Bill and Hillary have done it again.

They have each scammed millions from their gullible, liberal – and hopelessly naïve – publishers.

As you may recall, Hillary scored first right after winning her U.S. Senate seat two years ago. She signed a publishing contract with Simon & Schuster that included a whopping eight million dollar advance. And, in typical Clinton fashion, she signed it before being sworn into office, thus skirting Senate ethics rules.

She then used her first payment - $2.1 million – to buy her Washington DC house – where she entertains and raises millions for her fellow Democrats. And, of course, this is all part of the Clinton Master Plan: to elect Hillary in 2008 and thus allow Bill to live again in the White House and to run the government behind the scenes.

Meanwhile the clock began ticking on actually writing the book. And, again in typical Clinton fashion, Hillary has repeatedly missed her deadlines. And – again no surprise – she has reneged on her promise to spill the beans on the details the book-reading and book-buying public want to read: L’Affair Monica, Paula Jones, Jennifer Flowers and all the rest of the Clinton Scandals.

Simon & Schuster is said to be furious over her refusal to include the material that will sell the book and earn back the huge advance they contractually agreed to.

Her book is due to hit the bookstores in August and she hasn’t finished it yet and does not even have a title.

Meanwhile, over at Random House, they shelled out $12 million to Bill Clinton for his memoirs. And guess what? He hasn’t written any of it yet.

Word is that he can’t write his memoir until Hillary writes hers because they have to then square their stories!

Isn’t this typical Clintonism?

They are treating their books like works of fiction.

And they are treating their two publishers like they have always treated their business partners, friends, staff and constituents. In each case, the Grifter Clintons scam, steal, rip-off - and then move on to the next unsuspecting sucker.

And the founder of the Counter Clinton Library, Dick Erickson, said, “What fools would pay $20 million for the memoirs of two people who can never “recall” anything and who always “lose” or “misplace” key files and documents?”


Scott Speicher – a hero – and Scott Peterson – an alleged villain – seem to step all over each other’s stories this week.

Just when those of us praying for the successful recovery of Navy pilot Michael Scott Speicher from Iraqi captivity were being tantalized by new leads, equally new revelations in the murder of Laci Peterson seem to interrupt the upcoming TV broadcast.

For example, last Saturday night’s MSNBC’s HARDBALL was promoting that night’s show devoted to the mystery of the Speicher case. But, just before airtime, the other Scott – Peterson – was arrested and brought to the Stanislas County jail. Suddenly, Chris Matthew’s was consumed by the ‘bad’ Scott – and the missing pilot was yet again forgotten.

The second hour of that show was yet another ironic ‘tease’: the homecoming of the 7 POW’s to their bases in Texas. But, again, no mention of Scott Speicher.

Now, in the past two days, we have all seen the latest tantalizing clue from a Baghdad military prison: a large M.S.S. written on the wall of a cell. Could Michael Scott Speicher have constructed – not ‘carved’ as press reports proclaim – his initials on this cell wall as a signal?

Well, if you look closely, there is more to these initials than the three letters M.S.S: there is a clear and distinctive and smaller capital H written right after the first S.

This is a deliberate act by Speicher and most likely was/is his E&E Code (Escape and Evade). Navy investigators – when they first saw it – would immediately know that it was Speicher himself who wrote this code on the wall of that cell.

This also confirms a previous report from an Iraqi defector who claimed – and passed US polygraphs – to have seen Speicher in this very prison in the mid-1990’s.

All of this means a few simple things:

1) Scott Speicher indeed survived his shootdown back in January 1991 contrary to Dick Cheney and Colin Powell who wrote him off that day without even dispatching a search team.

2) Scott Speicher was taken and held in one of Saddam’s military prisons.

3) Sightings of him alive now have to be assumed to have been correct – even ones from just last month.

Scott Speicher’s nephew last night on MSNBC talked of finding his uncle alive and bringing him home to his family. Let us pray that this happens – and soon. The nephew also spoke of Senator Pat Roberts of Kansas, the Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee. The Senator has talked of trials and courts-marshal for US Navy officials for the derelict way they handled this case.

Let us hope this happens, too. Then both Scotts: the hero Scott Speicher and the accused villain Scott Peterson will have the American people’s attention on their cases - in court.

How fitting.


Last week at NBC reporter David Bloom’s memorial service at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City, anchorman Tom Brokaw praised and eulogized his fallen comrade – but did it all through his own life. Every other word was either “I” or “me” or “my.”

Instead of talking about David Bloom, it was all about Tom Brokaw!

Similarly, last week in Ur – a small outpost in Iraq – the United States gathered up various Iraqi leaders who want to help select a new government. The American representative is retired Army General Jay Garner who spoke to the assembled Iraqis in a tent out in the desert. General Garner does not speak Arabic and thus used an interpreter. (Just that drawback raises questions about his selection for this crucial post. Why not have a retired general fluent in the language of the nation he is charged with rebuilding? Does his lack of fluency in the language also mean he lacks the historical and cultural background for this job?)

General Garner proceeded to tell these Iraqis that that day was his 65th birthday and what better way to celebrate his birthday than to preside over such a momentous meeting?

Here is the point: both Tom Brokaw, an insufferable egomaniac, by the way, and General Garner are so ‘into’ themselves that they mistakenly believe these two events were about them.

David Bloom’s admirers and grieving friends and families couldn’t give two hoots about “how proud” Tom Brokaw was or “how good” Tom Brokaw felt while watching David Bloom cruise through the Iraqi desert. The memorial service was not for Tom Brokaw’s self-gratification.

Similarly, those Iraqis sitting inside a hot tent out in the desert couldn’t care less about some American ex-general’s birthday – especially when he doesn’t even try to speak their language.

These are but two example of the fastest-spreading disease in our country: an obsession with one’s self!

Everything is “my story,” “my day,” “my opinion, “ “me, me, my, mine…”

It is high time people started ‘self-editing’ their statements to remove “I”, “me,” and “mine” from their vocabulary. And they also need to look at other people and other events from a selfless perspective.

The problem in our society today is that we focus so much on celebrities who are jerks. And their jerky – and selfish - behavior becomes the model for everyone else.

We need to begin – now – to divorce ourselves from the ‘Cult of Me’ and realize that others come first.


Watching Tim Robbins prattle on this week about how “free speech” is being stifled by an overwhelming “rightist” media can only make us all laugh. Liberals have always been self-delusional, but their latest gambit – led by Bill Clinton, by the way – is to charge that because the Fox News Channel is so successful it has somehow ‘infected’ all the other networks and news outlets to the point where all information in the United States is tilted to the right.

This is totally wrong.

And it is an attempt by the Left to explain their total abject failure in the November elections – not to mention how badly they misjudged the War in Iraq.

But, for the sake of fairness, let us briefly examine all sources of information in the United States to see if indeed there is a right-wing tilt:

1) Our daily newspapers: is there a ‘conservative bias’ in the nation’s papers? No! Sure, the Rupert Murdoch-owned New York Post is pro-Republican; so too is the Moon-owned and thus-discredited-by-some Washington Times. And the editorial page of the Wall Street Journal is very pro-growth and pro-supply side conservative; but the news pages of the WSJ are often surprisingly liberal.

The rest of the newspapers around the country are certainly not pro-GOP; in fact, they lean left.

USA TODAY? Since its inception it has more often than not been liberal. The New York Times? The Washington Post? Totally liberal.

2) Our weekly magazines: Time is very liberal; after all it is part of the Ted Turner Time Warner-AOL mega-disaster. NEWSWEEK is owned by the left-leaning Washington Post. US NEWS & World REPORT is owned and run by leftist Clinton apologist Mortimer Zuckerman.

3) Talk Radio: Yes, most talk radio hosts are conservative. Why? Because that’s all the market will bear. Station managers and program directors care only about ratings and ad sales. They’d put anybody on if he or she gets them good ratings. And the plain fact is that liberals just don’t cut it on talk radio. So, yes, talk radio is heavily leaning toward the conservative point of view.

4) Television: Other than Fox News Channel, where is there even a legitimate conservative presence? CBS, NBC and ABC are totally dominated by the left. NBC’s Tim Russert was a long-time Democratic political operative working for Mario Cuomo and Pat Moynihan. ABC’s George Stephanopoulous was a PR flack for the Clintons. And yet they are handed key Sunday morning political shows. What Republican politician has ever gotten a similar opportunity?

On cable, CNN remains the Clinton News Network; its behavior during this Iraqi campaign has been abominable. It is so corrupted by the Left and the Ted Turner legacy that it may never recover.

MSNBC – other than the Peter Arnett fiasco – has been more ‘fair and balanced’ than any other station. It is often a pleasure to watch because it has no axe to grind.

5) Schools: the biggest source of information for millions of people – our youth – is the classroom, their schoolbooks and their teachers. And, sadly, on this score the Left wins overwhelmingly. From high school through college and graduate schools, PC Liberalism has totally taken over.

This is a base for the Left to conduct an ongoing brainwashing campaign of America’s young. And it is a deliberate strategy by the New Left to take over education – from top to bottom – in an attempt to ‘change the thinking of the American people.’

6) Conclusion: Tim Robbins may be a decent actor, but he is dead wrong about the inhibition to free speech in the USA. If anything, the Left has stomped over the truth for decades – and manipulated, shaped and overtaken the delivery of news to fit their often-stilted picture of how the world should be.

Conservatives, however, should abstain from anything that looks like we want to inhibit free speech.


Because to let a fool like Tim Robbins prattle on is the single best argument for our side!


1) Thank God the 7 POW’s have been rescued. Their greatest protection was the fact that they had been videotaped in captivity and thus were of some value to the Iraqi regime and to their guards. That’s not to say that these Iraqi barbarians who held them wouldn’t execute them, but it made it more difficult as the regime collapsed and the civilian population began ratting out regime members.

2) Now comes a related question: Where is Scott Speicher or someone who knows about him? This is a most vexing case: intelligence has all along indicated that this Navy pilot has been held since 1991 under the personal control of the sadistic Uday Hussein. Let us hope our forces are combing Iraq for people who ‘know things’ and that we are offering financial rewards for information that will lead to his recovery. This should be a top priority.

3) Where are the WMD that we fought this war to stop? It is disquieting that we haven’t found any WMD yet. Already Rummy is hedging his bets and claiming that the WMD might have been moved into Syria.

4) If it is true – as the President said yesterday – that “Syria has chemical weapons,” then why are we not making plans to demand that those weapons be turned over to us? After all, the Administration’s rationale for this war – and our actions since 9/11 – is that a government that associates with terrorists is a terrorist state itself. Damascus is in many ways as bad or even worse that Baghdad. The Syrians support Hezbollah in Lebanon, have their own WMD and treat their people as harshly as Saddam treated his.

5) Furthermore, Syria is now harboring escaping Iraqi war criminals. What more needs to happen to place a target on Assad and his dangerous government?

6) Why is Bush and British Foreign Minister Straw so eager to disclaim any interest in an armed attack on this equally dangerous country?

7) Back in 1973 right after we began our disengagement from the Vietnam War, Henry Kissinger traveled to Damascus to talk to President Assad about a Mid-East peace settlement. After one day of talks, Kissinger cabled Nixon, “If we thought the North Vietnamese were difficult, they are nothing compared to the Syrians. They are filthy little s**ts!”

8) Let us hope that we don’t think that by removing the Saddam regime that we have ‘solved the problem’ – either of the possibility of WMD being given by a state to a terrorist group or of state sponsored terrorism threatening America again. Because Damascus and Tehran and Tripoli are all major threats to us.

9) So, too, are Beijing and Moscow, by the way. Their behind-the-scenes involvement with these evil governments is much deeper and insidious than most people know.


Today and the next couple of days are absolutely critical for the fate of the 7 known POWs from this Gulf War and for 12-year POW Scott Speicher.

If we are going to find them alive it has to be now.

In fact, it is already worrisome that – with the collapse of the Saddam regime – that we haven’t already found ‘sources’ and defectors who would lead our Delta teams to the POWs. And, of course, yesterday’s revelation that some US Army uniforms believed to have been those of the Army POWs from the Texas repair unit were found bloodied and with bullet holes in them raises an awful thought: could Saddam’s murderous minions have executed our POWs before fleeing?

Nothing is too much to contemplate when it comes to savages like these.

Usually POWs are seized and held for future exploitation. But when a regime literally disappears, who is going to negotiate? What is the point in holding the POWs?

If a leftover Saddam cabinet officer tried to ‘bargain’ for his freedom with the lives of US POWs, he might be arrested and tried for war crimes. So he might figure it wiser to ‘dispose’ of the POWs and then melt away into the countryside.

Let us hope some Iraqi guard somewhere has a conscience like the lawyer, Mr. Muhammed, who led our Delta team to Private Jessica Lynch.

Now is the critical time when these things need to happen. The mayhem of the regime’s dissolution, the joy of liberation and the realization that Saddam is no longer a threatening force may very well free up some new information about the location of the POWs.

Speicher is a bit of a different case because all along there were intelligence reports that he was under the personal control of Saddam’s older son, Uday, a real vicious bastard. He may be dead, injured or gone, but what of Speicher? Is he guarded by fanatics still loyal to Uday? Will these guards – with their mentor gone for good – release Speicher – or do they have orders to “destroy the evidence”?

One thing is true: because of all the ruckus so many wonderful POW activists and family members have raised for 20 years over the Vietnam POWs we left behind, this Bush Administration does not want to create a new POW problem. That is why the tremendous publicity over the recovery of Jessica Lynch.

You can bet our armed forces have special teams combing Iraq for all these POWs. They want to find them alive – unlike our government when it comes to POWs from Vietnam.

One thought: we need a small, Lojack-like transmitting device inserted under the skin of all soldiers deployed in a combat operation. Or maybe it can be swallowed. That way, when a soldier goes missing or is captured we can ‘track’ that soldier and rescue him or her. And we don’t need to broadcast much about this so the enemy will not know where it is or how to remove it. But we do need it. Think of how easy it would be to find these POW’s and rescue them soon after capture before they are placed in a difficult-to-crack facility.

Let us all hope and pray that today or tomorrow CentCom will come on the air with a bulletin about the successful recovery of all the missing POWs – and Scott Speicher, as well.


The immediately controversial ‘We need regime change here in the United States’ comment last week by Democratic presidential candidate Senator John Kerry should have focused attention on this congenital liar and cover-up artist.

While he smugly defends his comment, he tries to ‘move ahead’ and have us forget his previous transgressions:

1) His most famous – and first - appearance on the national stage came when he supposedly threw his Vietnam combat medals over the White House fence in a protest against the war. Guess what? Those were not his medals; they belonged to another Vietnam vet. Kerry kept his medals so that – like today – he can play both sides of the street.

2) Right out of the box as a presidential candidate, it ‘comes out’ that Kerry’s real name isn’t Kerry at all; his real name is Kohn. It seems his grandfather, an Austrian immigrant named Kohn, had changed the family name to Kerry back in the early 1900’s; Senator Kerry claims never to have known he was Jewish until two months ago. Is this believable?

3) Kerry also claimed that he was in “perfect health” – even though he had already been diagnosed with prostate cancer. He finally had to admit his deception when announcing that he was having surgery.

4) Of course Kerry also engaged in the ago-old game of playing both sides on this war in Iraq. Last October he voted for the Congressional resolution authorizing President Bush to invade Iraq; now, speaking to Democratic primary voters – the one group that is overwhelmingly against the war - he proudly blasts Bush for the way he is conducting the diplomacy and the war.

5) All these lies and deceptions pale by comparison with his biggest act of dishonesty: his performance as Co-Chairman of the Senate Select Committee on POWs and MIAs back in the early 1990’s. Along with Senator John McCain this was a classic case of a committee with a pre-determined agenda. For various and different reasons, both Kerry and McCain – along with the first Bush Administration which cooperated in the creation and activities of this committee – each had an underhanded and evil intention in their hijacking of this committee.

John Kerry wanted to have normalized relations with Hanoi so that real estate associates could do business in Vietnam and make money. What stood in the way of this? The lingering questions about US POWs still held against their will in Vietnam and Laos. So he took control of this committee and saw to it that the POW issue was crushed.

Kerry destroyed anyone who stood in his way. Staffers were removed who produced evidence proving that US POWs were still alive. POW advocacy groups who ‘kept the issue alive’ were threatened with legal prosecution! (A prep school classmate of Kerry’s, then an Assistant US Attorney General, said, “The leaders of these POW groups should be put in jail.” That Kerry classmate? Present FBI Director Robert Mueller.)

John McCain’s lies are too numerous to list here. Suffice to say that on the Senate POW Committee he also brutalized the truth and crushed the evidence of living POWs. Why?

Well, clearly McCain has an agenda to promote normalization with Hanoi. All sorts of allegations have been made over the years. Rather than get into them here, suffice to say that McCain is the single most vicious, negative, cynical political ‘punk’ I encountered in Washington DC. He treats people awfully; little wonder that 3 years ago when he ran for president virtually every GOP Senator – his colleagues who knew him best – endorsed G.W. Bush over McCain. In other words, to know McCain is to detest him.

What isn’t being written these days is the very real possibility that these two -–Kerry and McCain – may join together next year to run against G.W. Bush. Kerry, if he can grab the Democratic nomination, may ask McCain – the hero of so-called independent voters – to join his ticket.

Two liars on the same ticket. How fitting in an age of political and social decline.


The news media is buzzing over the successful rescue last night of Private First Class Jessica Lynch. All news shows are busy interviewing her family members – and the families of other prisoners and missing in Iraq.

It is wonderful news – and a good sign that our nation cares so passionately about our missing troops. But our government wants us to forget other POWs left behind – from the Vietnam War, the Cold War and even from the first Gulf War.

Central Command Spokesman Jim Wilkinson said such rescues were part of the US military ethos. "America doesn't leave its heroes behind, " he said. "Never has. "Never will."

There is no question that the pain – both personal and political – that has followed the Vietnam POWs has stiffened our government’s attention to this tricky issue.

While we don’t want to ‘forget’ our POWs, we also don’t want to be seen as weak, easy to manipulate and willing to ‘pay ransom.’

But this ambivalence has morphed into an awful record by our government - especially many members of this Administration who served in previous administrations - toward the POW issue.

Field–level military officers and enlisted soldiers care passionately about recovering each and every missing soldier. It is when you go higher up – into senior ranking uniformed personnel and especially into the ranks of ‘political’ civilians – that you run into all sorts of trouble.

Let us all understand one thing: despite what the CentCom spokesman says, we sit here today in cushy America while literally hundreds of US POWs sit inside Vietnam and Laos wondering, “Why has America abandoned me?”

Similarly, Gulf War Navy pilot Scott Speicher must wonder each day, “Why did Cheney and Powell not send a rescue team the day I was shot down in 1991? Why the rush to declare me dead? Why tell my wife I am dead when they then got lots of intelligence showing I have been held alive all this time?”

The United States Government – on POW issue – has lied repeatedly to the families, the media, the Congress and the public. It is the biggest and most disgraceful cover-up in American history.

It is simply un-American to abandon knowingly our pilots and soldiers. In Vietnam, in the rush to get out of that war, the dying (Watergate) Nixon Administration made a conscious decision to ‘write the POWs off’ rather than pay the $4.25 billion that we secretly promised them in order to get the Paris Peace Agreement signed.

We promptly abrogated that treaty, reneged on the promise to pay, denied to everyone – including the Congress – that any such promise was even made.

The lies, the deceptions, the abandonment and the subsequent cover-up began in just a few weeks in early 1973.

For thirty years our government has kept up that cover-up. Prominent member of this administration were – and still are – in on this cover-up. Do you recognize these names? George H.W. Bush (who orchestrated this cover-up as CIA Director and kept it up as Vice President and President); Henry Kissinger; Brent Scowcroft; Dick Cheney; Richard Armitage; John Negroponte; Peter Rodman – and later co-conspirators such as Colin Powell, Paul Wolfowitz and Carl Ford. And many, many more, too.

No wonder CentCom wants to get ahead of this prickly issue. Congratulations to them for a daring and successful rescue last night. Let us all hope and pray that the other POWs and missing – and, of course, Scott Speicher – can emerge alive once we take down this deadly, cancerous regime.

But let us also realize that government lying and perfidy is not confined just to Baghdad. It is also alive and well inside Washington, DC.