Looming Problems, Unanswered Questions

The media isn’t asking some of the most important questions. Instead they focus on fluff - with no forethought about what is coming down the tracks. So let us - together - examine some upcoming events:

1) Pakistan is on the verge of collapse. And not since the fall of the Peacock Throne in Iran in 1978 and the return from Paris of the Ayatollah Khomeini in early 1979 have we seen a Muslim country spill into the streets in a chaotic mass of teaming people. But we may soon see this frightening scene - with one added complication:

What happens to the Pakistani nuclear arsenal?

Does it fall into the hands of the Taliban, who are the most likely cause of the fall of the Pak Government?

And does that mean that the single most popular figure in Pakistan - as measured by multiple polls - will have control of those nukes?

Oh, that would be Osama Bin Laden, by the way.

Or, as has been written years ago, is it true that there is a special “US military team in the region prepared to ‘secure’ these nuclear weapons”?

What does India - also a nuclear power - do if they see this chaos? Do they make a move on a distracted and confused rival? Do they try to re-seize Kashmir?

Remember, there are hardened and lingering feelings between these two countries. But India does not want the Taliban and its unpredictable craziness to run Islamabad.

2) Iran is rapidly moving toward producing their own nuclear weapons and Israel is prepping the world for a possible pre-emptive series of strikes to disable/set back/delay the Iranian entry into the Nuclear Club.

Will the Obama Administration help Israel? Will they ‘allow’ Israel to make these attacks which are certain to cause all sorts of nasty international repercussions?

Or will Obama - as most liberals do - try to “talk” his way out of this conundrum?

3) Will this Swine Flu story impact the debate over illegal immigration? Why aren’t we closing our southern border?

How long can an inept Janet Napolitano survive at Homeland Security? She is a blunderbuss and totally in over her head.

4) What ever happened to the South African nuclear arsenal?

The public explanation is that after the fall of the all-white government in 1990 or so, the S.A. military dis-assembled their nuclear weapons.

Do you believe that?

Is that realistic?

Did they sell them to someone else? Did the USA come in and ‘de-activate’ these weapons?

5) Arlen Specter’s defection isn’t that big a deal. He’ll still vote the same way on issues in the Senate.

The bigger issue is: when are the conservatives and Republicans going to sit down and work at stating what we stand for - not just what we oppose?

This is the key to our side some day re-attaining the trust of the American people.

Until we do this we will be consigned to the minority and just reacting to what Obama and the Democrats do.

John LeBoutillier on "Imus in the Morning" Thursday

Be sure to catch John LeBoutillier on "Imus in the Morning," Thursday, April 23, 2009.

Check out www.imus.com - a great site - and you can listen on the 'net, too!

President “Dave” Obama

There was the President of the United States in the Roosevelt Room, chairing his first Cabinet meeting. The media is ushered in and their cameras scan the assembled group of political heavy weights as the President reads some canned, rehearsed comments pre-screened by staff.

At this particular Cabinet meeting the focus of the President’s words was “fiscal responsibility” and trying to find “savings” in each Executive Branch department.

A few Secretaries proudly announce that they can indeed “save” the taxpayers’ hard-earned cash.

Sounds good, eh? Especially in the midst of an economic melt down.

Was this yesterday with Barack Obama announcing he was tasking his Cabinet to ‘save’ $100 million in expenses? Or was this the fake President Bill Mitchell, the President in the Hollywood movie DAVE, played by Kevin Kline, in which a double - Dave Kovik -subs for the stroke-victim real President for a few weeks and has a wonderful time doing so?

He is so good at imitating the actual president that even the First Lady, played by Sigourney Weaver, isn’t sure if this is her husband or not.

Dave Kovik actually runs a temp employment agency and does gigs on the side imitating the straight-laced, tough president Mitchell. But when the President has a stroke while philandering with his secretary, the Secret Service and corrupt White House Chief-of-Staff rush Kevin Kline/Dave Kovik into the Oval Office.

But Dave Kovik is actually a good honest guy who soon discovers that the Federal Government’s books are cooked. His personal temp agency accountant, Murray, played by Charles Grodin, tells him, “If I did the books this way I’d be put in jail!”

Thus Dave uses his first Cabinet meeting to try to save the taxpayers some hard-earned money.

Yesterday our real President, Barack Obama, repeated the scene for real in his first Cabinet meeting. He asked his Cabinet secretaries to ‘find’ $100 million in savings.

What a total farce this is!!!

In a budget of $3.5 trillion he is photo-opping a Cabinet charge to ‘find’ $100 million.

All for headlines as he ‘pledges’ to be a fiscal hawk - while, in fact, he spends money at a rate never imagined before.

This may be an opening into the Obama we do not yet know. Is he Dave Kovik, the nice guy who loves being President and also wants to change things for the better?

Or is Obama actually a more cynical politician who plays the nice guy while actually changing nothing in DC? Remember his pledges to not hire lobbyists or to enact earmark pork spending programs? Both of those have already been discarded and lost in the clutter of the still-adoring media stories about Bo the First Dog and Michele’s ‘toned arms.’

But eventually we are going to see just who the real President Obama is: the Dave-like nice naif outsider who goes to DC to shake things up - or the cynical, clever actor who plays a Dave-like figure while actually running an inside-the-beltway Democrat takeover of all levers of federal power in order to enact an extreme left-wing agenda.

If he is the former, then he will be rolled by the Big Boys in DC.

If he is the latter, then it is us who have already been rolled - by Obama himself.

Mad Mondello warns GOP'ers on County Conservatives

Newsday, April 20, 2009.

Joseph Mondello, state and Nassau Republican chairman, is hopping mad over the Nassau’s Conservative Party decision to honor former Republican Congressman John LeBoutillier at a May fundraiser.

Although Republicans usually run with Conservative support — and some believe their judicial candidates can’t win without it — Mondello several weeks ago told Republican leaders to boycott the event or he would blackball them.

Mondello has since relented a bit, telling Republicans they still couldn't go but could buy ads in the Conservative Party’s journal.

LeBoutillier “has promoted disunity in the Republican party and done nothing to support our candidates,” Mondello said through a spokesman.

LeBoutillier’s crime? He has twice written op-ed pieces in Newsday calling for Mondello’s ouster.

“I have never promoted disunity,” LeBoutillier responded. “What I have said is that he is an incompetent leader of the party in Nassau and in the state. He’s good at keeping his job and getting multiple paychecks while we keep losing elections and losing power.

“Joe Mondello inherited the 26-time champion New York Yankees and turned them into the Long Island Ducks.”

Iran About to Join the Nuclear Club

Every week brings ominous new signs that Iran soon will possess operational nuclear weapons.

Just this week Israeli President Shimon Peres - their senior diplomat and wise man - issued an uncharacteristic warning: “If (President) Ahmadinejad doesn’t work with the Obama Administration and the international community to stop building nuclear weapons, of course we will then strike.”

This blunt threat is a startling development coming from President Peres, a normally calm, collected and reticent-to-bluster statesman.

The Israeli President - a ceremonial post not a policy-making one - then added that “we will not be able to move forward on this without the United States.”

And that is the rub. Willa President Obama ever go along with a pre-emptive Israeli strike on Iran? A strike which will roil the international world, cause oil prices to spike to perhaps anywhere from $100 - $200 per barrel virtually overnight? A strike which will earn him the condemnation of the Third World - and maybe our ‘banker’ China? A strike which may cause some sort of Iranian retaliation - either directly or from their surrogates in the international terror world?

Will Obama - under heavy pressure from the pro-Israeli lobby here at home - be able to withstand that pressure to stop Iran before they use the nukes on Israel while Ahmadinejad flaunts Iran’s imminent entry into the Nuclear Club?

This is a decision that Obama does not want to face. He hopes to talk, yak, delay, stall this mess in hopes that something else - a coup perhaps or Ahmadinejad’s removal or Russian intervention - will stop their nuclear weapons program. Just having nuclear reactors is not the problem; making weapons grade plutonium is a major problem for the world.

President Obama has made “negotiation,” dialogue and sharing with our partners/allies the cornerstone of his new foreign policy. This is a direct reversal of what was called G.W. Bush’s “Cowboy Diplomacy” - what was seen as a blustering, ill-conceived unilateralism that ticked off friend and foe alike.

This Iranian nuclear problem will be The Test of Obama’s diplomatic direction.

Can he “convince” Iran to abandon a program they are poring billions into?

Can he “convince” a nation - Iran - to do something they do not want to do - i.e. give up their dream to join Pakistan, India, France and - most importantly - Israel in the all-exclusive Nuclear Club? Entry into this club allows Iran to be the top dog among all Moslem nations - and sends shivers throughout the Arab world as they have never been comfortable with the inbred-superiority of the Persians.

Israel is obviously apoplectic over Iran’s behavior since the US invaded Iraq. That lifted the “block” on Iran and freed the way for Tehran to actively finance and run their surrogates in Hezbollah and Hamas and in effect surround Israel and infiltrate from both the north and south.

Once a nation is “in” the Nuclear Club they are immune to invasion or pre-emptive attack. No wonder Saddam tried to join - until the 1981 raid when Israel knocked out their Osirak reactor - and then tried to bluff his opponents into thinking he had nukes right up until our 2003 invasion. Because he knew that he would be immune to attack once he had possession of these weapons.

Iran is rushing to get nuclear weapons. Israel is worried that the Hitler-like Ahmadinejad will try to carry out his crazy, sick rhetoric. He has called Israel a “bacteria” that needs to be “eradicated.” He has predicted all sorts of dire scenarios that would see the “elimination” of Israel.

We are headed for something big on this issue - during the Obama presidency.

We need to worry that Obama is seen by our enemies as weak.

Will they try to exploit that perceived weakness?

And will Obama let them?

Lurch to the Left

The deterioration of America is startling.

Values that we took for granted have eroded or disappeared - like the slicing of a salami. You know - one slice and then another slice - it appears to be the same as when you began - but then after a few more slices suddenly you look and the salami is almost gone.

That is what is happening to the United States of America - right before our eyes.

The idea that the Treasury Secretary of the United States asks for the power to fire and hire the heads of companies is something none of us ever would have thought we would see in our country. Ever!

The idea that to fix an ailing economy we need to totally re-structure the federal government and expand the budget and create new programs is a hijacking of the recession to mask the imposition of 1970's style Western European-style Big Government Socialism.

The idea that to “stimulate” the economy we need to ladle out projects to every congressional district - most of which are goodies to extol the local Democratic Congressman - is a joke and a shame.

And that the national news media would look at all this with nary a questioning eye?

Oh, my.

Indeed, we have seen over the past two decades the triumph of the 1960's liberals. That drugged-out selfish, self-indulgent culture has come of age - and has swept our nation:

• Honor and honesty are not practiced by our leaders - in every field from business to law to politics to religion to medicine to education; 

• Me first-ness is the way to get ahead now;

• Personal debt has soared. No longer do people save like their parents did. Spending like there is no tomorrow is seen as the way to go; 

• Living beyond the means you have earned is seen as good;

• Lying is so common that you can’t tell the truth anymore;

• American education - from elementary school through graduate school - has become even more rife with teachers with agendas; instead of teaching the basics, these politically-correct “agendas” dominate education;

• Sacrifice, suffering to get what you want, patience, waiting your time, earning your chance - all these time-honored American values are gone! Pffft!

With these basic values gone - or disappearing - the political underpinnings of our system are challenged.

Politically, we Republicans and conservatives became ‘stupid’ years ago - after the Reagan Era - when we fell into Big Government Republicanism under both President George Bushes. And the result is we have no credibility to challenge President Obama’s massive Lurch to the Left.

The Democrats have been lying in the weeds just waiting for the Bush-led GOP to implode. And as soon as it did, they have moved with alacrity to take the country in an entirely different direction - even though that is not what was promised last year during the election.

The idea of the federal government doling out bail-outs worth trillions is/was unfathomable. Thirty years ago we had a wrenching national debate over a single bailout - to Chrysler.

Now a new bank bailout happens almost every weekend.

The Geithner/Obama thinking allows them to fire the head of GM - and now they want to have the power to fire the heads of banks receiving bailout money.

This expansion of federal power is not a good thing. And there will be a back-lash.

Jimmy Carter and the Tip O’Neill-led Congress almost destroyed our nation in the late 1970's - and that led us to Ronald Reagan.

This new Obama-led Lurch to the Far Left will also lead us to someone new - perhaps as soon as 2012.

But that person - and we do not yet know who it may be - might not be a Republican.

He/she might instead be an Independent libertarian conservative who runs against both major parties claiming that “the mess we are in has been created and compounded by both the Republican and Democrat parties - and until we dismantle both we can never get this country back going in the right direction.”

This nation will not stand for long as a Big Government, cradle-to-grave Nanny State.

There is certain to be a reaction against it.

The only question is when - and led by whom?