Obama Presidency Teetering

For the first time since his emergence in 2004 at the Democratic Convention in Boston, the national news media–long in the tank for Obama—has begun to run him through the ringer all other presidents have experienced.

Up to now Obama was immune to this process because the media is so invested in the Rise and Success of the first African-American President of the United States. Indeed, the so-called Mainstream Media still wants him to succeed and to win re-election in 2012; his failure as President or failure to be re-elected would be seen as a collective failure of the Left’s life-long dream of electing the first black president.

But the bumbling, stumbling, aimless, naïve, reverse-course-all-the-time Obama Presidency has hit the skids and even the media can no longer restrain itself.

Just this week Obama has:

• Gone nuts over a very popular Arizona immigration law and then tried to get “ahead” of this explosive immigration issue by symbolically dispatching 1200 National Guardsmen down to the Arizona border;

• After being viewed as passive about the BP leak, he suddenly announced he was going down to the Gulf on Friday;

• After insulting–deliberately–the Israeli Prime Minister a few months ago and thus straining relations with Israel, the White House has now reversed course and invited Mr. Netanayhu back to DC for another round of talks; undoubtedly Obama’s plummeting status with a base Democrat Party constituency–American Jews–has slapped him upside the head and made him realize that his previous policy was, like almost all of his policies, ill-conceived;

• Same thing with Afghan President Kharzai: Team Obama at first demonized him, leaked mud against him, and thus almost drove him to join the Taliban. Then they realized that their policy was a disaster so they reversed course and made nice with Kharzai.

• Obama is so self-obsessed that he sees everything as it relates only him: “I wake up to it (the Oil spill) every day and go to bed thinking about it.” Me…me…me. My…my…my. Mine…Mine…Mine. I…I…I.

• In other words, Obama does not have a clue how to be a president. He is a creation of a PC-obsessed media and culture.

• Merit and experience count for nothing among the Left; it is all gender and racial politics and quotas, all designed to redress past wrongs.

• The Left is killing our country. But this was inevitable after eight disastrous Bush years which discredited conservatism and opened the door for these misfits to re-gain federal power.

• In sum, the Obama Presidency is being exposed for what it is: an empty vessel piloted by a guy who can’t speak without a TelePrompter and who just follows the Western European anti-American, anti-free enterprise liberal socialistic model.

What a mess we are in! And it will take a long, long time to dig our way out.

Political Revolution

It began last November: Virginia and New Jersey–two states that had gone for Obama in 2008–and then spread to the most liberal of all states, Massachusetts, with the Tea Party break-out victory of Scott Brown in January.

Ten days ago it went to Utah and took out a senior U.S. GOP Senator. In Florida is dislodged a sitting GOP Governor.

Yesterday it spread to Pennsylvania and Kentucky.

“It” is the largest manifestation of Americans’ unhappiness with the Political Establishment–perhaps ever in American history.

Yesterday’s rejection of turn-coat Senator Arlen Specter is a wonderful spectacle; it is a repudiation of Obama and his sleazy deal to entice the equally sleazy Specter to jump from the GOP. It is also a strong statement that switching parties is a bad political move because neither side ever trusts or likes you anymore.

It is a surprise that the Democrats kept the Murtha seat. That is the one result that goes against the Tea Party trends on 2009-2010. But even that Democrat is a conservative Democrat more in tune with Republicans than the Pelosi Democrats.

Conclusion: this ongoing Political Revolution is against the Establishment of both political parties.

It is the single most heartening and optimistic political development in decades.

Washington DC needs to be swept clean of the corrupt thinking that has created a gigantic chasm between the people and the government that is supposed to work for them.

The Liar is Disqualified

Connecticut Attorney General and US Senate candidate has been exposed today by the New York Times as a psychopathic lying fraud who cannot serve in public office. Period.

Lying is bad enough.

But trying to glom onto the glory of combat soldiers is so disgustingly disgraceful that he must resign his post and leave public office at once.

This is not some “misunderstanding” as his spokesman is trying to soft-peddle it. No, this is deranged and sick and malicious.

What veteran would ever believe in this man again?

What future soldier, thinking of enlisting, could ever believe in the policy set by a US Senator who lied about his own military service?

No, this is indeed a disqualifying event. He must not only drop out of the Senate race, but he must also resign as Attorney General at once. As the chief law enforcement office of the Nutmeg State, he cannot hold up truth and justice from this day forward and must step down at once.

What a disgrace Blumenthal is—and all those who support him once this news has come out.

Obama Goes Against History

We should all fear a looming disastrous debt-driven new recession.

Greece was not an isolated case of a national government living beyond its means. No, that problem–The Consquences of Irresponsible Deficit Spending (CIDS)–is certain to spread first to some of the other PIIGS nations: Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece and Spain. But now it is thought that England and the United States may also be in for the same consequences: austerity budgets which cause social dislocation.

The riots in Athens came from people protesting draconian cuts in government pensions. Greece had to make these cuts in order to qualify for the massive almost-one trillion dollar bail-out from the EU and the World Bank. The real story here is that western European socialism has virtually bankrupted all these countries. Germany and France are ahead of the game; they elected more conservative governments in the past several years and are already economizing, as painful as that might be.

Last week’s British election is yet another sign that belt-tightening is the new winning formula in elective politics. While the Conservatives did not win an outright majority of the seats in Parliament, they won enough to create the first unity government in over half a century. That government has pledged to reverse the increase in government spending.

Meanwhile, here in America, what does Obama’s Washington do?

It expands federal spending at a faster rate than at any time since World War II.

It increases deficits faster than all administrations preceding it.

It increases the national debt to an unfathomable $13.4 Trillion.

Yes, irresponsible spending by Republican Presidents and Congresses have greatly contributed to the mess. But Obama has only accelerated the trend—and at a time when history shows us it is a mistake.

There is no doubt that the next president–either elected in 2012 or 2016–will have the unenviable task of actually trying to reduce federal spending, including the third-rails of American politics: Social Security and Medicare.


Because we are facing federal bankruptcy, hyper-inflation, collapse of the dollar and a corresponding inability to maintain our national defenses and economic standard of living.

This is what the two major political parties have brought us to.

No wonder the Tea Party Movement is sweeping long-time incumbents of both parties out of office.

And no wonder 80% of the American people do not trust the government, according to a new Pew Poll.

Obama’s “change” has not been a change at all; rather it has been more spending at a time we cannot afford it.

The “change” is coming each Tuesday as Democrat and Republican incumbents are being thrown out of office in their own parties.

We are in the midst of a political revolution. The “old” politicians, the “old” media, the “old” pundits, the “old” ways are O.U.T.

The “new”? Well, ironically, the “new” is the oldest way of thinking of all: we—as a nation and as individuals and families—can only spend what we take in, we cannot live beyond our means, we must save, we must be modest and we must have self-discipline.

All these traits made America the envy of the world.

And all have been flushed away in a greedy, arrogant rush for immediate self-gratification.

That oft-invoked Day of Reckoning is indeed here.

America and Americans, are you willing to “change” your ways to regain America’s status as that Shining City on the Hill?

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Our Despair

The Left worries about it—and denigrates anyone who even talks about it. But they know that illegal immigration is a huge issue that just again surfaced when Arizona enacted and then adjusted a bill making life uncomfortable for the 450,000 illegals living in Arizona.

Indeed, this issue—the influx of up to 30 million illegal aliens who have surreptitiously crossed our southern border—is one of the most important issues in every state even though the so-called mainstream media does not want to talk about it.

Hospital ERs, public schools and local law enforcement are often over-run by illegal aliens. Budgets are stretched during a tough economy. Jobs are lost and given to below-market illegals who get paid under the table and do not get benefits. This is happening everywhere. Big Business—and the rich—often love this cheap labor. Thus George W. Bush and now his ambitious-to-be-the-third-President Bush—Jeb—embrace amnesty-for-illegals before our southern border is sealed up tight.

The media castigate politicians who want to distinguish between those who went through the rigorous, time-consuming and frustrating process to come into the U.S. legally and those who cut the line and broke the law to come here illegally. These pro-amnesty types lump all immigrants into one group—and thus accuse those Americans who want to enforce existing law as racist, hate-filled zenophobes.

These same elitists despise the Tea Party Movement. And they do not see the angst and unhappiness that have driven 80% of the American people to distrust the government, as the respected Pew Poll revealed two weeks ago.

Indeed, the media and political elites have utter disdain for these 80%; they think the American middle class is a bunch of stupid, un-educated bozos who do not know what is good for them.

Well, this November this 80% bloc is going to vote in extraordinary numbers for a mid-term election. The passion is on the side of the Out party—the Republicans—and against President Obama. (That is not to say that the 80% is happy in any way with the Republicans; they are NOT! But they are the only vehicle on the ballot to express the discontent.)

The illegal immigration issue combines with the long-term downward trend of the economy to inject a level of despair into the body politic.

This despair has been building since the 1990s and manifested itself in the election of the CHANGE candidate—Barack Obama—in 2008.

But the change was not the change people thought they were getting. The trillions spent on corporate bail-outs and a useless Stimulus plus the dirty way the Health Care vote was rigged have actually increased the level of despair.


This despair is so prevalent and widespread that it is hurtling the U.S.A. in directions the elites cannot predict. The creation and surprising growth of the Tea Party movement is one sign of the unexpected directions we are headed. So is the widespread—60% nationally—support of the Arizona immigration bill. And so is the continuing desire to repeal—58%—the Health Care Bill.

The next Reagan—if there is to be one—has to feel this despair in his bones and then translate it into a campaign and a government that listens to the 80%.

None of the GOP candidates on the scene today really feel it; they may say they do as they listen to pollsters and consultants.

But we will know when the right candidate comes along because his story will be filled with the same despair we all are feeling.