In 1978 - after four years as an undergraduate at Harvard College and in my second year as a student at Harvard Business School, I couldn’t take it any longer.

My rage over the hypocritical liberalism at Harvard drove me to write a book - HARVARD HATES AMERICA - which, when it came out, caused quite a stir around the country.

That book tried to describe the basic thinking of the Liberal Mind:” we liberals at Harvard are smarter than the average American and therefore we are more qualified to make crucial decisions than are the (stupid) American people themselves.”

I can not describe to you how many times during those six years at Harvard that I ran into students, teachers or Harvard administrators who preached one thing - usually the massive redistribution of wealth by Washington - but then hopped into their fancy European cars and drove into Boston for lunch! In other words, “do as I say, not as I do.”

This inbred arrogance at Harvard made me become a conservative. And once I figured out what phonies these liberals were - and still are - I had no choice but to fight them every step of the way. Harvard Hates America was my first shot at the liberals - and at academia.

Of course the hardest part of writing Harvard Hates America was getting it published; established publishers wouldn’t touch it! The editors were all liberals - many had attended Harvard - and in those days conservative books just were not getting published.

But God had a plan and brought me to Henry Regnery, the publisher of Bill Buckley’s epic book, God and Man At Yale.

Mr. Regnery loved my book and agreed to publish it - and to heavily promote it.

It sold very well and earned widespread publicity.

We are now 26 years later - and guess what?

Nothing has changed!

Harvard is still hopelessly left-wing.

And so is almost all of academia nation-wide. A new study just released finds that teachers at American colleges - by their own description - are 72% liberal and only 15% conservative.

And at the more ‘elite’ colleges and universities, 87% are liberal and only 13% are conservative.

Fifty percent of these teachers identify themselves as Democrats and only eleven percent as Republicans.

What I saw as a student at Harvard in the 1970's has only grown and multiplied exponentially since then. This disease of the Liberal Mind - with its inherent anti-Americanism - which I now call Politically Correct Liberalism - has spread all over our nation since then. And it is now heading down into high schools, too.

Two months after the 9/11 attacks, my friend and agent, Theron Raines, a long-time friend of Newsmax.com, called me and said, “John, it is finally time for you to write Harvard Still Hates America.”

The more I thought about it, the more I saw he was right: while the rest of America had united in the wake of the 9/11 attacks, Harvard was still as anti-American as ever. And anti-Americanism was thriving all across American academia, aping Harvard.

So, over the course of the next 8 months, I indeed wrote an entirely new book - Harvard Still Hates America - Even After 9/11.

By the fall of 2002 the book was ready to be submitted to publishers and Theron Raines began circulating the manuscript. He and I both thought it would be an easy ‘sell’ to publishers; after all, the publishing world had woken up, hadn’t they, to the selling power of conservative books?

Just look at the best seller list: Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, Pat Buchanan, Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, Laura Ingraham, Mike Savage, Mark Levin and many, many other conservatives dominate the list.

But then something odd began happening: Harvard Still Hates America - Even After 9/11 got turned down for all sorts of reasons: “LeBoutillier isn’t qualified to write this book,” (even though I have two degrees from Harvard and graduated Magna Cum Laude from Harvard College); “LeBoutillier isn’t a conservative,” (even though I am indeed a true-blue conservative with a great readership for my columns and I had the most conservative voting record of any Congressman from New York - including Jack Kemp - when I was in the House); “the book is well-written but.....” (The catch-all phrase when an editor just doesn’t want to publish a book.

One thing is true: I am not at the moment a TV or Talk Radio personality; I do not have that built-in forum from which to push the book. But all those conservative media personalities listed above - and almost all of talk radio around the nation - agree 100% with the premise of Harvard Still Hates America - Even After 9/11. Those hosts will publicize the book!

And Newsmax.com has a huge readership that would love to learn just how innately anti-American Harvard is - even in the wake of the devastating attacks of 9/11.

(I purposely wrote the book to focus only on the aftermath of 9/11 - and not to include the Iraq War - because 9/11 did not divide this country; it brought us all together - except for Harvard and other leftist faculties around the country.)

So here we are two and one half years later: Harvard Still Hates America - Even After 9/11 is waiting for a publisher.

By the Grace of God, someone out there will see the need to publish - and publicize - this book.

We can make the same kind of noise today as my first book made over 25 years ago.

And, in the process, we can teach the American people that Harvard and its liberal sycophants still hate America, still have disdain for American values - and condescendingly denigrate the American people as too stupid to make it through a day.

Harvard Still Hates America - Even After 9/11 is awaiting its fate.

Who wants to step up and deliver the message to the American people?


Here is an invaluable exercise for us all to try:

Sit down with a pad of paper and try to remember back through the high - and especially the low - points of your life. Try to remember the prayers you uttered in those times. Were you asking for something in particular? Try to reconstruct what it was that you desperately pleaded with God to help you with.

Take your time as you review these moments in time; you’ll be surprised as they come back bit by bit.

Write down these prayer requests. And keep doing so as you remember more and more the things you asked God for.

As you pretty much wrap up your list take a good, hard look. It is likely that you will discover one of the keys to a happy life right in front of you: most of your prayers were indeed answered - and the ones that were not answered were ones that it was just as well went unanswered.

This little review is a wonderful way to demonstrate this most basic tool of life: prayer works when you pray honestly from your heart with openness and truth.

Just two days ago, in talking with an old college friend - an unmarried woman - she mentioned that she had never married, despite 3 engagements, but she so very, very much still wanted to be married.

My response was simple: “You must pray daily - and ask God simply, honestly and openly to bring the right man to marry into your life when the time was right. Period. If you do this, God will indeed answer that prayer - on His own time. Guaranteed. It will happen.”

She was stunned and almost speechless on the phone. She stammered a bit and replied, “Really? You think so? You’ve given me such hope!”

Since that phone call, it has hit me how many millions of people ‘missed the lesson of prayer’ somewhere along the way in life.

Without prayer there really is no happiness in life. Sure, there can be tremendous material gain and competitive success without prayer of faith. But really what does that buy you?

As the Beatles sang, money “can’t buy you love.”

But prayer can - and will.

And so, too, will prayer help us in the most dire of circumstances: the failing health of a close relative, the loss of a job, the despair of a wrong turn in life, a lost love or any other awful dilemma.

And yet so many people don’t practice prayer - or do not know how to.

Here is the key: speak to God as a child speaks: simple, direct and not complicated. You don’t have to recite a pre-written prayer, although you can if you choose. Just speak to God as the Father He is and ask for what you want.

This prayer must be from the heart - and for something you really need or want.

Don’t pray for trivial junk that by tomorrow you won’t care about anyway; pray for the things that touch your heart. And for things that persist in your soul - the things that matter in your life.

And you can also pray for guidance in decisions where you are confused.

Remember this: there is a God who wants all of us to be happy in our lives. When you are not happy, you need to ask God to help you get back on the track to that lifetime of happiness.

If you don’t ask, you won’t receive.

But if you do ask, you will in most cases have your prayers answered.


The Republican Party has gone seriously off-track in recent days.

As the ‘conservative’ political party, the GOP is supposed to believe in and to practice the policy that the less federal involvement the better. This has been the ‘conservative’ position for decades - and the very reason that we rose to national power under President Reagan and then re-took the House and Senate after Hillary Clinton’s power-grab attempt to nationalize health care.

Last week - in the course of two days - the Republicans who control the House of Representatives acted like liberal Democrats by first butting into baseball on Thursday and then butting into a family’s suffering on Friday.

Baseball is a private business; do we need Congressmen commenting on the aptitude and competency of the baseball commissioner? Are they qualified to even express an opinion over the running of a business they have never even worked in?

Yes, Mark McGuire embarrassed himself at that committee hearing. But these same Congressmen who heaped scorn on the use of steroids by these players all posed in the anterooms with the same players and even asked for autographs!

Then the next day they turn their (short) attention spans to the tragedy in the Schiavo family: a case that has been looked at by Floridian courts for over a decade.

Why, suddenly, do these Congressmen in DC know more about this case - and about Florida law - than do Florida judges and doctors?

How dare the too-ambitious Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, a former heart surgeon, say that he can diagnose Terri Shiavo from a 30-second TV news clip? How irresponsible can you get? I can diagnose this: Frist has a terminal case of Potomac Fever!

These Republicans - so-called ‘conservatives’ - have now fallen into the habit of meddling in everyone’s - and anyone’s - business.

They have opened Pandora’s Box: what internal family dispute can not now be grist for their mill? A child custody case? A divorce which involves controlling shares in an important business? Disputed ownership of a valuable asset? Why can’t - and why won’t - the Congress now feel it is suddenly their business to intercede?

The liberals were always the ones who fell in love with massive federal power. And it ultimately led to their political downfall.

Now the Bush Republicans have fallen in love with it. From the very ‘nation-building’ that then-candidate GW Bush criticized in 2000 to the massive new Department of Homeland Security and now their intrusion into baseball and the Schiavo Case, these ‘conservatives’ have become Big Government Republicans.

They spend money like liberals, they run up the debt like liberals and they ignore their own past beliefs like liberals. If it quacks like a duck....

Fiscal responsibility is out the door nowadays; the very same Congressmen who balanced the budget with Bill Clinton in the Oval Office now are presiding over massive federal debt and over-spending with GW Bush calling the shots.

And one case that calls for intervention by the Feds - stopping the influx of illegals - is ignored! GW Bush even wants to give them amnesty!

Yes, the Republican Party is seriously off-track. Their saving grace is that the Democrats are so left-wing and out-of-touch that they are no threat to Republican power.

But conservatives are left to scratch their heads and ask, “Who speaks for us?”


Easter is approaching and Mel Gibson’s wonderful epic - The Passion of Christ - is being re-released this week.

Pope John Paul II - perhaps the greatest man alive today - went home yesterday from the hospital after two bouts with the flu and clear deterioration from Parkinson’s disease.

The Pope has a new book coming out detailing his views on several subjects - including his first-ever description of the day he was shot in 1981. He says he basically died in the car that day in Rome on the way to the hospital - but he never lost consciousness. He felt a tremendous force overtake him and he knew he would be alright. He describes a feeling of ‘warmth’ overtaking him - and a sense of serenity.

This Pope for years has talked and written about the necessity of ‘suffering’ - and how he views his own physical suffering as his way of serving others, just the way Christ’s suffering was for all of us.

This is a good time to think of others and their suffering - and to pray for them. Among those I pray for on a regular basis - besides my own family members:

• Sick and damaged children - and their suffering families.

• Brain damaged and retarded children and their suffering families.

• Victims of spinal cord injuries - a devastating condition.

• People without hope - the one thing that can make almost any condition tolerable.

• And my most consistent prayer goes for our American POWs left behind and betrayed by our government.

All of the above are suffering and deserve our prayers.

Most people are ‘suffering,’ too. We may not know it, but they are. The key idea is to ‘suffer’ for others, to make your pain a vehicle to improve others’ lives.

Living for yourself isn’t worth it; but living for others makes life worthwhile.

Thirty years ago, when he was World Heavyweight Champ, Muhammad Ali was asked about all the money he gave to others and the causes he fought for. He said something that applies to us all, “Doing good is the rent I pay for living here on Earth.”

How true this is!

This country has more heart than any other. Just look at the generosity after the Asian tsunami. Over one third of American households donated to a tsunami-related charity.

But we also have too much self-centeredness and selfishness. We have too much greed. Just look at Enron and the other corporate scandals - and the looting of charities like the United Way a few years ago.

We need more balance in our lives - and more thinking of the suffering of others.

When we suffer - and we all do - make that suffering for a cause that helps others. Suffer to make someone’s life better - not just to feather your own nest.

Those who think they can avoid suffering will, in the end, suffer more than most others because they are missing the basic lesson of Christ: God is in each of us and He wants us to live a certain way. He sent Jesus to Earth to teach man how to live after man had clearly demonstrated a total failure to live properly.

These lessons - detailed throughout Christ’s too-short life - are God’s manual on how to live life the proper way.

In this Easter season, it would behoove us all to re-learn those lessons and try to apply them to our lives.

When you do, your life will improve.

And remember, a big part of life is suffering. So make that suffering for others.


There is now no doubt that Hillary Rodham Clinton is going to run for President of the United States in 2008.

Everyone knows it - and even Democrats who want to run themselves - like Delaware Senator Joe Biden - acknowledge that “she is going to be tough to beat.”

Dick Morris - who knows the Clintons better than anyone - said on Fox the other night that, “Hillary can not only win the Democratic nomination, but she can also win the Presidency in 2008.”

And if she wins the Presidency, that means Hillary and Bill Clinton move back into the White House and their fellow radical left-wingers again take control of our government. Just think what harm to our country they will do!

Looking back on last year it is clear that the turning point of the election was the powerful commercials the Swift Boar Veterans for Truth ran against John Kerry. Those commercials literally sank John Kerry’s life-long hopes of being President of the United States.

The so-called mainstream media certainly was never going to tell the truth about Kerry’s lies over his Vietnam record; so the Swift Boat Vets took it upon themselves to go out and tell Americans that the John Kerry who was so cleverly packaged as a war hero by the Democrats was actually a liar and a fabricator who sold out his fellow soldiers and undercut our war effort.

Those Swift Boat Veterans for Truth were the real heroes of the 2004 election.

We at the www.StopHillaryPAC.com want to do the same thing to Hillary: take her record - ever since she became an America-hating, radical, leftist lawyer at Yale Law School in the 1970's all the way through her years in Arkansas and the White House and now as a Senator - and use it against her.

We cannot make the mistake all other Republicans have made in the past when running against the Clintons: refusing to attack them and their cleverly masked but clearly-out-of-touch-with-mainstream- America record.

Back in 1992, most Republican campaign people never thought then-President George H.W. Bush could possibly lose to a draft-dodging, pot-smoking, womanizing newcomer named Bill Clinton. So they took Clinton lightly and never even attacked his atrocious record!

Then, in 2000, it happened again. When Congressman Rick Lazio ran against Hillary for the US Senate in New York, his campaign was unprepared and afraid to attack her ultra-liberal record.

This fear of attacking Hillary’s record is a prescription for a national disaster: her election in 2008 as President of the United States.
We can not allow that to happen!

We at the www.StopHillaryPAC.com are not going to let it happen again.
We want to start educating the American people - now.

Our first job to is to try to defeat her or at least hurt her in her Senate re-election campaign next year. If we can expose her as the true liberal she really is, we can begin to damage her for the 2008 presidential campaign.

While she is trying to move to the political ‘center,’ we need to keep painting the accurate picture of her as a true leftist who has fought for decades against our military, against the family - and against American interests around the world.
Yes, she is trying a ‘political make over’ - from abortion to religion to Iraq. But can you believe her? Has she really changed her mind - or is it mere cynical political maneuvering?

The Stop Hillary PAC is going to be the truth-teller about the ‘real’ Hillary Clinton.

Beginning now - through her re-election campaign next year and then into the 2008 Presidential race - we want to be your voice in taking on the Clinton Political Machine - and defeating them.

That means we need to raise money from regular Americans who are offended by the Clintons’ record and lies.

We need help from simple, average, moral Americans who know that to elect Hillary will be a total disaster for this country.

We need help now to do the following:

• Film and broadcast TV and radio commercials to tear her down in New York as she runs for re-election next year. We must damage her in 2006 in order to defeat her in 2008.

• Launch a national direct mail campaign to every Republican, conservative and independent voter to educate him or her on Hillary Clinton’s real record in public life.

• Launch a mobile Truth Van that will follow her to every campaign stop and publicly challenge her on her lies and exaggerations.

• Start a national registration drive to get hundreds of thousands of new voters who dislike Hillary registered to vote in the next election.

• Make TV and radio commercials ready to go on the air nationally the very day she announces her Presidential candidacy. And we need then to stay on the air exposing her record all the way to Election Day - just like the Swift Boat Vets did to John Kerry last year.

We must not be afraid to attack Hillary Clinton.
Please help stop this potential disaster by helping us - NOW - to take on Hillary and defeat her.

Please visit us at www.StopHillaryPAC.com and decide to help this cause.


Autism is ravaging our young.

And it is destroying their families.

Something must be done - and NOW!

Get these unbelievable statistics:

Only twenty years ago - in the mid-1980's - one out of ten thousand children was afflicted with autism.

Today it is a startling and frightening one out of one hundred and sixty six children.

What has happened in a mere 20 years to so radically increase the odds that little children are going to descend into this Living Hell known as autism?

One theory that must be taken seriously is the revelation that thimerosal, a mercury preservative commonly found in some childhood vaccines, may be the culprit here.

Apparently babies and young children innoculated with vaccines containing thimerosol have twice as much mercury in their brains as the allowable amount for adults!

Could this be the reason autism is sweeping the nation?

Could it be that in our zeal to innoculate our children from measles and other diseases that we have in fact permanently damaged thousands of young lives?

This is a problem of urgent national interest and Washington DC needs to get answers immediately:

1) If there is any chance whatsoever that thimerosol is causing autism, then it must be stopped at once.

2) Congress needs to hold hearings - immediately - and call on the carpet officials of the FDA and CDC and the makers of thimerosol and other interested scientists - and get to the bottom of this national disaster.

3) Many doctors are so alarmed that thimerosol may the culprit here that they are using vaccines that do not contain thimerosol. We need studies of these children ASAP to see if their autism rates are different than those innoculated with the timerosol preservative.

4) The families are suffering terribly. The devastation of seeing a healthy little boy or girl ‘fade away’ into a shell of themselves - often incapable of communicating - is too terrible to even imagine.

Two heroes: Bob Wright, the head of NBC and his wife Suzanne, have a grandson afflicted with autism. They have used their status at NBC for a good cause - educating America about this national disaster - and hopefully focusing our government on doing something about this now.

Recommendation: each and everyone of us should today email/fax/write our Representative and our two Senators and tell them, “We want immediate action on autism - right now!”

They will listen - and maybe for once DC can get to the bottom of a national problem before many more precious little children are ruined.

And a ton of prayers - for the kids and their families - will help, too.