The stunning news that Ed Klein’s book, THE TRUTH ABOUT HILLARY, has reached the coveted number 2 spot on the prestigious New York Times bestseller list for July 10 is a huge victory for some - and a shattering defeat for others.

Let us examine:


1) Ed Klein, the author, who has been relentlessly trashed by the Clinton Spin Machine, has now been vindicated by the smashing success of his book. A completely honorable man and a credible journalist, the pro-Hillary camp had tried to discredit him and his book. And even some prominent conservatives - with their own selfish agendas - aided this trashing. But getting to number 2 on the Times’ list has vindicated Ed Klein.

2) Newsmax.com, the only news organization to give THE TRUTH ABOUT HILLARY an honest shot. Newsmax has been supportive - and fair - about the book. Using its online site and emailing updates, Newsmax.com has proven the truly revolutionary power of the Internet.

3) Talk Radio: working in conjunction with the Internet - specifically Newsmax - hundreds of talk radio hosts - led by Sean Hannity (who had the first interview with Ed Klein) and Rush Limbaugh, who correctly analyzed the Clinton Game Plan on his show - have driven Klein’s book up the charts.

The Clinton Spin Machine has been able to keep Klein off the so-called Mainstream Media but the ‘new media’ - i.e. the Internet and talk radio - has now proven something revolutionary in marketing and politics: this Internet/radio combo is as powerful - if not more so - than the traditional broadcast and cable TV networks.

4) Sean Hannity & Lou Dobbs, the only two TV hosts with the guts to let Klein appear on their cable TV shows.

The Losers:

1) The Clinton Spin Machine: they wanted to suppress this book. Instead, their efforts only fueled interest - and sales. They would have been better off just ignoring the book.

2) The mainstream media - CBS, NBC, ABC, MSNBC and CBS - all have lost heavily here. Because while they froze Klein off the air, the book zoomed up the charts anyway. The lesson? Future authors - and other products, too - will now see they can ‘end run’ these TV networks and reach the people anyway. Make no mistake about it: this is a revolution in the business/marketing/book-selling world.

3) Those so-called conservatives who blasted the Klein book in order to suck-up to the Left. These turncoats aren’t worth a damn; they have their own agendas, some even have their own Hillary books coming out soon and were jealous of Ed Klein’s success. They have chosen the losing side here.

4) Hillary Clinton. She is a loser because she tried everything - including an appearance with the Reverend Billy Graham - to counter the Klein book. Instead, the book now has ‘legs’ and a life of its own. Why? Partly because her failed suppression effort - confirmed last Sunday by CNN’s Howard Kurtz - and mostly because Red State book readers outnumber Blue State censors.


THE TRUTH ABOUT HILLARY was the first primary of the 2008 presidential campaign.

The results?

Ed Klein creamed Hillary Clinton.


In the midst of the media firestorm over Ed Klein’s blockbuster book, “THE TRUTH ABOUT HILLARY,” we can see the moral cowardice and equivocation that can destroy our nation from within.

Yes, the very effective Clinton Spin Machine has worked with their allies in the so-called Mainstream Media to censor Klein and keep him off the TV airwaves.

But that was to be expected.

NBC, CBS, ABC, MSNBC and CNN are all predictable. They are all left-leaning - and they all succumbed to pro-Hillary pressure.

Like all liberals they talk one game and live another. ‘Diversity’ and ‘freedom of choice’ only apply to them when it helps their cause. But allowing someone with a different point of view to share air time is a Big No-No.

So we could have predicted the obvious censorship surrounding “THE TRUTH ABOUT HILLARY.”

But what we could not have predicted was so many craven so-called ‘conservatives’ who bailed out on the Klein book in an obvious attempt to curry favor with the chablis and brie cocktail party set.

Peggy Noonan, John Podhoretz, Dick Morris, Bill O’Reilly and Craig Shirley are some of the ‘conservatives’ who trashed the Klein book - without even reading it!

Podhoretz, of the normally sane New York Post, lied about the book in claiming that Ed Klein wrote that “Hillary is a lesbian.” Precisely the opposite is the case: Ed Klein has repeatedly said and written, “I do not know” her sexual preference.

Shirley, a GOP strategist, said he “wanted to take a shower” after reading the book. He obviously did not read a page of it because, if anything, the book repeats much of what has previously been published elsewhere. Klein uses sourced material to paint a comprehensive picture of Hillary the political candidate.

Dick Morris, the former Clinton aide, also attacked Klein and said his book could create a “sympathetic backlash” for Hillary. What nonsense! Morris - and Podhoretz - are jealous of all the controversy over Klein’s book because both of them have upcoming books about Hillary!

Bill O’Reilly - who is not a conservative but is the number one ranked host on the right-leaning Fox News Channel - had the temerity to trash the Klein book - even before he obtained a copy of it - in order to burnish his ‘independent’ credentials. But the real truth is that he is dying to interview Hillary! He has been angling for that interview for months.

Peggy Noonan in the Wall Street Journal also trashed the book - and thusly defended Hillary. She is always campaigning to be part of the fancy Park Avenue set in New York - and defending Hillary is a sure-fire ticket to those snobby and stuck-up dinner parties.

These members of the Right played right into the Clintons’ hands. By dividing the conservatives they helped Hillary. Rich Galen, another so-called ‘GOP strategist’, lambasted the book - without reading it - saying “we have to learn that making Hillary a victim only helps her.” What nonsense! Not attacking the Clintons is the biggest mistake the Republicans can make.

1992, 1996 and Hillary in 2000 were all the same: the Rich Galen strategy of “not attacking” caused Clinton victories.

There are also some very courageous conservatives who have had the guts to stand behind the Ed Klein book. Among them:

• Rush Limbaugh, the very first radio host to see that the Hillary Spin Machine was censoring Ed Klein and his book. Rush is a genius at analyzing the motives of the Left.

• Sean Hannity, who had the guts to withstand pressure and put Ed on both his radio show and Fox’s Hannity & Colmes.

• Radio host Mike Gallagher who also withstood tremendous pressure.

• The Washington Times’ Editorial Page Editor Tony Blankley - who actually read the book - and wrote a fair and honest review.

• Laura Ingraham who interviewed Ed Klein and was very supportive.

Thank goodness some people have the intellectual honesty to read a book before commenting on it!

Those on the Right who attacked “The Truth About Hillary” ought to be ashamed of themselves. They are intellectually dishonest with a separate - and selfish - agenda.

This book is exposing the fault lines in American politics. You are either on one side or the other.

As was once said, “All that is required for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” By doing “nothing” to take on Hillary, these so-called conservatives are helping the Clintons return to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

For the sake of this nation’s future, we cannot allow this to happen.

We must have the courage to fight.


Having now read every single word of Ed Klein’s new book, THE TRUTH ABOUT HILLARY, several things are clear:

1) All Hillary really cares about is her own acquisition of power. Period.

2) Where “power is an aphrodisiac,” for many ugly-duckling men who had trouble getting women to pay attention to them while growing up - i.e. Rudy Giuliani, Donald Trump - power for Hillary is not for sex, it is to make people pay attention to this once-ugly-duckling girl. Hillary has developed a super drive and a laser-like focus - totally devoid of conscience, morality or ethical compass - to achieve her goal: to be elected President of the Untied State.

3) The Klein book is not filled with devastating new revelations; nor is it obsessed with the Clintons’ private life. It is a well-crafted portrayal of Hillary’s lifetime plan to get herself to the Oval Office - at all costs.

4) The lesbian question - whether Hillary is or is not - is never answered by this book. But what is clear is that Hillary’s political views were - and remain - founded in the late 1960's “radical feminism.” Her best female friends come from that culture - and advocate a militant feminism - while Hillary tries to soften that side of herself through expensive hairdos, a colorful wardrobe and Botox facial injections.

5) Hillary is - ironically - very similar to her long-time political enemy: Richard M. Nixon. Just as Nixon was a polarizing figure, Hillary inspires either total devotion or abject fear. And, relentlessly driven like Nixon, Hillary is capable of ‘re-creating’ herself into the “new Hillary” until she comes up with a saleable image.

6) The so-called mainstream media - the three broadcast networks plus CNN and the East Coast papers like the New York Times and the Washington Post - are all treating this book like it is radioactive. Klein’s publicists have so far been turned down by the key ‘mainstream shows’ so vital to publicizing books: TODAY and GOOD MORNING AMERICA and, of course, OPRAH. And all of this without anyone reading the book! It was embargoed until this weekend when the books were shipped from the factories to the book stores.

No one - and I mean no one - had access to the contents of this book until this past weekend. Yet these shows pre-judged the book and decided to ignore it and Ed Klein. If that does not show a decided pro-Hillary bent, what does?

7) This book will have virtually no impact on Hillary’s chances to achieve her life-long goal: to be elected to the presidency in 2008. THE TRUTH ABOUT HILLARY will only give ammo to those on both sides of the Hillary issue. If you like her, you won’t even read the book and instead will attack Ed Klein (as the Hillary War Room has been doing for the last two months without even knowing what’s in the book); if you don’t like her, this book will give you a better focus on what Hillary is really like: a tough, pugnacious, anti-feminine, feminist who works hard and is trying to re-package herself to pick off a few red states.

8) My fear: Hillary is so determined to win that she might be unstoppable. With the left-wing ‘mainstream media’ - the Katie Courics of the world - so pro-Hillary and with GW Bush faltering on illegal immigration, gas prices, Social Security, Iraq and health care, the country may just turn - gasp! - to the Democrats. And that means Hillary, the all-but-certain Democratic nominee in 2008.

Yes, it is too far away to predict any of this. (And yes, I was wrong about the 2004 result, too!)

But Hillary is not to be underestimated.

And Ed Klein’s book is a must read for all of us who want to stop her from being President.


Washington is alive with the latest Campaign ‘08 rumor: a dream ticket of John McCain and Jeb Bush.

The thinking of DC insiders is that their favorite Republican - McCain - teamed with Electoral-rich Florida’s outgoing Governor Jeb Bush - would be an unbeatable ticket against Hillary or any other Democrat.

This theory comes from last week’s announcement that GW Bush’s media maestro, Mark McKinnon, was joining McCain’s 2008 campaign. Many took this to mean that Team Bush - a powerful political and fund raising machine that presently ‘owns’ the GOP and the conservative movement - was now going to endorse and support their arch-enemy, John McCain.

The problem with this theory is that McCain can’t - and should not - win the GOP nomination - whether the Bushes support him or not.

He is anathema to the Republican Base.

These clueless pundits love McCain - for one simple reason: he is a Republican who loves to blast Republicans, thus doing the dirty work for the so-called ‘mainstream media.’

He has no constituency - other than these media types who, like the Democrats, are becoming increasingly marginalized.

McCain is an arrogant, condescending prima donna who can’t work with people. He is a false image who, upon further reflection, is a total nothing. He stands for nothing; he says nothing; his record is filled with nothing.

He specializes in tweaking anyone in authority. He is not a leader; he behaves like a punk.

Ask those who knew him growing up; they will all tell you the same thing: McCain was a spoiled brat with a gigantic chip on his shoulder who got away with his misbehaviors because his father and grandfather were Navy Big Shots who protected their wayward boy.

Only his connections kept him in the Naval Academy where he was repeatedly on the verge of flunking out.

As a pilot he was a poor flier who quickly got shot down over Hanoi and, again, because he was the ‘Crown Prince,’ (as the Vietnamese came to refer to this son of CINCPAC Admiral McCain) he was treated better than the other US POWs. Contrary to the ignorant media, once McCain was identified a few days after his capture, he was never beaten or physically tortured. Colonel Ted Guy, USAF, was McCain’s SRO (Senior Ranking Officer) in several prison camps. Colonel Guy was quite adamant: “They never laid a hand on John.”

To his credit, McCain has never claimed to have been tortured or beaten. But whenever he is interviewed and the interviewer says, “Now with us today is Senator John McCain, who was tortured and beaten as a POW in Vietnam..,” McCain never corrects this mis-statement. Instead he allows this false impression to continue until it is a given that he was treated like all the other POWs; he was not.

McCain has gone out of his way to insult and alienate the GOP Base - those conservative primary voters who actually nominate the Republican nominee.

This huge group of voters despises McCain. And one of their unofficial leaders, Rush Limbaugh, is going to fight John McCain if it is the last thing he ever does.

I do not believe Team Bush is really supporting McCain. My guess is that the Bush Machine is searching for a candidate to support and so far has not found one. But there is still a long time before Iowa in January 2008.

Mark McKinnon does not count one bit. If Karl Rove joined McCain, then that would be significant. But Rove is no McCain fan. And neither is GW Bush - or, more importantly, G.H.W. Bush.

Team Bush has trotted out rumored candidacies of Dick Cheney and Condi Rice (people they can control) and Bill Frist (a total failure in the Senate leadership). They are still searching. They also may have run out of steam - and 2008 could be the beginning of a New Era in the GOP: no Bush or Dole on the ticket for the first time since 1972.

When the DC press and punditry class start telling us who the Republicans are going to nominate in 2008, count on one thing: they do not have a clue what they are talking about. Period.


The single most powerful - and upsetting - issue in the United States today is immigration - both illegal and legal. Americans from the Left, Center and Right are all ticked off at the present situation.

How many of us understand the process, the law - and who makes the key decisions?

I was an elected Member of the US House of Representatives and I was - and remain today - woefully ignorant about this issue.

As American citizens we are all equal members of the most exclusive and attractive club in the world. We - alone - have the right to decide who gets in or does not get in.

Here are some of the questions we need to have answered in order to analyze this whole immigration mess:

On legal immigration:

1) Who sets the quotas for which immigrants are allowed entry into our country? Are the Congress and the President involved in these decisions? Who decides whether a Polish doctor gets in while a Chilean housewife does not?

2) I had heard about twenty years ago that Teddy Kennedy and other liberals ‘altered’ the quotas so as to allow fewer Eastern Europeans in - and increased the quota for Africans and Central and South Americans. The reason for this - according to what I heard - was that the Eastern Europeans were voting Republican when they became voting-eligible citizens while the Africans and Central and South Americans were joining the Democrats. Is any of this true?

3) Are the day-to-day decision on legal immigration made by anonymous bureaucrats buried somewhere inside Washington DC? Who are they? Who appointed them? Are they Bush appointees or Civil Servants who are leftovers from a previous administration?
4) Who makes the crucial ‘political’ decision(s) over which people get in here? Who ‘values’ one nationality more than another? Is race a factor? Is religion a factor? Is ethnicity a factor? Is there ‘racial profiling’ at work here?

5) Do we need a complete makeover of the immigration issue? Perhaps we need a Cabinet level Department of Immigration to elevate this issue to the level of importance it deserves.

On illegal immigration:

1) How many illegals are actually in this country today? I have heard as many as 11 million.

2) By dint of the fact that they are ‘illegals,’ there probably is not an accurate head count. What is the best guestimate?

3) How many border cops/agents do we have stationed on our southern border?

4) How many miles of our southern border are fenced? Not fenced? Patrolled? Unpatrolled?

5) On our northern border, how many border cops and agents?

6) How many cops/agents would it take - and at what cost - to seal up both borders?

7) A fence across the southern border: how long would it have to be and how much would it cost?

8) Could we prevent illegal crossing of our southern border if we really wanted to?

9) Could we revoke previous laws - posse commitatus - and use the US Army for this task? Reserves?

10) How many ‘illegals’ are arrested annually? How many are deported?

11) How much does illegal immigration cost our nation in social programs expended on non-Americans? Health care, education and Social Security?

12) How much is this off-set by taxes paid by illegals?

These are some of the basic questions we need to have answered and made part of the public discussion as the nation decides what to do on this vital issue.

We should be discussing this as a country and devoting at least as much national energy to this as to Social Security Reform.