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Since the Great Depression, we have not seen a political and societal situation as gloomy, pessimistic and angst-ridden as today.

All the polling and research show disturbing – and previously unheard-of – thoughts permeating the American public:

• More people today believe that the gap between the government and the governed is wider now than at any time since the American Revolution.

• 70% believe the US is on the “wrong track.”

• 44% believe we are back in a recession.

• A huge majority believe the 2007-2008 financial collapse was due to criminal behavior – either or on Wall Street and/or inside the federal government or as pollster Doug Schoen puts it, “a rigged game.” Yet no one has been prosecuted for it!

In sum, the American people are ripe for a Big Change in 2012.

If present conditions persist, how can the people possibly keep the same government in power?

Answer: they can’t. And won’t.

But then comes this question: what will happen? Who will emerge to bring about the change – the real - not cosmetic change – people will be demanding?

As notable pollster/campaign adviser Pat Caddell said yesterday, “We are in a pre-revolutionary moment.”

The “revolution” he is talking about is the “governed” are about to blow against their government – and the entire so-called establishment, i.e. the media establishment, the financial establishment including Wall Street and, of course, the DC-Beltway political establishment of both parties.

Here is a fascinating look at the present divide between the people and the establishment: pollster Scott Rasmussen on June 1 of this year asked people to agree or to disagree with this statement:

“The gap between Americans who want to govern themselves and politicians who want to rule over them is now as big as the gap between the American colonies and England during the 18th Century.”

65% of likely GOP voters agree with this statement; 55% of independent voters agree with it. Overall 45% of all likely voters agree with it.

But the Political Class?

Zero per cent agree with it!

That says it all, doesn’t it?

This gap today between this Political Class and the grass roots Americans is illustrated today by the foisting on us of Jon Huntsman, the former Utah governor who worked for and basically endorsed Obama.

Why do we want this man? Who wants him?

We do not want him – the GOP Political Class wants him.

So we now have two Mormons who believe in nationally mandated health care (RomneyCare and Huntsman privately praised ObamaCare aboard Air Force One to Obama), and who also believe in man-made global warming. And the Tea Party Movement can’t stand either man.

How can either possibly represent the conservative movement and the Republican Party?

Yet our establishment is lining up behind these two.

No wonder the real race for 2012 is to see who is the outsider who comes along and takes on the Establishment and the Political Class.

That person will likely be our next President of the United States.




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The Wild Card in the 2012 election is NOT JUST the non-economic recovery. It is the spreading fear that the USA is in decline.

If the economy continues with this non-job-creating stagnation and its associated hopelessness and pessimism, all bets are off for both the GOP nomination and for the eventual outcome of the November general election.

A sourness is gripping America. A pessimism about our future. And, thus, cynicism about all traditional political candidates.

This began around 2007 as the housing market/mortgage mess began. Katrina, Iraq and other scandals only fueled the feeling that both political parties have failed us.

Thus came the most-out-of-the-mainstream candidate: Barack Hussein Obama, a half-white, half-black newcomer who opposed the Iraq war and was not seen as part of the problem in DC.

Two years later the country has re-assessed that decision; some regret it. Others are looking for another total outsider. A real outsider – not one masquerading as one who the minute he takes office hops in bed with Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid and lets business as usual continue.

The Tea Party Movement is indeed the energy behind a lot of this change.

And as of now no one has yet emerged as the likely Tea Party candidate.

That candidate is the likely GOP nominee.

The New Hampshire debate showed us a few things:

• The 7 GOP candidates – all good people – missed the boat on the Big Picture. None of them even attempted to inspire Americans to believe that we can reverse our present sense of decline. Ronald Reagan was the last politician to do this successfully. It is a special skill – and clearly none of our present political class has it.

• Tim Pawlenty proved himself to be a minor leaguer by his refusal to take on RomneyCare.

• Pawlenty also lost the Battle of the Minnesotans versus Michelle Bachman. She took a giant step forward toward trumping him in Iowa. And that may be fatal to Pawlenty.

• Herman Cain had – at best – a mediocre night. He didn’t build on his break-out South Carolina debate.

• Newt made some good points. But he is a sideshow nowadays.

• Let’s face it: of these 7 candidates, only one – Romney – can win the nomination. And he is – despite last night – a weak front-runner at best.

• Thus the certainty that others are still coming into this race.
• Jon Huntsman – Obama’s Ambassador to China - cannot win the GOP nomination. Period.

• Texas Governor Rick Perry? He probably will enter the race, seeing a vacuum.

• There will still be plenty of room in the fall for a new candidate to enter, get hot, and sweep to victory. This is what indeed will happen.

That candidate will have to be able to inspire Americans like no one we have seen in over thirty years for the challenge ahead is to reverse a Massive National Mental Depression.


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Here is what is going to happen later this year – and into 2012:

A candidate we are not yet talking about – and who is not in the race or even on anyone’s radar screen – will enter the GOP presidential race in the late fall – maybe even as late as November or December. Yes, this man may miss the filing deadline for the Iowa caucuses – but that will not in any way be fatal to his campaign.

This candidate’s entire approach is going to be anti-establishment. That means anti-DC Establishment, anti-so-called mainstream media establishment, and even anti-GOP establishment.

This candidate will get hot – H.O.T. – quickly and he will zoom up the polls against a lackluster GOP field.

But the late fall – November/December – we all will be entirely sick of Romney, Pawlenty, Santorum, Gingrich and all the rest. So when this new guy comes along, there will be a thirst for him.

All of the establishments mentioned above will vehemently oppose this new candidate as will –obviously – all the other candidates and their campaigns.

But this new candidate will zoom up the polls even faster than other recent last-to-first risers like Trump, Cain and Bachmann. The point is: in a vacuum fueled by economic despair and heated anti-Obama sentiment, a new candidate who has some pizzazz and a dynamite new message can indeed harness the internet, cable TV and talk radio universe to go from an unknown one day to a household name the next.

“How will he raise the money he’ll need?” you may ask.

He will use the ‘Net go to the grass roots and ask for a mere one hundred dollars from each donor. And if there are 10 million anti-Obama donors out there, then that is a whopping one billion dollars raised – just like that!

This new candidate will get hot at just the right time – just as the primaries are beginning. He will not fade; instead, he will catch the wave and ride it all the way to the GOP nomination.

And maybe all the way to the White House, too.

Look for unexpected news in the fall which will lead the way on the emergence of this candidate. There will be a large news event first – in which he will be the central player – that will rock the political world to its core.

Out of the ashes of that will come our new candidate.

And maybe our next President of the United States.