicted felon and home-grown left-wing terrorist, is another example of Obama’s left-wing ideology, which he has so-far hidden with vague, ambiguous “Yes we can!” rhetoric;

• Refusing to wear an American flag label pin;

• Refusing to salute the American flag during the Pledge of Allegiance;

• Bowling a pathetic 37 - clearly showing that he hadn’t ever even been to a bowling alley; symbolic? Yes, but telling, too.

• Giving drivers licenses to illegal immigrants;

• Obama’s three attempts to apologize/clarify his San Francisco comments don’t solve the underlying problem: he truly believes he is superior than “rural” people. He - like all liberals - has disdain for non-Ivy League educated people.

• What a shame that so many people - including some of these very “rural” people - have been snowed and fooled by Obama’s CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN campaign. It is a campaign built on platitudes and generalities all meant to hide his extreme liberalism (twice he has had the most liberal voting record in the US Senate; even more liberal that Vermont’s Bernie Sanders, who is the only Socialist in the Senate!)

Strictly from an analytical perspective, there is so much material here to paint Obama as someone not to be trusted as President and Commander-in-Chief.

John McCain cannot win by defending Bush’s pathetic record. It is indefensible. The war, the economy? No way! And his own pro-Iraq War record won’t help him.

So the only way he - or any GOP nominee can win - is to paint Obama as too big a risk to take for the most crucial job in the world: the Presidency.

Look for a totally negative campaign to be run - not by McCain’s campaign itself - but by the GOP and its associated entities who are in desperate shape and looking for something to turn things around. They see Obama as an inviting target and will exploit all of these items.

McCain will try to stay above the fray.

This is not to say that he doesn’t have his own huge baggage; he does. And his temper could blow at any moment - and if it ever blew in public as some of us have seen in private then he would be viewed as un-electable.

(Look for more on this troubling aspect of McCain’s personality within the next week.)

Two years ago, Senator George Allen, a smiley and cocky Senator seemingly headed for the White House, demeaned a young Virginian by calling him “macaca.” That effectively ended Allen’s political career.

Now we have another smiley and cocky Senator, Barack Obama, demeaning rural white folks in a manner more revealing about Obama himself.

He has now entered Hate America territory.

He will rue the day he uttered those elitist comments.


Few things are certain in politics, but as close to certain as possible is the prediction that Condi Rice will not be chosen by John McCain - or any other GOP nominee should McCain falter (and there is indeed a 40% chance McCain will not be the GOP nominee at the end of the September GOP Convention).

This whole ‘campaign’ for Condi began with former Paul Bremer spokesman Dan Senor on a Sunday morning TV show throwing that out there and claiming she wants to be the running mate to John McCain.

Here is why it will not happen - whether Condi wants it or not:

• She is one of the architects of the Iraq War. McCain is the war’s most enthusiastic supporter. Why have two Iraq War Hawks on the same ticket - especially when the war is so unpopular?

• She is a total Bushie who made her name serving two President Bushes, both of whom allowed the Democrats to get back in power. The last thing McCain needs is reminders of this failed administration;

• She has never run for any public office before. And that is a total negative because she is not a seasoned, experienced campaigner. McCain, by picking her, would have to suffer through her learning curve as a candidate. How would she do under persistent questioning about her views on abortion, religion, taxes, her personal life as a single woman and a million other things that are designed to trip up inexperienced candidates?

• What does she give the McCain ticket that they do not already have? A state? A region? A constituency? NO! She brings absolutely nothing to the GOP ticket. African Americans? No way! They vote 90% for the Democratic ticket no matter what. Condi brings nothing on the upside to the GOP ticket. But she does bring the risk of a major mistake that could haunt the ticket.

• If she indeed wants the Veep slot - and if this is how she is trying to float her name out there - it shows her lack of political acumen. To have a flack like Senor bring it up after Condi attended Grover Norquist’s weekly meeting of conservatives is not the smart way of campaigning for the job.

• It ain’t happenin’. Period.

Now, McCain - if he is the nominee in September - has a number of choices he can make.

But he needs to wait to see what the Democratic ticket looks like first because that ticket will signal their electoral strategy. For example, if Obama wins the nomination and picks Bill Richardson, then we know he is going for the Southwest region - New Mexico, Nevada, Colorado - full of Hispanic voters - plus McCain’s own Arizona and California (strongly Democrat anyway).

Or Obama may go for Florida Senator Bill Nelson and try to take the Sunshine State out of the GOP column.

In that case McCain might take Florida’s popular new governor, Charlie Christ, who helped propel McCain to victory in January in the GOP primary there. That would make Florida the key to the whole general election race.

So, until the Democrats pick both their nominee and ticket - don’t forget that as the ‘out’ party they go first - McCain should wait to make his decision.

As for this odd prediction I keep making that there is a 40% chance McCain will not be the GOP nominee: it is a hunch, a feeling that McCain will not make it to the finish line. He looks old and tired and he does not connect well with people, other than the dozen media flunkies he constantly sucks up to.

Something is going to happen to derail him. A revelation, an event, an unintended circumstance.

America does not elect someone who is at the end of their rope. And McCain is a spent force. Few are for him; his votes will just be anti-Obama or anti-Hillary. There is no enthusiasm for McCain - except among Inside-the Beltway lobbyists and media types.

So, while he is the presumptive nominee as of now, there are five long months to go.

Don’t be surprised when something happens and McCain is gone - pfffft.

You read it here first.