Revolution 2010

Whether anyone realizes it or not, we are smack dab in the middle of one of the most exciting eras in American history.

We are witnessing–and are a part of–yet another chapter in America’s ongoing revolution.

Our Founders created a political system specifically designed to allow the people to change their government through an orderly system of elections and, if possible and if necessary, constitutional revision.

The United States of America in the summer of 2010 is in terrible trouble. We all know it. Our finances are a mess. Our two political parties epitomize the greed, the short-sightedness and the lack of self-discipline that we all despise.

Others, too, are partly responsible for this morass: Big Business’ behavior is disgusting. And the so-called Mainstream Media’s obvious leftward bias had roiled our political system, along with causing the demise of so many one-time bastions of the media. (Have you noticed that conservative-leaning TV, radio and papers are surviving the recession just fine, thank you very much. It is the leftist ones who are hemorrhaging readers, viewers and listeners. Do you think there might be a message in there somewhere?)

Too many Americans–and uninvited visitors, too–see the Government as a Hand-Out Machine with no financial consequences.

The President of the United States appears oblivious to all that is happening around him. Clearly in over his head, he rigidly sticks to the wrong priorities–he identifies with the wrong side of almost every major national argument-and he has repeatedly chosen the wrong way of enacting laws that a majority of the American people oppose.

All of this has to change–and is going to change after the much-needed major mid-course correction that is coming in November.

Why is this exciting?

Because the Founding Fathers’ system is working!

The people are ticked off–and they will order the government to change this November by firing dozens of incumbents. And if the Government does not listen to the people after this election – as Obama, Pelosi and Reid have not–then in 2012 the people will again force change by firing even more of those who hold these high offices.

As a conservative it is indeed an exciting time.

Could we soon see a reversal of the trend toward more and more government as the panacea for all our ills?

Could we soon see policies enacted to lower the disgustingly enormous national debt?

Could America–the home of risk and reward and boldness and innovation–soon re-emerge as the leader she was destined to be?

Could we, the American People, soon have a federal government that listens to us and does what we want?

The answer will come in the 2010 and 2012 elections.

Imus’ Producer Writes About LeBoutillier

Thursday, July 15, 2010

John LeBoutillier Was Mean to Imus. Boo-Hoo. It makes sense that when faced with an astute political guest like former Congressman John LeBoutillier, Imus would ask a question about the erection coming up in November. It makes even more sense that the scholarly LeBoutillier would be so focused on providing an intelligent answer that he didn’t notice Imus’s intentional gaffe.

“It’s huge,” said LeBoutillier, presumably about the election, which is just three months away. “It’s obvious that the Republicans have a big head of steam, the Democrats are in terrible trouble.”

The proof, he insisted, is in the pudding for President Obama. “The polling is down, the economy is down, we may be heading back down toward another recession,” LeBoutillier observed. “What good things do Obama and the Democrats have to brag about after a year-and-a-half in power?”

Imus hoped the question was meant to be rhetorical (it was), but LeBoutillier said he wouldn’t be able to answer it anyway, because nobody could. Not because Imus didn’t go to Harvard, like his guest.

“I was killing Viet Cong in the jungles of Vietnam so you could have a nice education,” he inaccurately told LeBoutillier, who became so distracted by Imus’s nonsense that he lost his train of thought.

It’s always safe to assume he had been railing on Obama, and so LeBoutillier continued down that road. “Everything they’ve done is at odds with the majority of the American people,” he said, ticking off the corporate bailouts, health care reform, and Obama’s position on Arizona’s immigration law as examples.

“He has deliberately chosen to be on the minority side of these hot-button issues,” LeBoutillier said, adding, “If you’re elected by the majority of people, as he was, and then you quickly flip around and side with the minority of people over all these issues, at some point you’re going to become a minority President.”

He predicted carnage in the House later this year, but isn’t sure the Republicans will gain control. Either way, Obama has to “adjust himself to the reality of things,” said LeBoutillier, who then provided some reality of his own on the BP disaster.

Having recently met with a South Korean business and science expert, LeBoutillier reported that when all is said and done, the environmental and economic damage from the spill will be “the equivalent of 14 Chernobyls.”

He added, “The damage to the land, the wetlands, the beaches, the sea bed—that’s going to last decades. The damage from the dispersants that have been used will be the equivalent of Agent Orange.”

LeBoutillier maintains that Obama should have set up camp on a destroyer in the Gulf of Mexico, “like a young Theodore Roosevelt would,” and brought down the Navy and the Marine Reserves to monitor BP’s clean up efforts.

“Even bugle players!” he said, referring to Imus’s designation in the Marine Corps. Thankfully, time was up, and LeBoutillier could insult the I-Man no more.

-Julie Kanfer


John LeBoutillier, whom Wallace patently refuses to have on Fox News Sunday for some reason, made the point earlier that the Republicans could actually gain control of the House, and Wallace agreed. He was mum, however, on why LeBoutillier has yet to be invited on, but Imus had his own theory.

“We don’t want to cut into Brit’s time when he’s proselytizing for Jesus,” said Imus.

John LeBoutillier on Imus

John LeBoutillier will on “Imus in the Morning” Thursday morning, July 15th, at 6:30 AM Eastern on FOX Business News and WABC and the over 100 Imus affiliates around the nation and in Canada.

Profound Trouble Ahead

We have now entered a period of extreme danger for the United States.

The American economy is fragile. Jobs are not being created. At best we have a jobless recovery. At worst we are headed back into a period of slow or non-growth. Maybe not a technical recession (6 months of negative growth) but is certainly feels like one. Anecdotally, there suddenly appear to be more For Sale signs on residential properties and more Store Closed signs on soon-to-be empty storefronts.

The Gulf Oil Disaster—G.O.D.—is an eerie precursor for the incompetence of the Obama Administration. They are indeed the Gang that Can’t Govern Straight.

Whether it be to move Left on the economy when the whole world—even former socialist nations like Britain, France and Germany—is moving Right and trying to get government spending under control. The sight of Obama up in Toronto at the G-20 lecturing all his fellow leaders on the need for even more government spending to stimulate the economy was almost laughable, if it wasn’t so sad.

Or when almost 70% of the American people are apoplectic over the never-ending influx of illegals into our nation, Team Obama goes out of its way to oppose those people and take Arizona to court over a bill that all of the nation wants for their state, too.


More and more people have come to the realization that Barack Obama is not up to the job. After all the hype in 2004-2008, by 2010 it is clear: behind the hype is a total empty suit with a built-in leftward bias against private enterprise and against the United States of America itself. And that is a dangerous realization—for our allies and our enemies.

Weakness like Obama’s invites aggression. Political here at home and perhaps military abroad.

Look for a bad move made soon by some bad guy against the USA.

November is shaping up to be a massive rebuke of Obama and Pelosi and Reid. There is nothing they can do now—four months out—to forestall the inevitable wipe-out they have coming.

American politics is about to enter a new phase. Prepare for some big shockers.