Breaking News: Who Is Barack Obama?

The Obama Identity: A Novel (Or Is It?)
By Edward Klein & John LeBoutillier

In the summer of 2004, CIA agent Theodore J. Higginbothem, III was summoned by his boss to a hush-hush meeting in the basement of the National Museum of Health.

“Higgy,” his boss whispered in his ear, “the CIA has a top-secret, off-the-books domestic spying operation in which we keep tabs on our most ambitious presidential hopefuls. I want you to do a complete workup on Barack Hussein Obama. Where was he born? Is he a Muslim? Is he a socialist? Who is behind him? What is Obama's real agenda?”

THE OBAMA IDENTITY, the new satirical novel by NY Times best-selling author Edward Klein and Fmr. Congressman John LeBoutillier, follows Higgy and his team as they travel all over the world—from Chicago to Mombasa to Honolulu to Jakarta and St. Petersburg, Russia—as they encounter Birthers and Bushes, Katie Couric and Muslim clerics. Along their hilarious and madcap journey, Higgy and his crack operatives discover startling secrets about the 44th President of the United States—a man some call “The Chosen One” and others refer to as an “Obamanation.”

Among the many startling revelations in THE OBAMA IDENTITY:

  • What Obama’s Kenyan grandmother says about his birthplace;

  • How a Muslim imam taught young Obama to apologize for America and bow to foreigners;

  • How the Reverend Jeremiah Wright taught Obama to use the TelePrompTer;

  • What happened to the videotapes showing Obama high-fiving the Reverend Wright after one of his anti-American sermons;

  • How financier George Soros brought about the collapse of the American economy to help elect Obama;

  • Why Obama blames everything on George W. Bush except Katie Couric’s dismal ratings; and

  • Who came up with the idea of carving Obama’s face on Mount Rushmore right next to Abe Lincoln’s.

THE OBAMA IDENTITY mocks all sides in this hilarious takedown of the political world and its incompetent, coddling media. will run an excerpt from THE OBAMA IDENTITY on September 27.

Imus in the Morning will conduct the first radio and television interview with the authors on September 29 at 7:30am ET.


Edward Klein has had seven New York Times Bestsellers, including The Kennedy Curse and The Truth About Hillary. He is the former foreign editor of Newsweek and former editor-in-chief of The New York Times Magazine. He frequently contributes to Vanity Fair and Parade. Klein received a master’s degree from the Columbia School of Journalism.

John LeBoutillier authored Harvard Hates America, was then elected to Congress and is now a columnist. His writings have appeared in The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, New York Daily News and New York Post. He graduated Magna Cum Laude from Harvard College and received his MBA from the Harvard Business School. John is a frequent guest on radio and TV.

Sandy Frazier

The Obama Identity

The authors of a new book will not disclose whether the revelations in this shocker are fact or fiction. For example, is it possible:

  • that a Muslim Imam taught a future president of the United States how to bow to foreigners and apologize for America?

  • that in order to elect this president, a left-wing billionaire engineered the collapse of the American economy?

  • that there is a secret plan to carve this president’s face on Mount Rushmore, right next to Lincoln?

Only the White House knows the answers—and, of course, the authors, Ed Klein & John LeBoutillier, who, so far, are not talking. Their new book—THE OBAMA IDENTITY; A Novel (Or Is It?)—comes out next week and will be excerpted in Vanity on Monday.

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Whole New Political World

With the primaries over and the November 2 general election only seven weeks away, the Left is in a total tizzy over the success of Tea Party candidates in GOP caucuses and primaries. For example, here is a paragraph from today’s lead editorial in the New York Times:

Democrats, especially beleaguered incumbents and the White House, need to counter the toxic message of the Tea Party so voters have an alternative.

“Toxic message”?

What is “toxic” about demands for financial sanity? Or not spending more than we take in? Or not killing the business environment?

The so-called mainstream New York Times – and even much of the GOP Establishment—is missing something: the American people know that the United States of America is in dire trouble. It is now conceivable to think that the USA could fail; we could implode with debt and be reduced to a has-been, once-great power.

The Tea Party movement is acting with the exact same spirit as our brave forefathers in Boston in the 1770’s who stood up to a corrupt English dictator.

The Tea Partiers are—with an occasional exception—average American voters with the guts to stand up to a corrupt political/financial system.

As for all the revelations about candidates’ past, background and problems: all has changed today. If you are a candidate who has personal financial problems, as long as you haven’t broken the law, these problems (foreclosure, late re-paying student loans, personal bankruptcy etc.) will not hurt your campaign. Why not? Because the voters are going through the very same things and can relate.

One of the most-used polling questions over the years is: “Does this candidate understand your problems?”

A candidate who has had the same problems as the voters is more attuned to them than a multi-millionaire elitist who pontificates all day long.

Make no mistake about this: the Establishment of this country—from politics to business to academia to medicine and to religion—has proven to be inherently greedy, selfish and corrupt.

The public knows this and is struggling with the best way to reverse things.

In 2008 they tried something new and revolutionary and almost-unheard-of: electing our first African-American President. But he has failed to reverse things and instead has become part of the Establishment the public so distrusts.

So now the public will try the Tea Party movement. If they win in November and don’t make quick progress, they, too, will get heaved out.

The country is in deep trouble. Period. We all know it. Let us hope grass-roots American conservatism gets a fair chance to fix our economy.

Imus’ Producer Comments on LeBoutiller

Thursday, September 9, 2010

John LeBoutillier Ponders America's Future, Tries to Stay Upbeat

Though the public wisely returned him to the private sector years ago, former Congressman John LeBoutillier somehow weaseled his way back onto the public stage as a guest on the Imus in the Morning program. Which, as it turns out, is pretty good news for everybody.

Imus has taken to asking guests how their lives are working out, and LeBoutillier was no exception. He reported that while things are going swimmingly for him, he’s very worried about the country.

"Our country is in horrible trouble,” he said, and began to compare our current national nightmare to the Great Depression in the 1930s, until Imus stopped him.

“A lot of people are just getting up now, trying to have breakfast, getting in their Benz, listening to the I-Man, driving to work,” he explained to LeBoutillier. “They’re not interested in you bumming them out.”

LeBoutillier continued anyway, further comparing our current mess to the 1970s, when President Jimmy Carter presided over steep unemployment numbers and interest rates. Imus has always thought Carter was a creep, and reminded LeBoutillier what the late writer Hunter Thompson said about him while covering the Democratic convention in 1976: “Once you get to know Jimmy Carter, you’ll be begging for Richard Nixon.”

But electing Presidents in reaction to their predecessor’s flaws is nothing new; as LeBoutillier pointed out, Carter was only elected because he was Nixon’s polar opposite. Ditto Obama and George W. Bush, who LeBoutillier has never liked.

“If his name had been George W. Shicklemeister, he wouldn’t have been president,” said LeBoutillier, who was briefly fired from Newsmax ten years ago for criticizing Bush.

Now, he is similarly unimpressed with Obama, who he believes was elected “as a Messiah” to save the country, “which was asking too much of any person.”

Lately, LeBoutiller has found himself wondering if America, as a country, could “go down,” something he sees evidenced in stunts like Pastor Terry Jones burning a Koran this weekend on the ninth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.

“It’s beneath America,” he said of the Pastor’s plan. “We’re too good to do stuff like that.”

Asked who would be a good Republican candidate for President, LeBoutillier paused for a few moments before vaguely saying, “Someone who encapsulates a little bit of the outside anger that we see happening in the Tea Party movement today, but is not so divorced from the establishment of this country that they can’t take it and fix it.”

Pressed by the I-Man to be more freakin’ specific, LeBoutiller said he hasn’t identified any one person yet. But he’s certain it isn’t Sarah Palin, nor is it Mitt Romney. “I can see the Republican Party, in 2012, imploding in a civil war that will allow Obama to be reelected,” said LeBoutiller, all dolled up today in a suit and tie.

“You look nice today,” said Imus. “What’s that all about?”

-Julie Kanfer

Back on Imus This Thursday

John LeBoutillier will be on “Imus in the Morning” this Thursday, September 9th, at 6:30 AM Eastern on ABC Radio and FOX Business News.

The Coming GOP-Tea Party Train Wreck

This year’s elections are going to be a smash success for the GOP–and for conservatives and for traditional small-government, lower-tax conservatism–and especially for the Tea Party movement. Emphasis should be placed on the word “movement” because the Tea Party is not a political party. At least not yet.

It is not the 1992 Reform Party of Ross Perot with a place on the ballot in most states. That Reform Party took votes away from the GOP and was responsible for electing Bill Clinton as President–twice (1992, 1996).

But the Tea Party in 2010 is simultaneously at war with the GOP Establishment and helping the GOP versus the Obama-Pelosi-Reid Democrats this fall.

The Tea Party movement has entered GOP primaries and caucuses and defeated the establishment seven times – most notably Utah, Nevada, Kentucky, Florida, Alaska – and are trying it yet again in Delaware on September 14th.

This movement has nowhere to go in November except to vote for Republicans. It is the energy that will power the Republican to an incredible victory on November 2, 2010.

But there is a much bigger story lurking here: this alliance between the Tea Party Movement and the GOP may evolve into an all-out, gut-ripping civil war in the 2012 GOP Presidential primaries and caucuses that could help re-elect President Obama.

Here is how that might play out: if Sarah Palin were to run for President in 2012, she would take all the Tea Party energy into Iowa and South Carolina and other early states. She might very well win those early contests.

While she and the Tea Party Movement are riding high, she/they will not be warmly embraced by the GOP Establishment. They are deathly afraid of this outside movement taking over their cherished party. In fact, there are some Establishment Republicans who would prefer to lose an election with one of their own candidates than win with an outsider, who they cannot control.

In 2012, the GOP will run two simultaneous primaries: A) A Tea Party/anti-Establishment race to find their candidate, especially if Palin does not run; and B) The GOP Establishment will run a separate race to find their candidate to stop the Tea Party/Outside candidate.

This is because there is not a candidate who can bridge the differences between these two camps. Reagan could do it–and did it in 1980 after the GOP Establishment (Ford) bitterly opposed him in 1976. But none of today’s present GOPers can have a foot in each camp and have the other camp accept them. Gingrich thinks he can. But he is un-electable in November and has so many problems surrounding him (ego, marriages, hypocrisy) that in the end neither camp will accept him.

Thus the inevitable train wreck. And the possibility that a bitter divide between the GOP Establishment and the Tea Party Movement may very well allow a weak President Obama to be re-elected.

None of this is being talked about today. Instead, all eyes and hopes are on the inevitable GOP gains on November 2.

However, these mid-terms are the sign-post of what is to come in 2012. Sadly for conservatives who want to defeat Obama, that year may not be as happy as this one.