This week’s revival of the Amnesty/Immigration Bill - even President Bush now calls it an ‘amnesty’ bill and then has to rush Tony Snow out to clean up yet another mess - shows just how far our country and the Republican Party have fallen under six years of Bush’s Open Borders Policy.

With 12-20 million illegals now infiltrated all across our nation - and millions more poised to rush in here if this Amnesty Bill passes - G.W. Bush and the Senate GOP leadership actually think they are doing a good thing.

What planet are they on?

They have systematically undermined our national community - and they have fractured the Republican Party.

Here - in a nutshell - is what our immigration policy ought to be:

• Secure the southern border - all the way from the Pacific Ocean to the Gulf Of Mexico - whether through a fence, a wall, armed guards, a combination or other means. But the border has to be secure and able to prevent un-invited invaders from crossing into American territory. This comes before any other actions are taken on immigration.

• Enact severe employer sanctions to penalize Americans who knowingly hire illegals - to undecut American workers. These employers are traitors and cheaters - and ought to be nailed for their perfidy.

• Reform welfare rules to allow for the seasonal hiring of American workers without losing their benefits. This is a huge problem in agricultural areas where American cannot afford to take these seasonal job for fear of losing their rest-of-the-year welfare benefits.

• When all of the above has been done, then we need to address legal immigration. Who is deciding who can legally come into this country? Who sets the quotas for each country?

• Guest worker programs - something we have had for most of the 20th century - should be determined by ‘need.’ What skills does the country need? Let’s get the best of those people to come here. But don’t confuse that with a flood-tide of un-invited, unskilled families swarming here and overwhelming communities all the way from Maine to San Diego.

George W. Bush is already a political dead-duck. Iraq and immigration - along with his trademark smirking arrogance and monumental incompetence - have sunk him and his presidency. But that should not mean that the Republican Party needs to keep drinking his Kool Aid and become, as former NYC Mayor - and 2004 Bush supporter - Ed Koch just called it - “dead.”

The GOP is indeed in dire political trouble.

We conservatives need to re-assert ourselves and take over the party before the Bushies squander everything Ronald Reagan did for us and for the country.

This week is the beginning - either of the End or of a New Beginning.


This is from today's New York Daily News.

Henry Kissinger, the architect of the abandonment of our US POWs in SE Asia, says that he won't read AN ENORMOUS CRIME; The Definitive Account of US POWs Abandoned in SE Asia.

Guilty conscience, eh?

Rush & Molloy

Henry K takes heat on MIAs

Friday, June 22nd 2007, 4:00 AM


Good thing for Henry Kissinger that he won't be in the States today when President Bush meets with Vietnam's President Nguyen Minh Triet.

A White House spokesman confirms to us that "a high U.S. priority" during the historic Oval Office summit would be "accounting for Americans still missing since the war."

But while Bush says he's eager to pry open the painful issue of prisoners of war, Kissinger tells us he has no interest in revisiting the subject.

The former secretary of state recently received a copy of "An Enormous Crime." The new book, by former Rep. Bill Hendon and Elizabeth Stewart, contends Kissinger and President Richard Nixon secretly promised $4.75 billion in aid to North Vietnam in exchange for the return of all POWs.

According to the book, the North Vietnamese returned half the POWs in 1973. But when Watergate came crashing down on Nixon, he sought a quick end to the POW mess and chose not to pay the money or to press for the unaccounted soldiers. Former Queens congressman John LeBoutillier, who sent Kissinger the book, included a letter telling him that it "proves beyond a shadow of doubt that Hanoi purposely kept 700 U.S. POWs behind as insurance."

LeBoutillier told Kissinger: "Hundreds of U.S. pilots and servicemen remain alive in captivity ... You need to address your mistakes - and the fact that the North Vietnamese 'took' you at Paris. ... You are directly responsible for this tragedy. It is still not too late for you to help ... bring these men home."

Kissinger calls the book's allegations "irresponsible" and "insupportable."

"There was some discussion [during the Paris peace talks] of economic aid that we might give [the North Vietnamese]," Kissinger told us this week before leaving for Asia. "But [the aid] didn't have anything to do with the prisoners. The prisoner release was supposed to be finished in April 1973. The economic aid question didn't arise till after that." He added, "We didn't pay them because they never carried out the agreement."

Kissinger argued that "if the Vietnamese held prisoners back in order to get more money, why didn't they ever say they had [the extra 700] prisoners?"

As for the book, "I'm not going to read it." Despite the authors' assertion that it draws on thousands of pages of declassified documents, "I would be amazed" if there was anything new, he said. "Congress went through all of this in the hearings [chaired by Sen. John Kerry in 1991]," said Kissinger. "I testified for two days then. ... There's no other subject on which my colleagues and I worked as hard."

Says LeBoutillier: "Of course the guy's not going to admit he got duped. He won a Nobel Prize for this. What a weasel!"


See the unique ads for AN ENORMOUS CRIME running on the DRUDGE REPORT beginning Monday, June 18.


Monday, June 18, 2007





Mr. President, 66% of today’s public views your performance as ‘poor.’ You are today almost as unpopular as Richard Nixon was just before he resigned in disgrace. And most voters rank your presidency as a ‘failure’ or as one of the ‘worst’ - right down there with Jimmy Carter.

However, there is a way for you to reverse your fortunes in one fell swoop.

There is a way for you to do something so spectacular as to change the whole dynamic of American politics.

There is a way for you to earn the respect of those who today shun you.

There is a way for you to reverse the declining morale of our armed forces - and to restore pride again in the American uniform.

There is a way to take the national focus off of Iraq - and instead focus it on something for which you share no blame.

There is a way to make Americans feel good again about the country - because this single act will help to ‘cleanse’ the body politic.

There is a way to expose all your predecessors - and rivals - for their role in something that the American people would never accept - if and when they know about it.

And, Mr. President, there is also a way to “one-up” your father.

What is this magic elixir for a lame-duck- bordering-on-a- dead-duck presidency.

Quite simple, Mr. President.

This coming Friday - June 22 - you are meeting with Vietnamese President Nguyen Minh Triet in the Oval Office. It is the first time a Vietnamese head of state has come to the United States since before the war.

Here is a simple plan, President Bush: when you sit down with President Triet, tell him you recently received and read a copy of AN ENORMOUS CRIME; The Definitive Account of US POWs Abandoned in SE Asia.

Tell President Triet, “Mr. President, this never-ending POW issue has hurt - and continues to hurt - both our nations - and yet neither of us had anything to do with it. So here is what I am proposing.” As you speak, pull out a letter to President Triet and hand it to him. Then say, “President Triet, this letter from me to you serves as a public, presidential statement that the government of the United States is now prepared to pay the government of Vietnam $15 billion for all the living Americans who are “left over” from the war - including any in Laos. These include US servicemen who were not “registered with the Centre for POWs. This $10 billion is to make up for the $4.75 billion Nixon and Kissinger pledged to you 35 years ago and which was never paid.”

You can also tell President Triet that for face-saving purposes if Vietnam wants to continue to claim they have no POWs that is just fine with us. We understand. It is OK with us if they “find” the POWs in Laos and “liberate” them and return them to us.

We have no interest in embarrassing Hanoi; nor do we want to renew hostilities with them.

All we want is our men - all of them - and to put this sordid chapter in our national rear view mirror.

Yes, there will be critics who say, “we can’t pay for these POWs. That would be tribute or ransom. It will encourage others to seize Americans and hold them for negotiation. And besides we don’t have enough money any more for all of this.”

Well, that is all nonsense.

We are now offering rewards in Iraq for the two missing US Army servicemen.

And President Bush, you have just pledged $30 billion for AIDS in Africa.

If we have enough for people in other countries, then we certainly have enough to pay for hundreds of US servicemen who have spent over 35 years in captivity waiting for Uncle Sam to come and bring them home.

So, Mr. President, are you going to step up to the plate and make history?

Are you going to be different than all your predecessors - including your father - who have allowed this festering sore to continue?

This Friday, President Bush, is the day you can reverse all the negative trends and do something so spectacular that you will earn a level of respect you haven’t seen since right after 9/11.

Friday, June 22. The Oval Office. Make the deal, Mr. President.

It is time for our POWs to come home.


With the publication just two weeks ago of the New York Times bestseller - AN ENORMOUS CRIME; The Definitive Account of US POWs Abandoned in SE Asia - it is inevitable that the role in the POW issue of Senator - and former POW - John McCain now be examined.

Having known McCain since June 7, 1974, I have often written of his sarcastic, arrogant and condescending attitude toward those who disagree with him - on any issue. His temper is legendary - and we all just heard of his latest outburst directed at fellow GOP Senator John Cornyn of Texas over McCain’s immigration bill.

Everyone in the political world - both in DC and in Arizona - knows of this mean-spirited, cruel side of John McCain.

But on no issue has John McCain been meaner and more vicious than the question of the hundreds of US POWs who did not come home in 1973 when McCain came home.

He has used his unique and hard-earned status as a former POW not to help the cause of the un-returned POWs but rather to attack POW activists, demean POW family members and to bolster the Pentagon’s long-term strategy of ‘debunking’ credible sightings of POWs.

For example, the soon-to-be-famous satellite photograph on the cover of AN ENORMOUS CRIME is a 1988 image of a USA K - known as a ‘walking K’ because it has ‘feet’ on the bottom of the letters. This is an Escape & Evade (E&E) code given to US airmen before their missions.

The one on the cover of the book was placed by a still-held-against-his-will US airmen 15 years after the end of the Vietnam War and the return of McCain and the other now-famous US POWs.

It measures 37 feet across and each of the letters is 12 feet high.

The Walking K part is a secret; no one could or would know its significance other than the US airman who was given his unique E&E code before his mission.

This code translates to: “I am alive! Come and get me the Hell out of here ASAP!!!”

When this evidence was made public that a US airman was still being held as a POW - 15 years after he should have been released - John McCain did not ride to his former comrade’s rescue. No he did not!

Instead, he sided with the Defense Intelligence Agency’s ‘debunking team,’ whose role is to discredit every report, sighting, satellite image and radio intercept. Clearly they have an agenda: prove that no POWs are still held alive over there. (To admit otherwise places the US Government in a massive hostage crisis - and exposes countless now-famous US officials from Henry Kissinger to George H.W. Bush to Colin Powell to Paul Wolfowitz to Dick Cheney and dozens of others as having knowingly abandoned these POWs.)

And do you know how McCain explained this USA K symbol visible from outer space in a rice paddy in Laos?

He claimed it was created by a 6-year old Laotian boy who was copying an American postage stamp!

I kid you not!

It is in his memoir, Worth The Fighting For.

Unanswered by John McCain are these questions:

• How did a 6-year old Lao boy know of the secret Walking K E&E code?
• How could a 6-year old boy possibly write a well-written English USA 37 feet wide and 12 feet high?
• Why would he do it?
• How could he possibly know that an American satellite would fly overhead and photograph it?

All of these questions point to the most sinister part of the POW issue: the US Government has known all along that our POWs are still there - and still sending E&E signals. (There are sightings of other E&E codes through the years - all the way up to 1992. You can see some of them on ).

And the Pentagon is still receiving - and hiding from the public - credible live-sighting reports of our POWs still held against their will in both Vietnam and Laos.

John McCain - as the most famous former POW - has provided ‘cover’ for this nefarious behavior by the Pentagon and the Defense Intelligence Agency.

He has used his former POW status to defend the Pentagon - and to attack those of us who claim something rotten is going on inside DC.

And he fits this role to a T: his attack-dog style mows down anyone in his path including mothers, wives and the children of our still-missing, un-returned POWs.

Plus, the so-called Mainstream Media - which has always loathed the POW issue and seen it as a right-wing nut story (they have never explained why right wingers would want to trash mostly Republicans like the Reagan and Nixon teams, but that is another story) - adores McCain. So when he attacks the POW activists, the media applauds him for it. Thus, they have never given a fair examination of the massive evidence - the US Government’s own evidence - that indeed hundreds of US POWs are still alive in SE Asia. Remember: AN ENORMOUS CRIME is based on 66,000 pages of never-before-published US Government intelligence reports, memoranda, aerial photographs and radio intercepts.

Thus the already-startling rise of AN ENORMOUS CRIME - up the Amazon and New York Times best seller lists - without one cent spent by the publisher on advertising or promotion - proves that the American people know they have been lied to by successive administrations about this issue. There is a thirst for the truth about our men.

All you have to do is either read the book or read the 1983-1984 cover-up chapter on the unique - and free - web site: .

John McCain, who owed his political career to being a former POW, has abused his status and betrayed his fellow POWs.

In countless other issues, especially fighting illegal immigration, we have seen the real John McCain: a duplicitous, untrustworthy, spoiled and privileged little brat of a man who is happy to crush anyone who gets in his way.

But in no other issue have the consequences been bigger: by helping to give ‘cover’ to the abandonment of the US POWs in SE Asia, John McCain has proven himself unworthy to be their Commander-in-Chief.


An Enormous Crime debuts at #34 on the hardcover, nonfiction, New York Times bestseller list dated Sunday June 17, 2007.

This is the NY Times' "extended" list (which covers bestsellers numbered 16-35). It will not appear on the printed list (which covers bestsellers numbered 1-15) when the issue of 6/17 runs in that Sunday's NY Times Book Review Section, but it will be on their web site and the NY Times encourages all in the business when they have an "extended" bestseller to consider themselves "NY Times bestsellers."

The Times only goes as high as #35 total in their bestseller count. Everything below that does not make the cut.


The Defense Intelligence Agency is - today - receiving credible reports of US POWs - alive - and held against their will in Vietnam and Laos.

The DIA is also using their 'special' skills to discredit these reports.

The authors of AN ENORMOUS CRIME; The Definitive Account of US POWs Abandoned in SE Asia , former US Congressman Bill Hendon and MIA daughter/lawyer Elizabeth A. Stewart, have launched - specifically to tell the truth about this ongoing cover-up to the American people.

Over 100 pages of a new and never-before-published material is now available on this dishonest and deceitful behavior at under the heading:

The 1983-84 Cover-Up, How It Was Structured, How It Was Sustained.

All you have to do is to click on that listing on the main page - and start reading.

You will see 15 cases of US POWs sighted after the end of the Vietnam War - when supposedly all our men had already been returned.

Indeed, this is a DIA cover-up in action - witnessed by you, the reader, right as it happens.

For example, to discredit multiple sources who saw US POWs after the end of the war in 1973, the DIA analysts did the following things:

• Took a sighting of ten US POWs forced to carry lumber and explained it away as the work of two 4-foot tall boys who used water buffalos to carry lumber;

• Took the USA K Escape and Evasion code on the cover of the book - which was placed there by a US airman and was photographed in 1988 - and said it was the work of a 6-year old Laotian boy copying a US postage stamp;

• Took multiple sightings of US POWs in a POW camp in the northern part of North Vietnam - under a thick triple-canopy jungle - and said that because no aerial or satellite photography was possible, that such a camp could not exist;

• Took a credible sighting by a friendly foreign diplomat of 20-30 US POWs in 1983 in a new detention facility on the outskirts of Hanoi and discredited the sighting by claiming the facility was not a POW Camp but was in fact a “luxury hotel for VIPs.”

• Took another report of 20 US POWs at a prison in southern Vietnam in the early 1980s and discredited it by claiming that there was no prison there; instead there was only a PAVN (North Vietnamese Army) cemetery there.

• Took cases of satellite imagery of Escape and Evasion signals placed in rice paddies and fields by US airmen and discredited them by claiming they were “natural vegetation” or “shadows.”

This is not in the past!

This is an ongoing cover-up inside our Pentagon.

Sources report that new - and credible - live-sighting reports of US POWs held today against their will in Vietnam and Laos are still coming into the Pentagon.

You can rest assured they are getting the same treatment that all the previous cases have received.

Please read the material at at once.

And then go buy AN ENORMOUS CRIME - and read the entire sordid tale of how our government has abandoned these men.

This issue goes to the heart and soul of America: with 200,000 troops now serving in Iraq, all of them and their families - and all of you, need to know how our own government behaves behind closed doors.

Now - for the first time ever - you can see for yourself at .


New Web Site Details How DIA Manipulated Intelligence on US POWs

Have you ever wanted to see exactly how our government can deceive the American people?

Last week AN ENORMOUS CRIME; The Definitive Account of US POWs Abandoned in SE Asia was published by St. Martin’s Press.

The authors, former US Congressman Bill Hendon and MIA daughter/lawyer Elizabeth A. Stewart, have now launched .

This massive new site provides the ‘meat on the bones’ for one of the most controversial charges in the book: that the Pentagon’s Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) deliberately ‘cherry-picked’ and played fast and loose with first-hand, live-sighting intelligence - as well as overhead aerial and satellite photography - in 1983-1984. This was an intense period in Washington DC: POW activists were pushing the Reagan Administration to bring our men home and the bureaucracy was desperate to discredit the mounting evidence that indeed hundreds of our POWs were left behind and were still there.

Over 100 pages of a new and unique chapter is now available on this shocking and perfidious behavior at under the heading:
The 1983-84 Cover-Up, How It Was Structured, How It Was Sustained.

All you have to do is to click on that listing on the main page - and start reading.

You will see 15 cases of US POWs sighted after the end of the Vietnam War - when supposedly all our men had already been returned.

But, alas, you will soon see a pattern: DIA analysts - when faced with credible evidence of US POWs at a specific place at a specific time - often spotted by multiple independent sources who never even knew each other - come up with the most deceitful and dishonest ways to ‘close’ the case and ignore the cries for help from our still-serving American servicemen.

Indeed, this is a DIA cover-up in action - witnessed by you, the reader, right as it happens.

All of this material is free. Please read it at once. We have a duty to our American comrades still being held against their will to do more than we are doing now to bring them home alive.

And then go buy AN ENORMOUS CRIME - and read the entire sordid tale of how our government has abandoned these men.

This issue goes to the heart and soul of America: with 200,000 troops now serving in Iraq, all of them and their families - and all of you, need to know how our own government behaves behind closed doors.

Now - for the first time ever - you can see for yourself at .