REVOLUTION: Listen To The Latest Podcast Here

Here is the new version of our podcast - REVOLUTION - in which Arlene Bynon and I discuss the latest revelations on the Putin Hacking Scandal, Trump's reaction, his own attacks on the CIA, the FBI's changing position - and - most of all - where is this ongoing political revolution headed?


     First, let us understand why Trump won the 2016 elect

     He won because most of his voters – deeply worried over the future of our country and having given up on the political parties and the Leadership Class to fix our problems – saw him as their Savior…their sheriff-riding-into-a-corrupt-town (DC) to clean it up…their last-chance-to-get-it-right doctor who will cure their almost-terminal disease;

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Listen To REVOLUTION - the New Podcast Here

In our first REVOLUTION podcast, award-winning Canadian broadcaster Arlene Bynon and I explore today the troubling revelations surrounding President-Elect Trump and his behind-the-scenes relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Here is our podcast:

Twice a week I have the privilege of joining Arlene on her Sirius XM broadcast - Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5:15 PM - to discuss US and world events. And now we are starting our podcast - REVOLUTION - to go even deeper into these subjects.