Today is Opening Day of the major league baseball season. Do you realize that we have an entire 162-game regular season ahead of us - which takes six months to play and ends the first week of October - followed by two rounds of playoffs and then the World Series - all before the Presidential Election?

That tells us all how much time is left in this already-marathon campaign.

And that means that many, many twists and turns, ups and downs and surprises are ahead of us.

For example, it is a rule of politics that however things may look today, they will look differently in six months.

So, for everyone who today looks at a McCain-Obama match-up in November and thinks, “McCain is going to win,” - a word of caution: What looks one way today may not look that way in six months.

As another example, let us go backward six months - to last October 1, 2007. Way, way back then - and it does seem like an eternity ago - who ever would have thought that John McCain would be the GOP nominee and that Obama would be ahead of Hillary? Back then McCain was mired in single digits in all polls and was broke and was thus considered to be dead as a door nail politically.

And Obamania hadn’t caught on yet. Who would have thought that the vile, hate-filled Reverend Wright video tapes would not surface until we were already three months into the primaries? Why didn’t the Hillary campaign get these and air them a year ago and snuff out Obama before he got up a head of steam?

So, with seven months to go before we choose our next President, it is safe to say the landscape will indeed look a lot different than it does today:

• John McCain, who has had a cakewalk since Iowa thanks to a compliant mainstream media, is certain to run into real trouble;

• At some point circumstances will turn against McCain. And his pals in the media may also turn on him if only because they are sensitive to charges that they gave him a free pass;

• Obama, too, has had it easy so far. The media has tried everything they can to protect him and to coddle him. The Wright Video Tapes Fiasco has shown a left-leaning media do all they can to try to minimize these vile, disgusting, racist diatribes. Something else will occur which will discombobulate Obama. It has to;

• Hillary is the Energizer Bunny. She keeps on tickin’. But at some point things will come to a head - and no one knows the outcome;

• A Big Surprise is certain to happen between now and November. That is defined as a Huge Event with the possibility to change the course of the November election. This could be a financial/market collapse, a surprise military or terrorist attack, a scandal, a health-of-a-candidate incident;

The point of all of this is to remind us all that what lies ahead is indeed a mystery to us all. But history teaches us that things rarely remain static.

So if you want to bet - bet that by Election Day things will look totally unlike the situation today.


Barring some unexpected development (see below), the choice in November for President is going to be one of the three remaining candidates: John McCain, Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton.

You know what?

All three of them are offensive to conservatives and opposed to conservative principles.

In fact, all three are basically Democrats - including McCain.

How can that be said about McCain, the presumptive GOP nominee? Simple. We now know that twice since 2002, McCain has considered joining the Democratic Party or the 2004 Democratic ticket, as the Veep candidate with his great pal, John Kerry.

And yet the GOP has somehow selected McCain as our candidate? How can this be?

Have you ever heard of a candidate picked by a party who is so disliked and distrusted by that party’s members?

How many rabid pro-McCain GOP voters do any of us know? Who are these people? Where are they?

No, what Rush Limbaugh said a month ago is true: the So-Called Mainstream Media - liberals all - have chosen our nominee for us!!!

What a total absurdity this is!!!

No wonder so many rank-and-file Republicans and conservatives are distraught over the looming choice in November. Yes, Obama and Hillary are worse than McCain on many issues. But so what? The Democrats will pick up seats in the House and Senate and have virtually total control of the Congress. Even if McCain were to win, what is he really going to do? Does he have a program he wants to implement? Does he have anything he wants to fight for - other than staying in Iraq? And, is he going to stand up to this Democratic Majority? No, he is not. His history and his penchant is to make deals with Democrats. So he will deal. He will happily hop in bed with Teddy Kennedy - yet again - and sign a bill giving amnesty and citizenship to illegals.

He may also go along with Democratic attempts to re-impose the Fairness Doctrine because McCain and the Left loathe conservative talk radio and would love to diminish it’s reach and power.

McCain was so comfortable with Democrats that he considered becoming one. So he will be happy with a Democrat-controlled Congress. He will scale back some of their crazy spending programs with the veto threat. And, to his credit, McCain is indeed a deficit hawk who will try to reign in the crazy new federal spending programs the Democrats will impose next year.

But he will be a very, very weak and impotent President from Day One because his election will only be a rejection of his opponent - not an endorsement of anything McCain offers. There will be no mandate for anything John McCain stands for because he doesn’t stand for anything.

McCain is no Reagan who ran on a comprehensive - and consistently conservative - approach to solving problems.

McCain’s self-proclaimed ‘maverick’ nature makes him a Wild Card who has no philosophy about anything. All he runs on is his resume. Period.

Now, let us look at John McCain, the candidate:

• He has become inarticulate;

• He often stumbles on words;

• He is also making more gaffes, like the one about Iran training Al Qaeda terrorists;

• He looks old; in fact, he looks older than his age and he seems to have aged a decade’s worth of years in the last six months;

• He will not do particularly well in the fall debates because continued exposure to him makes voters like him less;

• He is a politician at the end of the line - not a new, potent force full of energy out to change things;

• As stated here before: there is a 40% chance that McCain is not the GOP nominee in September. Something is going to happen - not sure what - to re-shuffle this race;

• In fact, there is certain to be a Big, Big Surprise news event that will greatly impact the presidential and congressional election;

Conclusion: McCain, Obama and Hillary are a pathetic three-some of candidates for President. There is little difference among them on some issues - which is an incredible indictment of the GOP. How could we nominate a candidate who agrees with Obama and Hillary on anything?

That is why it is likely that shocking revelations and a Major News Event will indeed occur that will totally shake up this race.





I received this email and wanted to share it with you all:

Date: March 11, 2008 8:59:32 PM EDT
To: Recipient list suppressed:;
Subject: Fw: McCain Has Lost It

From: TS (Topsax)

A few months back I noticed that McCain was displaying involuntary motor activity where his left hand was
uncontrollably shaking while giving a speech behind a podium. Usually, as it was explained to me, this is indicative of a breakdown taking place within the person's central nervous system, that is exhibiting the aforementioned symptoms.

Then I read the enclosed and my cause for concern appears to have been further validated.

TBR News February 25, 2008

Green Zone Follies

Baghdad , 20 Feb 08, "There is nothing new here to report. The troops are clearing out one nest of patriots only to have them move down the road. The DoD is fudging on the death tolls and they never mention the lunatics, the drug use or the semi-mutinous grunts, the constant attacks on the Green Zone with mortars and rockets and so on, and on. I am considered useful so I get to stay here. At least I get good food and relative safety unlike the foot troops. Now, the nutty Cheney wants to hive off more troops to invade Pakistan to help out their vanishing dictator. Never happen, Dick.

And here is just a personal vignette of an experience I and my psychologist buddy had with the Republican probable nominee, Senator McCain.

He came here, as you might know, to "inspect the situation." Jesus, what a farce! There he was, walking around a marketplace with more armed guards than Bush has, and wearing a huge bullet-proof vest. Anyway, after he "inspected" the market, he came to the Green Zone for some rigged conference with the lying generals. My buddy and I were going to visit another friend when we saw guards, etc, in front of a rec room door.

Curious, we went into another unguarded room, opened several doors and guess what? There was the Senator all by himself, sitting on a folding chair by a card table. We were a little awed so I said 'Hello, Senator. Sorry to bother you." He looked at us like we were cows and kept blinking. Finally, he smiled and said, 'Hey, there, soldiers! How is it going? Is it going good?" and my friend the shrink said, "Why yes, Senator. Everything is great!" And McCain smiled at nothing and looked around the room.

"Well…I'm glad to hear it. You are the General?" And I said, a little sarcastically, "Why no, Senator, not quite yet." And he looked at me like I was a sheep or something, smiling a silly smile. "

Oh" he said to the table, "Let's hope it gets a little cooler here. Have you been here long?" My friend said, "Too long Senator." "Why that's good, General," the Senator replied to the ceiling. Then his lips moved but he said nothing. He looked up and smiled. (My wife's grandfather did just that.) And the Senator may have been sitting right near us but believe me, he was somewhere else. Then he began a conversation with someone who wasn't there and my friend took my arm and said, "I think we should get the hell out of here," and we started to go back the way we came when some civilian came in.

"It's time to go to the meeting, John," but McCain just smiled and kept on talking to the table. The civilian said, "All right, gentlemen, time to go. The Senator is very tired and has jet lag." And when we left, the Senator was talking complete nonsense. Later, one of the staff personnel told both of us that the Senator had "a little accident" and he had to change his pants.

Jesus H. Christ! This nut is going to be a President? My friend, who is a pro, said he was very obviously suffering from pre-Alzheimer's and believe me, although I am not trained, this one was a pure space case. They must know this. I guess they give him a shot of something before he gets out in public but if you saw him with a vacant stare, talking to himself, you would not have to be a professional shrink to know that putting this pathetic man into the Oval Office would be a worse mistake than putting Bush in.

At least as far as we know, Bush doesn't talk to the walls and wet himself."

Also see the following link below:


The video tapes of Reverend Jeremiah Wright blasting the United States threaten the candidacy of Senator Barack Obama in a way that makes it possible that even the forces that do not particularly like John McCain will come out in droves in November to prevent Obama from getting anywhere near the White House.

The vile anti-white, anti-American, anti-Israel statements by Obama’s pastor, friend and - arguably - surrogate father - are so disgusting and inflammatory that they make even those who want to vote against the GOP in November sick to their stomachs; those very people may now have no choice but to vote against the Democrats.


Because it is becoming clearer by the day that Senator Obama has no business running for President. His closest backers - his wife and pastor - have proclaimed their hatred or disgust or ‘lack of pride’ in their country. And yet Omaba claims not to have known any of this?

He is, indeed, Senator Naive!

And he is also naive to believe that, as President, it is good policy to run off and talk to dictators and tyrants as if the mere conversation will accomplish anything other than to elevate the status of that tyrant. Plus, when the Leader of the Free World consorts with a Bad Guy, do you know how that crushes and demoralizes the people repressed by that dictatorship? They lose all hope that they can survive!

The United States of America is indeed the beacon of hope for repressed people all around the world. It is true that GW Bush has temporarily damaged our image. But we are a greater nation than one failed presidency. But Obama’s naivete and Reverend Wright’s “God Damn America!” hatred will do even more damage to this country.

Clearly Barack Obama has big problems:

• He has lost that ‘special’ patina that had propelled him to the forefront of American politics;

• He lied when he said he never knew of the Wright Hate Statements until he began running for President. Ron Kessler’s excellent Newsmax piece proves that Obama sat in a pew last July and nodded his head in agreement as the Reverend blasted the USA;

• Wright’s Hate Speech - combined with Michele Obama’s statements about “this is the first time I have been proud of my country” - make Obama look either like he is incredibly clever at fronting for this anti-Americanism or else he is so naive that he knows not what his wife and Pastor/surrogate father stand for!

• Politically, the ramifications are clear: the GOP - which ought to lose the election Big Time this year because of an unpopular war, a despised President, a nominee (McCain) no one is enthusiastic about and an economic meltdown - can now defeat Obama in November.

• In fact, McCain could possibly crush Obama - precisely because of the Hate seen in Reverend Wright’s sermons;

• When voters across the country see those videotapes, their blood will boil. Middle class whites, Jews and Hispanics will desert the Democrats in droves;

• The Religious Right - which does not particularly like McCain - will swarm to the polls to defeat Obama/Wright. Those votes will not be pro-McCain; they will be anti-Obama/Wright. But they count just the same;

• McCain - who is all wrong on so many issues - could win - even by a whopping 60-40% margin in key swing states because of huge defections from voters repulsed by the hatred from Reverend Wright.

Conclusion: The Democrats ought to win everything in November.

If ever an election was teed up to win it is this year’s.

So, instead of picking a winning-type candidate, they fool around with two ‘firsts’ - the ‘first’ woman and the ‘first’ black American - both of whom are fatally flawed.

Hillary may lose in November; but if she did, it would be a close race - a 51-49% close race and close in the Electoral College.

But in Barack Obama they may have found a candidate who could even take their party right over the edge.


Here is the overall state of the 2008 presidential and congressional campaign as of today:

Any of the three remaining candidates - Obama, Clinton and McCain - could win in November.

No matter who wins that election, the Democrats are going to have a huge pick-up in seats in the House and Senate.

Last Saturday’s surprisingly large take-over of former Speaker Denny Hastert’s Illinois House seat is a bad precursor for GOP prospects in the Fall - but in the House and Senate, not necessarily in the Presidential race.

Indeed, a Presidential contest is a personality contest as much as a referendum on one party or the other. Thus McCain could win even in a primarily Democratic year.

On the Right, there is a decided lack of enthusiasm for McCain. Sure, most Republicans and conservatives will vote for him - as they would have voted for any of the GOP candidates - but their enthusiasm is way, way down. And some will certainly just stay home, as some did in the 2006 mid-term elections (which contributed to the massive GOP losses).

One caveat: there remains a 40% chance that events will conspire, new revelations will emerge which will derail McCain’s candidacy before he is officially nominated in St. Paul on September 3. Certain things are percolating - in the media and elsewhere - which could yet undermine McCain. More on this to come in the weeks ahead.

Assuming the 60% likelihood that he is the GOP nominee in the Fall, he could win the Presidency. And that seems not to enthuse the Right one bit. Because many ask, “If McCain wins, what is the real difference between him and Obama or Hillary?” All three will grant amnesty to illegals, all three will raise taxes and increase the role of the federal government in our lives. With a Democratic Congress, McCain will “work with them” rather than take them on. He much prefers to fight against Republicans than against Democrats.

Any thought of a “GOP Agenda” is long gone. What agenda? What program to address our problems? What solution to the deteriorating economy?


McCain - at best - is a hold-the-fort vote against the radical Leftist views of Obama and/or Hillary. But his election will not excite anyone; it will depress the Democrats who, if they blow this election, will ask themselves if they can ever win the White House again.

McCain’s biggest problem is the deteriorating economy. The worse it gets and thus becomes the main issue in the Fall, he can’t re-focus the election on national security. Instead he will have to talk economics, a topic he once said he doesn’t know much about.

Obama and Hillary are deeply flawed candidates in a year the Democrats should have swept everything.

Leave it up to that party to blow it - even when it is all teed up for a big victory for them.

Conclusion: look for a Big Surprise by the summer.


Hillary - counted out by everyone (including your’s truly) - had a Hell of a good night on Tuesday, winning crucial Ohio, crucial Texas and not-as-crucial Rhode Island.

Now, as she soldiers on, she - and we - need to understand why she won; what worked and didn’t work; and how to attack Obama in the upcoming states.

Here - in chronological order - are the last-week events/tactics that may have turned the tide:

1) Michele Obama’s incredibly offensive remarks about how “for the first time I am proud of my country” - repeated twice and never apologized for - set off a firestorm. She seemed like an angry woman and an ingrate who has profited from Affirmative Action.

2) The leaked photo - to the DRUDGE REPORT - of Obama in traditional Somali dress - set of a second firestorm. But this one originally was over who leaked it. Drudge said it came from “inside the Hillary campaign.” But instead of this hurting Hillary, it helped her because it planted the seed and raised doubts over whether Obama is/was a Muslim or not.

3) Hillary’s Red Phone TV ad in Texas raised doubts - again - about Obama’s experience.

4) The emergence of NAFTA in last week’s MSNBC debate was huge in Ohio. This issue may cripple Obama down the road (see below).

4A) Also in that debate, Hillary raised the issue of the media being too nice to Obama. This, too, would emerge a few days later as a crucial turning point.

5) Hillary’s self-mocking performance on Saturday Night Live. This made her look good and ‘softened’ her.

6) Sunday night’s Sixty Minutes piece on the campaign in which a member of the focus group raised the issue of whether Obama is a Muslim or not - followed by Hillary’s “not that I know of” comment. This Muslim issue has legs and resonated around Texas - and could be a deal-breaker for Obama, especially coupled with Michele’s angry anti-Americanism.

7) The media began raising the issue of the Rezco federal trial which began Monday and in which Obama may be mentioned unfavorably.

8) Monday the national news media covering Obama finally began pushing him, asking him tough, probing questions instead of playing Kissy Face as they have for the past year.

9) The deal-breaker for Obama? The revelation that one of his economic aides met with Canadian officials to doble-talk about NAFTA. This - coupled with his denials and then reversals - has signaled to the media that Obama is just another lying, jive-talking politician - not the demi-God they have portrayed him.

These nine reasons contain the future course of action for the Hillary campaign.

Some of these - NAFTA for sure - will work in Pennsylvania and Michigan, if they re-do that primary (which the Clinton campaign will now begin to push for along with a re-do in Florida).

And Obama is now under fire. Can he hold up? Is he ‘special’? Or is he just a smoother, slicker version of Jesse Jackson-combined-with-Bill-Clinton? Will Obama go negative against Hillary - and thus violate one of his main campaign themes?

All of these questions remain to be answered.

This race isn’t over. More twists and turns are certain to come.