Gathering Storms: Porn, Putin and Payoffs

 Gathering Storms:  Porn, Putin and Payoffs

Arlene Bynon & John LeBoutillier analyze the growing array of self-inflicted scandals and crises haunting the Trump Administration. From Stormy and possible illegal campaign donations and payoffs to the role of Cambridge Analytica plus the growing Russia investigation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller to the appointment of the ultra-controversial John Bolton to National Security Advisor. There are surely storm clouds on President Trump's horizon.


A Lack of Candor

Arlene Bynon & John LeBoutillier use Attorney General Sessions' rationale for firing former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe - for a "lack of candor" - and apply it to all the controversies surrounding the Trump Administration: the Trump-Mueller clash; the Stormy Daniels Case; the ongoing relationship with Putin's Russia; and all the chaos inside the Trump White House. 

The President and the Porn Star

       The President and the Porn Star

Arlene Bynon & John LeBoutillier analyze the Stormy Daniels vs. Donald Trump case: more than being salacious, is this matter a serious legal problem for the POTUS? Is it a campaign finance scandal more than a sex scandal? Where did the money really come from that was used to "hush" Stormy? Are there others who received payoffs? Is President Trump susceptible to being blackmailed? Why are Stormy Daniels and Vladimir Putin the only two people Trump never criticizes?


Unglued: The Turning Point Week

Arlene Bynon & John LeBoutillier examine the President's erratic and unpredictable behavior and ask: is this the result of the pressure from the Mueller Probe? Does this explain the confusion over "take the guns first and then do due process"? And the President denigrating his own Attorney General and calling him "Mr. Magoo" and his Deputy Attorney General "Mr. Peepers"? Why is Mr. Trump more agitated over the actor, Alec Baldwin, than he is over Russian President Putin's animated video depicting Russian warheads raining down on Florida? Is he, as his staff is saying in private, indeed coming "unglued"?