Over the Memorial Day weekend, the 12 leaders of Operation Rolling Thunder - the 500,000 Vietnam Veterans who ride their motorcycles through DC every year to honor our missing POWs from Vietnam - had a unique and intimate 35-minute private meeting with President Bush in the Oval Office.

Clad in their riding leathers adorned with American flags and POW decals, these leaders hugged the President as they arrived at the White House on their bikes. Once inside the Oval Office, they discussed the fact that hundreds of US POWs held against their will in Vietnam at the end of the war have yet to be released.

Then they handed the President a copy of a brand-new book to be published this week: AN ENORMOUS CRIME; The Definitive Account of US POWs Abandoned in SE Asia (St. Martin's Press).

The President took it and said, "Thank you. I'll read it."

When he does, he will learn some startling facts:

1)Based on 66,000 pages of never-before-seen US Government documents, AN ENORMOUS CRIME details how many of the very same Bush Administration officials who manipulated intelligence to justify the invasion of Iraq honed their skills when they earlier manipulated and 'cherry-picked' intelligence to hide the fact that hundreds of US servicemen were abandoned at the end of the Vietnam War.

2)Among those specifically cited in AN ENORMOUS CRIME are now-familiar names: Cheney, Wolfowitz, Armitage, Powell - as well as the architect of our withdrawal from Vietnam - Henry Kissinger, who is a frequent Oval Office visitor these days.

3)The real reason that H. Ross Perot ran against the first President Bush in 1992 - and ultimately cost him the election to Bill Clinton - was Perot reportedly grew to distrust George H. W. Bush's handling of the POW issue, an issue close to Perot's heart.

4)Many of our POWs are still alive and sending secret Escape and Evasion (E&E) signals only known to US airmen. The signals mean: “I am alive! Come and rescue me!!!”

The Rolling Thunder vets want the President to do the same thing the authors of the book call on him to do: send a high-level delegation to Vietnam and Laos with instructions to do whatever it takes to bring our men home.

Go to and order AN ENORMOUS CRIME:

Less than 2 days after publication, AN ENORMOUS CRIME has already risen to Number 34 on the Amazon Best Seller List!


New Book: Long Before Iraq Same Bush Team Manipulated Intelligence to Hide Live US POWs in Vietnam


Former Congressman John LeBoutillier

Years before playing fast and loose with intelligence to justify the invasion of Iraq, the very same Bush team members did the exact same thing - all to hide the truth about US POWs abandoned in Vietnam and Laos, a new book says.

According to AN ENORMOUS CRIME; The Definitive Account of American POWs Abandoned in Southeast Asia - written by former US Congressman Bill Hendon and lawyer/MIA daughter Elizabeth Stewart and due out on May 29th from St. Martin’s Press - the very same Bush Administration members who authored the war in Iraq spent years manipulating and ‘cherry-picking’ intelligence to cover-up the fact that North Vietnam had kept behind some 700 US POWs at the end of the war.

And, the book shows, these POWs have survived the years - and continue to send secret Escape and Evasion codes known only to US military pilots.

All the names now so familiar to Americans from the Iraq War - Cheney, Wolfowitz, Powell, Armitage, McCain and even Henry Kissinger and George H. W. Bush - have been deeply complicit in hiding the truth about the US POWs for decades, the book shows.

AN ENORMOUS CRIME is based solely on over 66,000 pages of never-before-published US Government documents; this book is based on factual material; it is taken from our own government’s intelligence files, radio intercepts and aerial and satellite imagery. And the book definitively shows how this same team - beginning in the early 1980's just as the Iranian Hostage Crisis which crippled the Carter Presidency had ended and not wanting another one - and faced with thousands of Vietnamese Boat People as they emerged with hundreds upon hundreds of credible accounts of still-captive American servicemen - hid the truth about our POWs from the American people.

Perfecting the skills they would later use to justify the war in Iraq, Team Bush became expert at hiding damaging intelligence reports - and only using ones that justified their pre-determined agenda - and as a result, the authors say, American POWs still languish in communist prisons in Southeast Asia.

Same people - same crime.

AN ENORMOUS CRIME; The Definitive Account of American POWs Abandoned in Southeast Asia can be ordered from


We are witnessing political self-immolation on a major scale.

Right in front of our eyes we are witnessing the Bush-McCain Forces kill themselves politically - and, unfortunately, in the process they may kill any chances the GOP ever had of regaining Congress or keeping the White House in 2008

Last week’s ‘deal’ for what is known as Comprehensive Immigration Reform - code for total amnesty for all law-breakers in hopes of getting their votes once they are given the vote - is the biggest act of political suicide we have seen since...ah...well...since Bush launched us into Iraq.

In fact, these two actions - the pre-emptive and totally unnecessary invasion of a country that had not attacked us and this disgusting act of border treason - solidifies Bush as the worst Republican president ever - and the man who has done more damage to our nation than any other.

For decades, LBJ had that honor - as Vietnam and the so-called Great Society have haunted us for 40 years. But what George. W. Bush has done to every institution he has touched is truly tragic:

A) Our nation’s reputation around the world: shattered. We are reviled, dis-respected and loathed - thanks to his arrogant treatment of all other countries. (Even our most loyal ally - England - has seen Tony Blair ruined by his support of Bush’s Iraq policy.)

B) Our military: crippled by a useless war with no end - and equally damaged by a weak military leadership without the guts to tell Bush that Iraq can’t and won’t work. It will take a generation - just like after Vietnam - to rebuild our Army in particular.

C) The Republican Party: riding high across the board when he became president. Today? A shell of its former self. An empty vessel which stands for nothing. A party which seems to favor the rich over all others. A party of the Fortune 500 Board Rooms. Period. His father - the first President Bush - so screwed things up that he gave us Bill Clinton in 1992. God knows what is coming next year because of the arrogant, stubborn, mis-guided GW Bush Administration. He has made lefties like Hillary, Edwards and Obama suddenly competitive - when they should be seen as so far to the Left that they’d have no chance.

D) The American people: shattered with disgust over Bush, the government, the war, the lack-of-caring for our injured troops - and the blatant lies we have been told for years by Washington, DC. Their cynicism has returned - and who can blame them?

One note: some readers always like to attack Bill Clinton and call him the worst president - ever. Well, guess what? His awful behavior - Monica, cigars, Travel Gate and all the rest - were indeed abominable. His amorality is why Bush won over Gore in 2000; Bush’s pledge to restore “honor and dignity to the White House’ resonated.

But this presidency has done much more irreparable harm to us all - and to our country.

9/11 was a Golden Opportunity - a defining moment - for G.W. Bush to take a suddenly re-untied nation and use that unity for great purposes.

Instead he frittered it all away on Iraq. And he didn’t need to.

What a shame.

Meanwhile, John McCain is finito.

His McCain-Kennedy Immigration Bill is the end to this arrogant, temper-ridden, horrid little man’s political career.

Good riddance to him.

But the GOP is torn asunder by Bush, McCain, Iraq and immigration.

What a total disaster.

MONDAY MAY 7, 2007




In less than one month - just before Memorial Day - AN ENORMOUS CRIME;The Definitive Account of American POWs Abandoned in Vietnam and Laos will be published by St. Martins Press.

This book - as Publishers Weekly says - “makes the case that the U.S. knowingly left hundreds of POWs in Vietnam and Laos in 1973, and that every presidential administration since then has covered it up.”

Indeed, AN ENORMOUS CRIME is the definitive proof that our government left hundreds of POWs behind and then covered it up - and the men are still there and still sending signals that say, “Please come rescue me!!!!”

Already the book has rocketed up the charts - it is already Number One on the Vietnam War list - even though it isn’t even on the bookshelves yet! All these sales are pre-orders through Amazon.

Our duty as Americans is to force the living POW issue back onto the front pages of our nation’s newspapers and back onto the top of the television news. Our comrades in Vietnam and Laos were - and remain - abandoned by a series of corrupt administrations in Washington - and the cover-up is still ongoing!

With the 2008 election already underway - and the country in the middle of yet another war where our troops are treated badly, used as PR props for political candidates and then cast aside when they come home - it is time for the truth about our living POWs to finally be put front and center for every American to see.


Because only by exposing the truth about the abandonment and cover-up of our Vietnam War POWs can we expose the perfidy and corruption of our government - and then begin to correct these mistakes.

AN ENORMOUS CRIME is indeed the book that can break open the truth about the POW issue. It is based on 66,000 pages of never-before-published US Government documents which prove that the highest levels of our government - from the Oval Office on down - have known all along that our POWs have been held alive against their will by the Vietnamese and Pathet Lao.

What can you do to help our POWs?

Here is an Action Plan for every US Veteran, every American Legion Post, every VFW Post and for all patriotic citizens who care about our men abandoned in SE Asia:

• Pre-order AN ENORMOUS CRIME through so that the book rises higher and higher on their Best Sellers List - and that will make the Media pay attention to the book and the Living POW issue. Here is the link to pre-order the book:

• Buy a copy of AN ENORMOUS CRIME for your Legion or VFW Post.

• Buy a copy of AN ENORMOUS CRIME for every building which flies the POW flag. Buy it and go into that building - a post office, government building or court house - and present them with the book that explains why the POWs exist in the first place!

• Buy a copy of AN ENORMOUS CRIME for your Congressman - and give it to him/her and ask that they read it, not pawn it off to some staffer.

• Buy a copy of AN ENORMOUS CRIME for your US Senator - and give it to him/her.

• Buy a copy of AN ENORMOUS CRIME and bring it to your local Memorial Day parade or celebration. Tell everyone there about the book - and urge them to buy it, to read it and to spread the word about our men still held against their will in Laos and Vietnam.

• Buy a copy of AN ENORMOUS CRIME for your local library.

• Buy a cope of AN ENORMOUS CRIME for your school library - and take it there and show it to the librarian.

• Forward this email to any and everyone you know - especially to veterans, American Legion members, VFW members and Vietnam vets.

• Pray - as a community of veterans, patriots and POW activists - for the successful return of all our POWs.

• We have a duty - for our country and for these men left behind by a callous and criminal government - to expose our arrogant government officials - liars like McCain, Kerry, Kissinger, former CIA Director and former President George "Sit Down and Shut Up!" Bush.

• Let us make one last push to get our POWs home - alive - now - beginning on Memorial Day when this book comes out.

The Pentagon is still receiving new, up-to-date, credible reports of sightings of US POWs this year! (Of course, they're hiding those reports from the public.)

So we owe it to these brave American heroes to make one more concerted effort to get them home.

The POWs need our help - so it is up to us to do whatever we can do to help get this issue back on the front pages and back in the news.

Please help our brothers!

Former Congressman John LeBoutillier

P.S. Please feel free to forward this email to any and everyone you know and especially to every veteran you know! Spread the word!

P.P.S. Here is the first news article about AN ENORMOUS CRIME:
Publisher's Weekly:
An Enormous Crime: The Definitive Account of American POWs Abandoned in Southeast Asia
Bill Hendon and Elizabeth Stewart. St. Martin's/Dunne, $29.95 (640p) ISBN 978-0-312-37126-8
Controversial former North Carolina congressman Hendon and attorney Stewart make the case that the U.S. knowingly left hundreds of POWs in Vietnam and Laos in 1973, and that every presidential administration since then has covered it up. The main reason for the secrecy, say the authors, is the billions in war reparations demanded by the Vietnamese and promised by Henry Kissinger and Richard Nixon at the Paris Peace talks. Hendon and Stewart provide a mountain of evidence, mainly intelligence reports of live sightings of American prisoners in Vietnam and Laos that make for less-than-scintillating reading. But riveting sections describe Hendon's crusade on this issue in the early 1980s, including two meetings with President Reagan, pleading his case that the government free the live POWs. Hendon and Stewart directly accuse a long list of government officials of the coverup. Among the most culpable: Kissinger, President George H.W. Bush, Senators John McCain and John Kerry, Gen. Colin Powell, former secretary of state George Schultz and former defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld. It's a chore wading through the live-sighting reports and the massive, detailed endnotes, but the descriptions of Hendon's unsuccessful personal mission provide an intriguing story—and carry the ring of truth. 36 b&w photos not seen by PW. (June 1)
Kirkus Reviews:
A sprawling indictment of eight U.S. administrations. The charge: sacrificing American war prisoners in the interest of focusing, as Bush aides have said, “not on Vietnam’s past but on its future.” Beginning in 1966, write former Rep. Hendon (R-NC) and attorney Stewart, GIs captured in South Vietnam were moved north along the Ho Chi Minh Trail and other routes. Cataloguing sightings with the diligence of Vincent Bugliosi—whose Reclaiming History (2007), on the JFK assassination, is something of a companion piece—Hendon and Stewart reckon that hundreds of POWs had crossed the Demilitarized Zone by the time of the Tet Offensive, their numbers swelled by pilots downed over North Vietnam. Many of these soldiers, Hendon and Stewart charge, were used as human shields against American bombing attacks on power plants, military headquarters and other strategically important venues. North Vietnam and its allies in Laos and Cambodia weren’t particularly forthcoming on all these things, but the U.S. played a dirty hand, too; by the authors’ account, the prisoners’ ultimate release was bound up in negotiations conducted by Henry Kissinger, “the surrogate president,” who reneged on promises of U.S. aid owing to supposed violations of previous accords, thus closing off a diplomatic channel for repatriation. Fast forward to 1987, when Ross Perot traveled to Vietnam and told the foreign minister, who insisted that there were no POWs there, “Don’t embarrass yourselves, I know too much.” Fruitful negotiations ensued, the authors report, only to be
brushed aside by the Reagan administration—even though, they claim, at least 100 U.S. prisoners were still alive in Vietnam. Hendon and Stewart, who appear nonpartisan in their disdain for governmental inaction and double-dealing, close by offering advice to President Bush to send an army of former presidents and their staffs to negotiate the release of the remaining captives. Much of the authors’ evidence is circumstantial, but there’s an awful lot of it. A convincing, urgent argument.
Hendon, Bill & Elizabeth A.
The Definitive Account of
American POWs Abandoned in
Southeast Asia
Dunne/St. Martin’s (640 pp.)
Jun. 1, 2007
ISBN: 978-0-312-37126-5


Well, here we go again: huge, nation-wide pro-illegal immigration, pro-amnesty demonstrations - with sympathetic So-Called Mainstream Media (MSM) coverage for days on end.

Sympathetic TV ‘packages’ about the cruel suggestion that families be divided and some sent back to Mexico while the others are left here ‘alone.’

Confrontational interviews with conservatives who want to enforce the law.

Panoramic aerial photographs of hundreds of thousands of marchers in DC, LA, Houston etc.

All this - all of it - designed to force Washington DC to abandon any semblance of border security( not that Bush and the GOP leadership have done anything other than pay lip service to it) and instead buy into something called “comprehensive immigration reform.”

Simply translated, that means amnesty for all illegals here now - and amnesty for all future illegals who want to come here in the future.

And, of course, the ultimate aim is to get these illegals onto the American voting rolls ASAP - so they can vote for the Democrats.

Welcome to the good old USA circa 2007!

What a mess.

And what an opportunity.

An opportunity to get the majority of Americans who are aghast at the scenes of illegals climbing over border fences or crouching and squeezing through gaping holes in mesh fences along our southern border together in one gigantic voting bloc.

Because there are really two issues here:

A) Border security - which about 85% believe in;

B) What to do with the 11-20 million illegal immigrants already here.

We must solve A before we even address B.

And in A - border security - is the winner of the 2008 election.

Because Americans across the political spectrum are shocked at the post-9/11 laxity of domestic border security under the Bush Administration.

The candidates who so far have addressed this - Congressmen Tom Tancredo and Duncan Hunter - are heroes for bringing it up and incurring the wrath of the MSM. However, neither candidate has yet to even break into double digits in the polls. Congressman Tancredo does, however, get huge applause and does win some online straw polls because of his passionate stance on this issue.

However, 2008 is still a long way off - and most voters are not really focused yet on the next election. Thus many surprises are sure to occur.

May Day - the traditional communist ‘labor day’ - also will see the re-surfacing of lefty heroes like Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez with all their anti-American bluster and bragging.

It does get tiring, doesn’t it?

Communism has long since been thrown “into the dustbin of history” but a few dictators and their leftist sympathizers hang on - especially in American academia (protected by lifetime tenure) and in parts of the leftist American media and press.

Some of Western Europe has been ‘soft’ for decades - but they often pay for it at the ballot box, witness the rise Margaret Thatcher and Helmut Kohl.

As Americans, we need to stick to our basic principles: a belief in the rule of law; the truth wins out in the long run; and honesty is the best policy.

If we follow these, we will survive as the nation we have been.

But if we resort to short-tem ‘feel good’ prescription such a lies, caving into pressure groups and trying to curry favor with the MSM, then we will see the diminution of this nation.

We are too great a country to allow that.

2008 is the opportunity to re-assert our ‘Americanism.’ And to see May Day as just another day, not a day to celebrate an outmoded philosophy.