The Coming Tsunami

The new Pew Poll, which has found that a stunning 80% of the American people now distrust the government, is a window into a long-building political trend: the voters this November are furious at everybody but especially at the Democratic leadership of Obama/Pelosi/Reid.

Thus, the inevitable outcome in the mid-term elections is going to be a historic thrashing of the “in” party—the Democrats. They are going to lose dozens of seats in the House—perhaps enough to lose control—and maybe 5-8 seats in the Senate, too. (Make no mistake: the American people are ticked off at the GOP, too. But the Democrats are in power so they will feel more of the wrath. But in primaries like Florida and Arizona, GOP media establishment faves like Charlie Crist and John McCain may lose to this same anti-establishment anger.)

This will be seen as a massive rebuke of President Obama’s left-of-center Big-Spending-with-No-Visible-Pay-Off Program. Indeed, while Wall Street stock numbers are improving, the overwhelming majority of Americans do not feel their outlook is improving. In fact, pessimism is abundant. And this is why the Tea Party movement has exploded all across the country.

The so-called ‘Establishment’ likes to denigrate the Tea Partiers because they have disdain for average Americans—you know, the people who “cling to their guns and religion”—and so, rather than have empathy for these Americans’ troubles, these Establishment types attack Tea Party Americans as “dangerous, militia-like domestic terrorists.” Some of these media types – TIME’s Joe Klein and his MSNBC defenders - last week tried to equate statements made by conservatives as “seditious,” and they also trotted out Bill Clinton to equate the Tea Party anger with Timothy McVeigh’s Oklahoma City bombing.

This effort—to conflagrate peaceful, conservative protest of left-wing economic policies with violent, traitorous acts—is a disgraceful abuse of the Media Establishment’s power.

Never—EVER—has the chasm between the political/financial/media/academic Establishment and the American middle class been as wide—and potentially toxic—as it is today. EVER!

One of the beauties of our system is that any old guy or gal driving around in a truck somewhere has the same vote—the same power—as the biggest Wall Street tycoon or Fortune Five Hundred CEO. One vote. Period. Counts the same as all other votes. No matter who you are.

And this November these ticked-off Americans—furious over so many abuses by DC (spending, deficits, debt, bail-outs for the rich, allowing things to spiral out-of-control, SEC regulators watching porn, dirty deals to grease the way for a Health Care Bill that 58% of the people do not want; the list goes on and on)—and abuses by the seemingly “privileged” and rich—are going to vent these emotions not through violent law-breaking but through voting against Democrat incumbents.

And when the Pelosi Democrats get creamed, it will be fun to watch their allies in the fading Old Media try to explain it away. (“Fading” in that their ratings and readership and viewership are cratering. TIME and NEWSWEEK are almost out-of-business, the WASHINGTOPN POST and NEW YORK TIMES are almost broke, CBS, ABC and NBC and CNN and MSNBC are all losing viewers each month. Why? Because they are all pushing a left-wing agenda that the American people have repeatedly rejected.)

As for President Obama, his media pals allow him to ride along above criticism. In fact, those who dare to criticize an Obama policy are labeled as “racist.” How can we have debate in America with that type of charge injected into every discussion?

The Tsunami is coming ashore this November. It will devastate the Democratic political establishment.

When it recedes, the DC landscape will look very different than it does today. The Democrats will be down and the Republicans up. But that is a temporary situation—all leading up to 2012.

The only question is this: will there be an even bigger tsunami coming ashore in November 2012?

Imus’ Producer Comments on LeBoutillier

Thursday, April 8, 2010, 2:37PM

Imus Drove By Harvard Once. John LeBoutillier Went In. Former Congressman John LeBoutillier is welcome on this show anytime, even though he no longer serves in the House of Representatives. Unlike some other shows that refuse to book him, here at Imus in the Morning we’re not interested in talking to “the same hacks” and a bunch of “dopes” every week.

Granted, LeBoutillier, who now writes for Newsmax, was drinking some Hater-Ade this morning, telling Imus that if President Obama’s health care bill was so great, he wouldn’t still be trying to convince Americans of that notion.

It’s difficult for Obama to call this a “victory,” said LeBoutillier. “His Party’s going to get slaughtered in November. They’re going to get creamed.”

While they may not lose the majority in the House, LeBoutillier predicted Democrats would lose at least 30 to 40 seats, and that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid would lose his reelection bid in Nevada.

Unwilling to concede Imus’s point that passing the health care bill saved Obama’s presidency, LeBoutillier would say only, “He saved the short term viability of his leadership.”

Which, Imus admitted, was a much better way of putting it. “That’s why you went to Harvard,” he told his guest. “I drove by Harvard, once. I went to see a doctor there.”

Speaking of smarty pants, Journalist David Remnick told Imus yesterday that, based on his extensive writing about Obama in his new book The Bridge, he considers the President center-left politically. LeBoutillier believes Obama will move to the center to get what he wants, as he did during his campaign against Sen. John McCain.

“He ran to the Left to get nominated, ran right back to the middle to get elected,” said LeBoutillier. “They all do it. But I think in his heart of hearts, he’s more liberal than many people would like to believe.”

Whatever one thinks about Obama, it’s pretty clear that another world leader with a funny name—Afghan President Hamid Karzai—has gone insane, declaring he would join the Taliban if he felt too much pressure from the U.S.

“He has to constantly look like he’s not a sock puppet of the United States,” said LeBoutillier. “Then I think he calls up Hillary and Obama and says, ‘I have to say these things to survive at home, but I’m still your friend.’”

By the way, LeBoutillier added, “Welcome to the Middle East. This is what they do. They play both sides all the time.”

Right. And we don’t know any politicians in the U.S. who do that.

-Julie Kanfer

Why the Democrats Will Get Slaughtered This November


Since the health care bill passed the Congress and was signed into law—two weeks ago—the President has simultaneously tried to win back independents (changing his position on off-shore oil drilling) and then lurched back to the Left with his (feel-good for the Left) decision to limit the potential use of nuclear weapons.

But the real story is Obama’s approval rating has dropped five points since the supposed triumph of the health care passage.

The CBS poll shows his approval rating down to 44%—down from 49% right after he signed the health care bill.

And in the generic ballot question: which party will you vote for in this fall’s congressional elections, Republicans have taken a one point lead over the Democrats for the first time in over three years.

Furthermore, the health care bill is bedeviling Democrats back home. In Harry Reid’s Nevada a whopping 65% oppose it. No wonder Harry’s re-elect number is hovering around 40%, a sure-fire sign that ole Harry is headed for a humiliating defeat in November.

GOP candidates in Illinois—going for Obama’s seat—and Pennsylvania are ahead.

The GOP candidate for governor is ahead of Jerry Brown by 3 points.

And Democrats running in the four open House seats in upcoming special elections are all in trouble.

Why all the trouble for the majority party? Why are they—at this moment—in trouble even in normally Democratic states and districts?

And why are the President’s ratings dropping to G.W. Bush levels?

1) Because as April 15th approaches, we are seeing that our taxes—whether they be local, state or federal—are going up at a time we have less money;

2) The jobs situation is still not improving despite some small statistical signs of meager job growth. People know that it is a bleak jobs picture and will be for a long time;

3) Because the President and the Democrats continue to talk about the health care bill—even after it has been passed! Why keep talking about a bill that 55% of Americans still say they want to repeal?

4) Because the President is avoiding the very problem that is hurting him: the economy.

The Democrats are going to be slaughtered this November for one basic reason: the perception is that they have not made the economy better.


If that perception changes, Democrats can then get away with this other left-wing nonsense.

But until and unless the economy does a major turn-around, the “in” party is “in” the voters’ cross-hairs.

John LeBoutillier on Imus

John LeBoutillier will be on “Imus in the Morning” Thursday morning, April 8th, at 6:30 AM Eastern on ABC Radio and FOX Business News.

Imus Promotes John Leboutillier Again


IMUS: You don’t put anybody on who I recommend that you put on, so I’m not putting on any stiffs who you want me to put on.

WALLACE: Well, who do you want me to put on my show?

IMUS: I forget who I recommended, but I’m sure Matt Taibbi was one of them. I think John Leboutillier was another.

WALLACE: Yes, you did mention John Leboutillier.

IMUS: Yeah, and so you…

WALLACE: We don’t have formers on. We generally have people who are in office.

IMUS: Well, ok, if that’s the attitude you want to have. They guy’s brilliant. You have that dope William Kristol on who’s as close to being a moron as you can possibly be.

WALLACE: Why do you have something against Bill Kristol?

IMUS: He’s a, he’s a jerk. And you, Leboutillier is brilliant. You know, he’s brilliant like Krauthammer’s brilliant.

WALLACE: Krauthammer’s pretty darn smart